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  • Dillion Harper’s Superhero Alter-Ego: Velvet Sinn

    What comes to mind when you think of super cute pornstar Dillion Harper?

    3261515 dillion harper Dillion Harpers Superhero Alter Ego: Velvet Sinn

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    When I think of Dillion Harper, I think of…

    While this list pretty much encapsulates who Dillion Harper is, there’s one bullet we’ll need to include from now on:

    • Superhero.

    Wait. What? Superhero? Why should we associate “Superhero” with Dillion Harper?

    Easy! Because Dillion Harper has created her own superhero alter ego and her name is “Velvet Sinn“.

    “I’ve been working hard creating Velvet Sinn,” Dillion Harper told AVN. “She’s my badass alter ego, who isn’t ‘sugar and spice and everything nice.’ She’s tough, sexy, and doesn’t take any crap from anyone. It’s been a fun outlet for me, and we are looking forward to working on the next issue.”

    velvetsinncover Dillion Harpers Superhero Alter Ego: Velvet Sinn

    Velvelt Sinn Cover

    The storyline features Dillion Harper, a pretty little thing who strives to be a normal, middle-class girl. Sound familiar? But Dillion Harper has constant visions and voices in her head about fighting crime, while using her powers of beauty to right the wrongs of people everywhere.

    If you’ve watched Dillion Harper’s porn videos, then you know that this small-statured beauty is a handful. Velvet Sinn is no different. Except Velvet Sinn isn’t just a handful in the sack, she’s a handful for unsuspecting criminals!

    velvetsinnpole Dillion Harpers Superhero Alter Ego: Velvet Sinn

    I’m always supportive of pornstars experimenting with new projects within the adult industry (just as long as it doesn’t result in them turning their backs on the porn industry altogether). Dillion Harper’s creation of Velvet Sinn is definitely one of the more interesting pornstar projects I’ve seen recently, which is why I’m giving it the Sex.com Blog’s seal of approval.

    The comic book sells for $4.95; to purchase a copy of Velvet Sinn, email here.

    Way to go Dillion! Can’t wait for my copy of Velvet Sinn to arrive!

    7128337 dillion harper from digital desirecome for more Dillion Harpers Superhero Alter Ego: Velvet Sinn

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  • The Best Sex Links!

    I know that you’re probably busy watching the World Cup, but if you could just spare a few minutes from lying to yourself (that lie of course being that soccer is something watchable) then you’ll be better off because what follows is the BEST SEX ON THE INTERNET!

    Any Ariana Grande fans on the Sex.com Blog today? I sure hope so because our friends from TAXI DRIVER MOVIE just some very hot Ariana Grande upskirt pictures. So if you think Ariana Grande is sexy, or you just love a good ol’ fashioned upskirt pic, then you’ll love these pics. ARIANA GRANDE UPSKIRT PICTURES.

    If you ask me, Sports Illustrated has always been one of the trashiest rags a man (or woman) can read. That is of course excluding the Bikini Issue. Without the Bikini Issue, they’d be unforgivably bad. As it turns out, the Sports Illustrated Bikini Issue is also super trashy because PEEPERZ noticed that they posted pictures of Kate Upton’s pussy. LOL. Awesome. SEE KATE UPTON’S PUSSY.

    As time goes on and her history of plastic surgery becomes more and more apparent, it’s easy to forget that Madonna was once the hottest babe alive. Thankfully, THE NIP SLIP has a new Madonna topless photos to remind us that she’s actually still hot. This is the best Madonna has looked in years. Thank you Photoshop! MADONNA TOPLESS PICTURES.

    Watching porn is tough sometimes. You’re all like, “Ughh…How am I supposed to know whether I want to watch a MILF get fucked or a teen get fucked?” Well you’re in luck because IMAGEPOST has a hot new gallery and video that features super sexy MILF Kendra Lust and super sexy teen Sara Luvv getting down and dirty in a threesome. It’s awesome. KENDRA LUST AND SARA LUVV THREESOME PICTURES AND VIDEO.

    Any Dillion Harper fans in the house? I sure hope so, otherwise that’s a shame. Dillion Harper is one of the hottest pornstars in the business today and it’d be a real shame if you guys weren’t Dillion fans. Either way, FLESHBOT sat down with Dillion Harper to get to know her a little better. GET TO KNOW DILLION HARPER.

    BIG TITS ON BOOBIE BLOG. I couldn’t narrow it down to a single post, so just review that for a while. BIG TITS ON BOOBIE BLOG.

    Who uses a calendar anymore? I mean the kind of calendar that hangs on your wall. You have calendars on phones and computers now. Though the wall calendar is obsolete, I’m very happy that Joanna Krupa decided to pose for her own calendar that’s all kinds of sexy and also a little bit nude. JOANNA KRUPA CALENDAR PICS.

    And that’s it for the Best Sex Links. Hope you liked them. If not, watch this LESBIAN THREESOME MASSAGE. Something tells me you’ll like that.

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  • Pornstars Read Porn Site Searches Live

    Hey guys, remember when PORNMD launched their LIVE SEARCH STREAM? That infinite scroll of searches typed into PORNMD that reveals that everyone in the world is a very strange and sexually perverted weirdo? Well, that’s a little harsh. At least we’re all perverts and it’s not just a handful of people.

    It’s actually some of the wildest pairings of words ever. In fact, some of them are so outrageous and funny…I wonder whether or not it’s real? I mean, wouldn’t you be suspicious or unwilling to use a site that publishes your porn searches into a massive scrolling piece of text for the entire internet to laugh at? I would be. So to be perfectly honest with you, I don’t think the porn searches we see in PornMD’s live search stream is real. It’s probably just a script that pairs words from a giant database for the purposes of publicity and entertainment.

    So yeah, it’s probably fake but it’s still fun.

    Speaking of fun!

    PORNHUB TV thought it would be fun to get a few of the biggest names in the adult industry (like Madison Ivy, Nicole Aniston, Dillion Harper, Kieran Lee, Monique Alexander and a bunch of other people you may never heard of). See what potential fake porn searches make your favorite pornstars and members of the adult industry laugh!


    Too bad I’m convinced it’s as fake as Madison Ivy’s boobs (ie EXTREMELY FAKE).

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  • New Headphones Designed Specifically for Porn

    How many times have you been watching porn in your room with all the lights off and thought to yourself, “These headphones just aren’t making the cut”?

    It must be in the high millions, right? Well, there’s good news. Sex toy manufacturer Lovepalz has just announced that they have designed a new kind of headphone to enhance your porn watching experience!

    Since this is the internet, you have every right to highly skeptical of Lovepalz’s new porn-centric headphones. So allow me to explain what they’re all about.

    Lovepalz’s Ladobi earphones are supposedly designed to put more emphasis on voice rather than sounds. They are said to make male voices rounder and fuller and female voices sound more pleasing and sharp.

    How? The Ladobi earphones are a six-channel surround sound earphones, meaning 360 degree sound, and a frequency range of 15 HZ-22 KHZ. The idea is that the sound is so immersive that it will give users the feeling they are right there on the set. At least, that’s what I think it means. I’ll admit that I don’t understand this technical mumbo-jumbo but I am intrigued by the idea of headphones designed specifically for watching porn.

    Personally, I’m a big believer in aural arousal. That means that you’re turned on by sounds.

    Let’s try a little experiment shall we?

    STEP 1: Go to Sex.com’s video page.

    STEP 2: Choose any video.

    *If you’re having trouble choosing a porn video, may I recommend the following videos:

    Dakota Sky Tries Anal For The First Time.

    MILF Kendra Lust and Teen Maddy O’Reilly tag team.

    Shyla Jennings and Dillion Harper lesbian sex.

    STEP 3: Now that you’ve chosen a hot porn video to watch, watch it with the sounds off.

    STEP 4: See how long you can last masturbating to the video without sound.

    STEP 5: Record that time.

    STEP 6: Give your body some time to recouperate.

    STEP 7: Watch another video on Sex.com, but this time with the sound on. Preferably as loud as possible.

    *If you’re having trouble choosing a porn video, may I recommend:

    Veronica Radke porn video 

    Shae Summers hardcore sex video

    Hot blonde Alexia gets caught playing with her favorite dildo

    STEP 8: See how you can last masturbating to the video with the sound on.

    Now, which was better?

    Of course, there’s no wrong way to watch porn. Some of you may hate the moans and groans and smacking of skin on skin. Meanwhile, there are some of you that probably can’t even get it up without the sound. Whatever works for you is the correct way to watch porn.

    However, for those of you who have realized the importance of sound in porn through my little experiment, I’ll just tell you that Lovepalz’s Ladobi porn-centric earphones cost $39.99 and only 1,000 pairs have been made.

    You can pre-order them now and get yourself a free shipping and $15 coupon.


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    If taking sexy selfies are a form of electronic masturbation like Karl Lagerfeld says, then surely the #AfterSex selfies are a new low for people oversharing on the internet.

    For those of you unfamiliar with this new trend, couples are taking photos of themselves after they’ve just had sex and sharing it online.

    Why are they doing this? I have no idea. Maybe they think they look good with flushed faces and fucked up hair? Maybe they just feel like bragging about the fact they just had sex? Well I’m here to tell you that you look terrible #aftersex and no one gives a care that you just had sex.   Continue Reading

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    bestsexwebcamtease The Best Sex Links!


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  • The Best Sex Links!

    Happy Thanksgiving! You know what goes great with a turkey dinner?


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  • Dillion Harper and Jenna – The Best Brunettes

    cover1 Dillion Harper and Jenna   The Best Brunettes

    Dillion Harper & Jenna

    Remember Jenna from Jenna’s Hot Date?

    Well, she’s back and she brought a friend. It’s none other than the super sexy Dillion Harper!

    Two of my favorite brunettes teaming up for some hot lesbian sex? I can’t decide if this is the best day of my life or if the day my divorce was finalized is the best day of my life. Definitely the day I divorced my wife was the best day of my life, but seeing Dillion Harper and Jenna have lesbian sex is a very close second. Continue Reading

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