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  • Playboy’s 20 Sexy Celebrities that Have Pornstar Doppelgangers

    The only thing that we like better than sexy celebrities are sexy celebrities with pornstar doppelgangers.

    In case you’re unfamiliar with the concept of pornstar doppelgangers, they are adult film stars, typically female, who resembles a friend, acquaintance or even sexy celebrities and the adult film star serves as a stand-in/visualization aid in sexual fantasies involving the person you’re fapping to.

    In order to help you visualize your favorite sexy celebrities nude (or doing something a bit more hardcore since a lot of these celebrities can be seen nude on Sex.com already), Playboy has released a list of 20 sexy celebrities who bear an uncanny resemblance to some of the hottest adult stars in the business.  Continue Reading

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  • Ellen Page Naked!…Sort Of…

    Elle Page

    Did you guys see Juno?

    Beyond: Two Souls is an interactive drama action-adventure video game that stars Ellen Page and Willem Dafoe.

    A video game starring two Hollywood actors? Like Bob Dylan said, “The times they are a becoming quite different than they were.”

    Ellen Page and Willem Dafoe aren’t just the vocies of characters in Beyond: Two Souls, their bodies were scanned and the characters were modelled after the actual actors.

    Why should you care about any of this?

    Because Ellen Page has a full-frontal nude shower scene in Beyond: Two Souls. You have to do a little hacking of the game to see Ellen Page naked, but it’s still pretty cool.

    Technically, Ellen Page naked in a video game doesn’t really count as seeing Ellen Page naked but it’s close enough for me.

    Let’s see 3D Ellen Page naked!

    Here’s how Ellen Page’s shower scene looks without the debugging:

    And now let’s look at the pictures from when it was debugged:


    Thank you nerds who love Ellen Page enough to figure out how to undress a 3D model of her. You are providing us all with great service. 3D Ellen Page naked ought to hold us over until real Ellen Page goes for a full frontal nude scene.

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  • Ellen Page supports Feminist Porn

    Ellen Page porn

    Feminist Pornographer Elle Page

    Juno Ellen Page did an AMA on Reddit yesterday to promote her new movie The East when all of a sudden feminist pornographer Courtney Trouble asked her:

    “you identify as a feminist, do you have any specific thoughts on misogyny in our day and age right now? what do you think about the current feminist porn movement? also, you rock! we love you.”

    And Juno Ellen Page replied with:

    “I think we are in a very scary time right now. The rhetoric from the right wing is terrifying to me. I think feminist porn is crucial. To only have porn from the male perspective is damaging. Women are sexual creatures, as much as men and that needs to be embraced.”

    Now you know that Ellen Page supports feminist porn…

    But I’m sure many of you are wondering what the heck is feminist porn. Allow me to explain.  Continue Reading

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