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    Elizabeth Olsen

    Remember the first time you saw the trailer for Martha Marcy Mae Marlene? I remember thinking, “Is it Mary-Kate or Ashley Olsen?”

    Turns out it wasn’t one of the Olsen twins at all! It was a younger, hotter Olsen. Elizabeth Olsen.

    Samuel L. Jackson just confirmed that Elizabeth Olsen will be in the Avengers 2.

    Now, I didn’t see the Avengers. As far as I know, there’s no nudity, so why would I see it?

    But Elizabeth Olsen is sexy so I’m just going to go ahead and share some of her sexiest pictures with you.


    I can already tell you that the Avengers 2 is going to be a huge disappointment because there will not be an Elizabeth Olsen-Scarlett Johansson lesbian sex scene.

    What a waste of an opportunity.

    Get your head in the game, Joss.

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