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  • Top 10 Best Elegant Angel Videos of 2015 So Far

    The Sex.com Blog’s premature Best of 2015 coverage continues with a countdown of the most elegant hardcore porn videos starring angelic pornstars. You guessed it, it’s the Top 10 Best Elegant Angel Videos of 2015 So Far!

    One of the early purveyors of gonzo porn, Elegant Angel has been putting out amazing porn videos for 25 years strong. Let’s see the best of what they’ve released so far this year!

    And if you like what see you, click here to get an Elegant Angel membership at a special discounted price!

    10. Aria Alexander “Bad Behaviour is a Good Look”

    Aria Alexander is one of our favorite new girls. We’ve yet to see one of her videos that didn’t cause a crotch-splitting erection. If she keeps it up for the remainder of the year, we’re looking at a Best New Starlet contender.

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  • Alexis Texas Set To Direct for Elegant Angel

    Big booty babe Alexis Texas has been M.I.A. for far too long, which is why we’re happy to report that she’s not as done with porn as her extended hiatus may have led you to believe!

    Alexis Texas has just inked a deal with Elegant Angel to become an exclusive director!  Continue Reading

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  • Cassidy Banks Teases You with her Big Tits for 20 Minutes

    We’re just about done for the day, but we couldn’t leave without calling this video we found while we were browsing the free videos on Sex.com to your attention. It’s equal parts confusing and arousing.

    Just watch the video below and you’ll see what we mean.

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  • There’s No One Cuter Than Aidra Fox in Elegant Angel’s Cuties 8

    Elegant Angel‘s Cuties series is all about getting the most adorable, slutty girls that embody the dirty Girl Next Door from your fantasies.

    For the latest entry in the series, Cuties 8, Elegant Angel brought in super cute pornstars Melissa May, Miko Dai, Aria Alexander and Aidra Fox. And though each one of these girls could easily track your Top 5 Cutest Girls of All Time list, there’s no one cuter than Aidra Fox, especially in this new video as a pin-up girl that gets the fuck of a lifetime.

    Watch an exclusive clip of Aidra Fox in Cuties 8 below or get a 1 month membership to ElegantAngel.com for $5.00 to watch the full thing!

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  • This Is Why Sex Is Better With Sex Toys

    The majority of people that I talk to about sex toys are unfortunately misinformed.

    They see sex toys as something clandestine. They’re things that can only be used in private and should never be used in your partner’s presence.


    While I do wholly recommend that you keep sex toys handy for personal use, whether it be a Fleshlight or a Total Euphoria Vibrator is up to you and the hardware (i.e. genitalia) you’ve got, but you don’t know what you’re missing if you’re not having sex with sex toys.  Continue Reading

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  • Bonnie Rotten Signs Directing Deal with Elegant Angel

    Good news, Elegant Angels!

    Tattooed sex Goddess Bonnie Rotten has just announced that she’s signed a directing deal with Elegant Angel!  Continue Reading

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  • Your Weekend Free Porn Playlist: December 12th, 2014

    Oh yes, oh yes, oh yes! It’s time for another Weekend Free Porn Playlist!

    Y’all know the deal by now, right? Over the course of the week, the Sex.com Blog staff dedicates 168 hours to watching all the free porn videos on Sex.com to find the 7 hottest free porn videos of the week. By spending all week watching porn videos for “work”, when you have some much needed fap-time during your busy weekend, you’re not a second of your precious weekend waiting for an unsatisfactory porn video to buffer.

    Take off your pants and jacket, because it’s high time we see what 7 hot free porn videos made it onto this weekend’s Weekend Free Porn PlaylistContinue Reading

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  • Top 10 Elegant Angel Videos of 2014

    If we had to pick one porn studio that was synonymous with consistent, quality porn, we’d have to go with Elegant Angel.

    Founded in 1990, Elegant Angel started as a pioneer in the gonzo porn genre and has continued to release some of the best damn porn videos ever since.

    2014 was a particularly good year for Elegant Angel porn videos. It seemed like every week they would release a new porn video that made all other porn videos irrelevant.

    It wasn’t easy narrowing it down to a Top 10, but regardless, enjoy our selections of the Top 10 Elegant Angel Videos of 2014Continue Reading

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  • The Top 10 Interracial Porn Debuts of 2014 (so far)

    It’s crazy to think that in 2014, interracial porn is still considered to be one of the most taboo niches of porn.

    Whenever I watch interracial porn, I can’t help but think back to Aurora Snow’s piece for The Daily Beast that revealed that approximately 47% of adult performers refuse to do interracial porn mainly because they’re worried it may affect their careers in the long run.

    I can’t help but call bullshit on this line of thinking within the porn industry. Doing interracial porn should not and (I truly hope) does not have any negative impact on the average pornstar’s career.

    To prove this, we’d like to show you the Top 10 Interracial Porn Debuts of 2014.

    The 10 pornstars and their interracial porn debuts featured in this porn list have not fallen off in any way, the only thing that’s changed is they now have incredibly hot interracial porn scenes under their belts. Hopefully, they have more interracial porn videos coming in the future because watching these babes take BBCs is un-fucking-believably sexy.  Continue Reading

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  • Seduction 4 Reviewed + Save More Than 80% on ElegantAngel.com Memberships

    Elegant Angel’s Seduction Series is back with a bang for its fourth instalment of the wildly popular line of videos. Much like the three prior feature films, this flick does not disappoint.

    This feature series is not unfamiliar to most porn aficionados as it has featured some of the best talent that the industry has to offer like Asa Akira, Casey Calvert, Alexis Texas, Remy Lacroix and has even brought back Dani Daniels for a second time on this volume. The fourth installment, a 170 minute feature, leaves little to be desired as Seduction is proving to be the benchmark for feature porn films.

    What makes this feature immediately stand out from the rest is the way the scenes are broken down and divided with different directors all taking the helm with different stars. Even Tori Black, who has a very successful on screen career, takes the directing reigns on a scene with Dani Daniels. Each scene is a standalone project and they all carry very different tones and with it; a different brand of eroticism.

    That kind of user freedom is hard to find in a good feature porno as most will try to mingle a story line in with every scene, which can often compromise the realism or the feel of the scene.

    Alright, enough about the poetic shit – let’s get down to the fucking.  Continue Reading

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  • Exclusive Sex.com Deals: Save on Porn and Save The Porn Industry.

    I really hate to remind you guys of this, but it’s important. Free porn is not your God-given right. It’s a privilege that hurts the porn industry on a daily basis.

    Personally, I think it’s fine to indulge in some free porn from time to time to get a sense of what’s available, but if you want high quality porn movies to keep coming out, you’re going to have to start paying for it.

    The idea of paying for something that was once free always feels like a massive slap in the face. So to lighten the blow of my slap to your faces, I have an exclusive discount for you that can only be claimed this weekend!

    For this weekend only, you can get a monthly membership to ElegantAngel.com for 70% OFF!

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  • Romi Rain’s New Elegant Angel Scene Reviewed!

    Elegant Angel announced their Girl of the Month for August 2014 last week and it’s none other than the dark and beautiful Romi Rain!

    We were lucky enough to get an exclusive sneak peek at Romi Rain’s new Elegant Angel scene here now is our review of her brand new scene.

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  • Alina Li and Tori Black Team Up For Girl Of The Month

    Alina Li is a gorgeous, tall, slender, Asian porn star with long black hair, brown eyes that’s been skyrocketing through the porn industry since her debut last year (2013, in case you don’t remember) culminating with Friday’s announcement that she’s Elegant Angel’s latest Girl Of The Month.

    How has Alina Li risen through the ranks to become one of the most in-demand porn stars in the industry and Elegant Angel’s Girl Of The Month for June 2014? Well, it helps that she’s an incredibly beautiful Asian porn star. Just by reading the words “beautiful Asian porn star“, your boner has already reached critical mass. But on top of being a beautiful Asian porn star, it’s important to point out that Alina Li is extremely good at sex.

    It also helps that Alina Li is following in the footsteps of the hottest Asian porn star in the world Asa Akira (though arguably, Asa Akira is the hottest porn star in the world, no need to distinguish the fact that she’s Asian). In an interview with XCritic, Alina Li said, “I started because I’ve been a big fan of Asa Akira for years and one day I told myself ‘Fuck it. I should follow her footstep and see where I end up.'”

    Equipped with an abundance of sex appeal, a natural talent for sex on camera, and modelling herself after Asa Akira, it’s a no brainer that Alina Li has been selected for Elegant Angel’s Girl Of The Month.

    elegant angel

    But you know what makes Alina Li’s exclusive Girl Of The Month scene an instant classic besides the fact that Alina Li is an irresistibly sexy Asian porn star? Alina Li’s scene marks Tori Black‘s directorial debut!

    Yes, Tori Black, Sex Factor judge and one of the most beautiful porn stars ever, has added directing porn to her wheelhouse.

    “Directing my first scene was a great experience. For all these years, I’ve had so many ideas and very few opportunities to impart them,” Tori Black said. “Not only was Alina Li the perfect artist to work with, but [director of photography] MimeFreak made a great partner on this project. Alina was beautiful and confident—elegant in the way she moved, and passionate in the way she fucked. What a perfect way to pop my cherry.”

    “I had so much fun working with Tori,” Alina Li said. “She was very friendly, and she taught me a lot of new poses. We got along very well, and I hope I can have her as a director again. The sex we shot was amazing. I had never never worked with Karlo one-on-one before, but after that scene I’d have to say he’s one of my favorites now! I can’t wait for people to see it. I’m very proud of it, and honored to be Elegant Angel’s Girl of the Month for June.”

    On top of directing Alina Li’s exclusive Girl Of The Month scene, Tori Black also conducted an intimate interview where Li shares details about her work and personal life. It’s an interesting look inside the mind of a gorgeous Asian porn star and it can all be seen on ElegantAngel.com.

    Let’s watch an exclusive trailer for Alina Li’s Girl Of The Month scene, directed by Tori Black!


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  • Ashley Fires and Her Big Wet Ass

    Who doesn’t love a plump, juicy round ass? No offence, but if you said, “I don’t really care for big asses,” then I’m sorry but there’s something wrong with you. Well, “wrong” might be the wrong word, but you’re definitely missing out because every big ass is a gift from God.

    Yes, there’s no better way to spend the weekend than by watching big asses bounce around on your computer or your smartphone. And truthfully, there’s no one that presents big asses better than Elegant Angel with their Big Wet Asses series.

    Elegant Angel has just released BIG WET ASSES 23, which might just be the best BIG WET ASSES ever because it features performances by fan-favorite AJ Applegate, Latin stunner Aleksa Nicole, comeback babe Abbey Brooks, and rising star and cover girl Ashley Fires! (All their names start with “A”, isn’t that weird?)

    I’ve always been a big Ashley Fires fan and it’s nice to see her finally get the attention that she deserves. She’s starred in some of the hottest scenes in recent memory and Ashley’s new Big Wet Asses scene is no different. It’s everything you could possibly want it to be. Just read what Ashley had to say about her Big Wet Asses scene below:

    “I’m thrilled to be in ‘Big Wet Asses 23,’ and I’m fucking ecstatic to be on its cover. I’m honored, and flattered, and… well, it’s about time!” Ashley Fires said. “Toni is a great director. He’s fun, good humored, and patient—a great trait to have with someone as ADD as me! Erik Everhard is a gracious lover. He made me squirt and have like five orgasms… maybe more; you can’t keep track when you’re having that good a time. The anal is really wild with lots of crazy positions and angles. I can’t wait for people to see it. I want my fans to jerk their dicks watching it. I’ll know if they do. I’ll feel it in the energy around me. It will feed into my sexiness.”

    For those of you who aren’t die-hard Ashley Fires fans yet, please watch this exclusive behind the scenes clip of Ashley Fires talking about shooting anal sex scenes and revealing the secret to an amazing footjob. Ashley Fires, I love you.

    Isn’t Ashley Fires the best?

    To see Ashley Fires’s new Big Wet Asses scene, visit ElegantAngel.com!

    elegant angel

    And for those of you still not convinced that watching Ashley Fires, AJ Applegate, Abbey Brooks and Aleksa Nicole in Big Wet Asses 23, then watch the free trailer below.

    It will help you realize that there’s nothing more important you have to do this weekend than watch Big Wet Asses 23:

    What the heck are you waiting for?


    elegant angel

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  • AJ Applegate is Elegant Angel’s Girl of the Month

    So it’s May, which means that Elegant Angel has a new Girl of the Month!

    Elegant Angel’s Girl of the Month selections have been impeccable so far. They’ve had Summer Brielle, Dani Daniels, Casey Calvert and other hotties, but this month’s Girl of the Month is special because she really hits close to home.

    By the way, this month’s Girl of the Month is none other than big bootied babe AJ Applegate.

    You need to be a member of ElegantAngel.com to watch AJ Applegate’s new exclusive Girl of the Month scene, but thankfully by reading this blog, you can become a member for just $5!



    This is a special price for readers of the Sex.com Blog, so take advantage of it while you can!


    For anyone wondering why AJ Applegate being named Elegant Angel’s Girl of the Month hits close to home, I’d love to tell you it’s because AJ’s a former lover of mine, but sadly I have yet to have the pleasure of hitting that fat ass.

    No, the reason AJ Applegate being named Elegant Angel’s Girl of the Month hits close to home is because of Nestle Drumsticks.

    I love food. I eat it almost every day. But there’s no food more delicious than a Nestle Caramel Drumstick. I can’t quite explain my obsession with Nestle Drumsticks. All I know is that there’s nothing that tastes better than vanilla ice cream with a caramel centre, dipped in chocolate and peanuts, served in a waffle cone. And ever since they increased the chocolate nugget at the bottom of the waffle cone by 30%, I have absolutely no self-control. I have to eat at least one Nestle Drumstick every three days.

    That said, given my fixation on Drumsticks and the fact that I write for a porn site, there’s a running joke in my group of friends that I have a bizarre Nestle Drumstick-fetish. That the Nestle Drumstick isn’t just a delicious snack that I buy as a present to myself on an almost daily basis, but a cheap edible sex toy and the only thing that could ever get me off. Which isn’t that far off from the truth.

    You can only imagine my surprise when watching the trailer for AJ Applegate’s exclusive Girl of the Month scene (watch the full thing on ElegantAngel.com) to see AJ using a Nestle Drumstick as a sex toy, smearing herself with delicious chocolate, vanilla ice cream, caramel centre, and waffle cone from tit to clit.

    I couldn’t believe it. A joke that’s been going strong for nearly two years now realized in an actual porn scene. How did they know?

    Whoever had the idea of AJ Applegate starting her scene with a Nestle Drumstick tease has won the undying respect of this blog.

    While watching AJ Applegate smear Drumstick all over herself, I was extremely aroused because now that I’ve seen a Drumstick used in the a sexual context, I’ve realized that I truly do have a Nestle Drumstick fetish. However, I was also frustrated to watch someone wantonly waste a Nestle Drumstick.

    Anyways, you should watch the trailer below because I’d really like to make sure that I’m not the only person in the world with a Nestle Drumstick fetish.


    Aj Applegate banner

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  • EA’s Girl of the Month: Casey Calvert

    Guys, you’re not supposed to know who Elegant Angel’s Girl of the Month is until Tuesday when it’s April 1st, but something occurred to me…April 1st is April Fool’s Day, a day where prankster run a muck preying on the naive.

    If I were to tell you that Casey Calvert is Elegant Angel’s Girl of the Month on April 1st, you guys might get confused and think that it’s some weird prank I’m pulling on you.

    So to minimize confuse and suspicion, I thought the best thing to do would be to tell you straight up that Casey Calvert is Elegant Angel’s Girl of the Month April 2014. Way to go, Casey!   Continue Reading

    March 29, 2014 • Pictures & Vids, Porn, Pornstars • Views: 7826

  • Bonnie Rotten Is Elegant Angel’s New Squirtwoman


    Bonnie Rotten aka Squirtwoman

    When Bonnie Rotten sat down with Chris Nieratko for a little interview, she spoke about her squirting and that now, “I can’t really control [my squirting] because I’ve done it so much. Now, like if I’m cumming, and there’s a dick in my pussy. Done. Or in my ass.”

    Click here to watch the full interview.

    Though some people might see Bonnie Rotten’s inability to control her squirting as a handicap or a form of incontinence, the good people at Elegant Angel have decided to bestow the title of Squirtwoman onto her.

    Yes, the reigning AVN Performer of the Year Bonnie Rotten is also the new Squirtwoman.   Continue Reading

    March 24, 2014 • Pictures & Vids, Porn • Views: 12650

  • Girl of the Month: Dani Daniels


    Elegant Angel’s Girl of the Month: Dani Daniels

    Last month, ElegantAngel.com treated its members to an exclusive online scene featuring the beautiful and busty Summer Brielle. I don’t need to tell you that it was really, really hot.

    This month, Elegant Angel has really out done themselves. March 2014’s Angel of the Month is none other than your favorite pornstar, DANI DANIELS!

    “I am honored to be Elegant Angel’s Girl of the Month, and can’t wait for fans to check out my scene with Ramon Nomar and Toni Ribas,” said Dani Daniels. “Not only do I want them to watch it, I want to see it too! I want to see what I felt; the scene was that wild — like regaining consciousness after a car accident. It’s like, ‘what the fuck just hit me?’ It was insane. Don’t miss it!”

    DAMN. I’ve never heard sex compared to a car crash before. I bet you’d like to see what all the hype is about. Good thing we got our hands on a trailer for this Dani Daniels threesome scene that hits as hard as a car.

    But before you watch Dani Daniel’s Girl of the Month trailer, I have something to tell you.

    Because Elegant Angel are cherished friends of ours, they’re letting Sex.com Blog readers get a month-long membership to ElegantAngel.com for $5.

    Of course, if you want to pay the regular price of $29.95 for a month-long membership, that’s totally your prerogative. However, if I were you I would take advantage of this discount so that I could watch Dani Daniel’s Girl of the Month threesome and every other Elegant Angel scene ever made. 5$ for access to the entire Elegant Angel catalogue is the steal of the century.

    To take advantage of the discount, just click the image below this text and then click “Get Membership”. Easy right?


    If you’re still not convinced that Dani Daniel’s ElegantAngel.com exclusive Girl of the Month threesome scene isn’t worth your $5, I think you ought to watch the trailer and reconsider:

    Yes. It should be clear to you now that spending 5$ to watch Dani Daniel’s car crash-esque threesome and every single Elegant Angel scene is totally worth.



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  • Summer Brielle: Elegant Angel of the Month


    Summer Brielle: Elegant Angel of the Month

    Elegant Angel is studio that has withstood the test of time thanks to two beliefs: high production values and the hottest babes.

    In celebration of their knack for picking the hottest babes in the industry, Elegant Angel will now be selecting one hot babe per month and making her the Angel of the Month.

    What happens when a hot babe gets selected as Angel of the Month? ElegantAngel.com subscribers are treated to an exclusive scene, only available on ElegantAngel.com, featuring the Angel of the Month.

    If you watch Summer Brielle’s exclusive Angel of the Month scene and watch EVERY Elegant Angel VIDEO EVER MADE, you can join ElegantAngel.com for $5! 

    This $5 price is an exclusive Sex.com Blog promotion, so join ElegantAngel.com now!


    It’s all very exciting because highlighting hot babes whether it be Angel of the Month or Treat of the Month or Babe of the Day is what this blog lives for.

    If you’re not convinced that $5 to join ElegantAngel.com to watch Summer Brielle’s exclusive scene as well as the entire Elegant Angel catalogue is the greatest deal in the history of internet porn, then allow me to change your mind by introducing you to Elegant Angel’s first-ever Angel of the Month Summer BrielleContinue Reading

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  • Presley Hart Best New Starlet Top 10


    Presley Hart

    As you already know, we’re busy celebrating Elegant Angel‘s latest movie Best New Starlets 2014.

    Your favorite pornstar Asa Akira picked five hot, new pornstars and dubbed them the best of 2014. We couldn’t have been happier with the choices even if we picked them ourselves.

    If you haven’t already, I highly recommend you go watch Best New Starlets right now on ElegantAngel.com.

    You need a membership to see the movie, but thankfully you can become an Elegant Angel member for an entire month for just $5.00. So what are you waiting for? Sign up now: ElegantAngel.com.


    Before you go watch the movie on ElegantAngel.com, we want to make sure you’re familiar with each of these hot new pornstars through the art of Top 10. We’ve already done Top 10?s for best new starlets Kennedy Leigh, Teal Conrad, and Cindy Starfall, so look at those if you haven’t already!

    Today it’s our great pleasure to show you why Presley Hart is one of 2014’s Best New Starlets.

    Presley Hart is a personal favorite of the Sex.com Blog’s because we have a soft spot for babes with “Girl Next Door”-vibes and Presley’s all-natural beauty just screams sexy neighbor that you would do absolutely anything to get a piece of.

    I could spend days talking about what makes Presley Hart sexy, but I think the best thing to do is show you why Presley Hart is the sexiest, best new starlet with her Top 10 porn GIFs. So let’s get to the GIFs already!  Continue Reading

    January 20, 2014 • BABES, TOP 10's • Views: 8522