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  • Jenna J. Ross Rewards Good Samaritan By Squirting All Over His Big Cock

    Do you subscribe to the expression, “No good deed goes unpunished?”

    I’ve always thought that people who truly believe that doing good deeds will ultimately come back and bite them in the ass are just jerks.

    There can be negative consequences to all actions, not good deeds. And if the fear of something negative happening to you or others from a good thing you’ve done deters you from doing good deeds, then why do anything at all? Why keep breathing, drinking, eating or sleeping?

    Personally, I like to believe in Karma. Good intentions and good deeds contribute to good karma and future happiness. Good things happen to good people with good intentions.

    Of course, it’s easy to lose sight of the good given the current state of the world. So where do we turn to remind ourselves that doing good things can lead to good things? Strangely enough, we can turn to pornstar Jenna J. Ross and Digital PlaygroundContinue Reading

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  • Why You Should Fuck On The First Date As Explained By Ava Dalush

    Ava Dalush is a gorgeous English pornstar who is both petite and shapely in all the right places.

    In her latest Flixxx for Digital Playground, Ava Dalush makes an incredible argument why we shouldn’t bother waiting for a second or third date before having sex. Maybe I have a weakness for petite women with loads of tits and ass, or perhaps I’m just a sucker for accents. Either way, I think you’ll enjoy Ava Dalush’s reasoning for fucking on the first date.  Continue Reading

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  • Dakota Skye’s After School Special

    In 1972, the American Broadcasting Company (also known as ABC) coined the term “After School Special” with a series of didactic made-for-television movies to teach the youngins’ about controversial or socially relevant issues.

    These programs taught us all about the dangers of premarital sex, illegal drug use and alcohol by scaring viewers with religion-based idealogical brainwashing. Quality programming!

    Did after school specials corrupt the minds of a generation to think that sex was a shameful, unnatural thing? It’s possible. It certainly made me afraid of sex because if I remember correctly, everyone who had sex in an after school special inevitably died of AIDS. But thankfully, Dakota Skye and Digital Playground have teamed up to make an after school special that’s going to teach you lesson worth learning…

    How to fuck hot teens in the ass!  Continue Reading

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  • Stevie Shae Talks Sex, Snakes and the Apocalypse

    QUESTION: Is there a more exciting pornstar in the adult industry right now than Stevie Shae?


    Though she’s been in the business for a minute, Stevie Shae’s star rose this summer after starring in Digital Playground’s Girls of Summer. Now with the release of Digital Playground‘s latest blockbuster porn movie, Apocalypse X, Stevie Shae is set to reach new heights of greatness. That shouldn’t come as a surprise because Stevie Shae is talented, sexy and cool to the core.

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  • Apocalypse X Is The Sci-Fi Porn We’ve All Been Waiting For

    Digital Playground’s new Sci-Fi porn epic Apocalypse X is now available to be streamed online!

    Personally, I’ve always been a big fan of high-concept, big budget porn movies and Apocalypse X looks like it’s going to be one of the best Sci-Fi porn movies ever.

    Why? Because it’s a journey across a desolate wasteland for vengeance and sex. Finally, my two favorite things, vengeance and sex, coming together in an action-packed porn movie.

    The story follows Razor (the Ghost), played by Stevie Shae, as she travels alone in search for water, gas and revenge against Scar, played by Derrick Pierce. During her journey for vengeance she encounters numerous characters and her sexual appetite along the way.

    Apocalypse X has guns. It has cars. It has hot chicks. What more do you need? Nothing according to director Jakodema. “I was taught that all you need to make a movie is a girl and a gun, plus the length of a film should be related to the endurance of the human bladder – let’s hope it worked,” says Director Jakodema. “Apocalypse X teaches us we need to be fit and ready for anything that might come our way, and to have the courage to rise up and become who we really are.”

    Besides being action-packed with incredible production values, Apocalypse X also boasts 7 hardcore sex scenes that you won’t want to miss. Just look at the this cast.

    Apocalypse X stars:

    Stevie Shae

    691439 stevie shae Apocalypse X Is The Sci Fi Porn Weve All Been Waiting For

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    Anikka Albrite

    4250643 anikka albrite Apocalypse X Is The Sci Fi Porn Weve All Been Waiting For

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    Veronica Rodriguez

    5125154 veronica rodriguez at jules jordan Apocalypse X Is The Sci Fi Porn Weve All Been Waiting For

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    Abby Cross

    6081223 abby cross teen fidelity Apocalypse X Is The Sci Fi Porn Weve All Been Waiting For

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    Eva Karera

    3701022 eva karera is her boyfriends dream come true and now he even Apocalypse X Is The Sci Fi Porn Weve All Been Waiting For

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    Mischa Brooks

    2282367 sonofbigbootymom mischa brooks Apocalypse X Is The Sci Fi Porn Weve All Been Waiting For

    Source: via COB on

    And also Derrick Pierce, Mick Blue, Ryan Driller, Tommy Gunn, Richie Calhoun and Steven St. Croix. The only way this cast could possibly be better is if Digital Playground had reunited Stevie Shae and Abigail Mac from Girls of Summer.

    Besides the absence of Abigail Mac, that is one of the hottest casts I’ve seen in recent memory.

    Apocalypse X won’t be in stores until the end of September.

    It is, however, available to members of right now.

    So if you want to see the best damn sci-fi porn movie of 2014 before the rest of the world… join for as low as $1 now!

    If you’re still not convinced that Stevie Shae in Apocalypse X is going to be the best thing ever, watch the SFW trailer below.

    You ready to see this movie?

    Join for as low as $1 now!

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  • Review: Digital Playground’s Girls of Summer (Part 2)

    With summer 2014 wrapping up all too quickly, I’ve spent all week trying to find a way to make summer last all year.

    Thankfully, I found a way to keep the summer vibes alive throughout the year. Even better, keeping the summer vibes alive is as easy as moving to California watching porn. That’s because Digital Playground’s Girls of Summer captures everything I love most about summer: fun, sun and hot babes getting laid.

    So without further ado, let’s get to Part 2 of the Blog’s Girls of Summer review!  Continue Reading

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  • Digital Playground’s Girls of Summer (Part 1)

    Though the nice weather will continue to linger until the end of September, summer is by in large over.

    Vacation days have been used up. Students are back on campus. Leaves are already changing color. Once again, the best season of the year passed by in the blink of an eye.

    Normally the end of summer spurs on a period of depression, but thanks to Digital Playground’s Girls of Summer series, we can relive all the fun and sexy escapades of summer throughout the entire year!

    Girls of Summer is a coming of age story as five hot babes meet every summer to let their horny selves loose! Drama arises when Destiny Dixon bangs her friend’s ex, but in the end the five friends leave with a stronger bond in the wake of their wild summer-long sex romps.

    With Aaliyah Love, Abigail Mac, Alexis Adams, Chloe Amour, Destiny Dixon and Stevie Shae as stars, keep reading to find out why Girls of Summer is a must-see porn series even though summer is over.

    Continue Reading

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  • Jesse Jane Can’t Resist Licking The Lollipop

    504x711 1 Jesse Jane Cant Resist Licking The Lollipop


    It’s been a hot minute since I’ve seen Jesse Jane star in a porn movie.

    Ye of little faith may have thought that the reigning Queen of Porn had turned her back on the business, but thank goodness she hadn’t because we wouldn’t have this super hot new movie from Digital Playground, Lollipop.

    In Lollipop, Jesse Jane plays a master of manipulation who uses her flawless body and animalistic sex appeal to absolutely destroy an innocent man. It truly is the role Jesse Jane was born to play!  Continue Reading

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  • Sexy Cellmates Christy Mack & Yurizan Beltran

    christy mack and yurizan beltran cover Sexy Cellmates Christy Mack & Yurizan Beltran

    Christy Mack & Yurizan Beltran

    I keep having this crazy dream where I’m a guard in a women’s correctional facility and two sexy cellmates, Christy Mack and Yurizan Beltran, seduce me. Naturally, I’ve been trying to sleep as much as possible so that my dream-self can keep getting seduced by these busty pornstars.

    I was so proud of my subconscious for not only providing me with the women’s correctional facility setting, but also the pairing of Christy Mack and Yurizan Beltran is simply amazing. I had to hoped to sell this scenario to the highest bidder but it turns out that Digital Playground already did it!

    I must have seen it before and it was just so hot that it buried itself deep into my subconscious. Anyways, that’s enough about me. Christy Mack and Yurizan Beltran sharing a cell and seducing the lowly guard is one of the hottest things I’ve ever seen. Look at the pictures and have sweet dreams!  Continue Reading

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  • Stoya, the Sexy Ballerina

    stoyacover Stoya, the Sexy Ballerina


    Ballerinas used to my ultimate sexual fantasy.

    The flexibility, the leotards, what’s not to love?

    Unfortunately, I dated a ballerina for a while and the fantasy was ruined. For some reason she refused to put on her leotard during and she almost never used her flexibility to its full potential. She was just cold and not very much fun. I don’t want to trash her too much but it was enough to turn my back on my ballerina sex fantasies.

    However, now I’m ready to revisit my sexy ballerina fantasies thanks to Stoya.

    In typical Stoya fashion, Stoya has made me realize that ballerinas are still worth fantasizing about because Stoya dressed up as a ballerina in her new Digital Playground movie, Erotico, is the sexiest thing you’ll ever see.

    Are you ready to see the sexiest thing you’ll ever see: Stoya as a ballerina? Ok let’s go.

    [wpsgallery] The fact of the matter is you can put Stoya in any costume or scenario and it will forever be sexy. Like for example, if Stoya were to ever play a sexy sanitation worker, I’d probably have a hard-on every garbage day.

    Erotico not only features Stoya as a sexy ballerina but it also has Monique Alexander as a beach babe, Bonnie Rotten as a boxer, Dani Daniels as a horny personal trainer, and Bibi Jones as…well…Bibi Jones?

    It’s a great porn movie and you can watch it right now on Digital Playground:

    Watch Digital Playground’s Erotico

    Again, thank you Stoya for saving my ballerina sexual fantasies. How can I ever repay you? Please say with lots of sexual favors…

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