Emilia Clarke

  • LSSW Game of Thrones Style: Handmaiden Teaches Khaleesi How to Please her Man

    This week’s Lesbian Sex Scene of the Week isn’t even a sex scene. Or even lesbian for that matter. I’m actually not too sure what to call it, but it doesn’t really matter because what really counts is that it’s really hot, right?

    This scene comes straight from Sex.com’s favourite TV show, Game of Thrones. It’s a throwback to season 1 where (spoiler alert) Daenerys was still young and… inexperienced. Luckily she had her oh so faithful handmaiden Doreah, who decided it was her duty to give her Khaleesi a lesson in sensuality.

    I know the description I just gave you sounds like the start of a really overplayed porno, but unfortunately the scene stays softcore, which is surprising for Game of Thrones. I was actually majorly disappointed it stopped where it did but it’s an awesome scene none-the-less because hello visibly turned on Emilia Clarke.

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    Overplayed or not, someone should really get on making a porn continuation of that. I guarantee it would sell hotcakes.

    Well anyway, I promise there will be actual sex in the rest of these “Lesbian sex scenes of the week” but I just had to put this one in there just because. There is unfortunately very little actual lesbian activity in Game of Thrones but because I did sort of promised you guys one legitimate lesbian sex scene a week, I’m just going to put this one in here:

    Source: pornhub.com via mecaix13 on Sex.com

    Strange that it’s the only other “lesbian” scene so far in Game of Thrones. Come on, Game of Thrones, I’m counting on you to up your lesbian game. Preferably involving Emilia Clarke, please.

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  • Sex.com Reveals The Truth Behind Game of Thrones Addiction (A Research Study)

    Game of Thrones is now officially the most popular show in HBO history, surpassing even The Sopranos. The show’s fans are absolutely rabid – when GoT is airing, it’s all anyone can talk about. At this point the one-year waiting period until the next season starts has already become unbearable for some. Many say their lives will not be the same without it. Pretty intense, right? Whether you watch the show or not, you might be wondering about the reason behind Game of Thrones’ success.

    At Sex.com, we are also fans – we love the show, the storyline and characters. However, we think that there must be an explanation for why everyone is so addicted to this series. We crave the truth. As a result, we set our resident GoT expert Gil Powers on a mission: to reveal the reason behind GoT’s absurd addictiveness. Gil has read all the books multiple times and has watched every episode over and over again. You might say that Game of Thrones is at the center of his existence. Yes, that’s right, he’s a huge loser. He accepted the challenge and decided to do a research study with three hypotheses. Our GoT expert used his broad knowledge and our traffic analytics to come up with the reason behind the show’s addictiveness.

    Hypothesis 1

    A few weeks ago Gil arrived at work claiming that Game of Thrones has caused him to experience an epiphany. The previous night, Gil dreamt that the world had come to an impromptu end. The apocalypse had descended and after days of solitude and despair, while watching Game of Thrones for the 15th time, he realized that his physical appearance vaguely resembled that of King Joffrey. His conclusion? Game of Thrones is an accurate, historical depiction of the world after the apocalypse, sent back in time by future historians to warn us about our fate. He insisted that he needed to keep watching and analyzing every scene over and over again to prepare for the new world.

    H1: Game of thrones is a reflection of what the world would be like after the apocalypse.

    H0: Game of thrones is not a reflection of what the world
    would be like after the apocalypse.

    Even if this theory might sound interesting and credible to many fans, Gil came to the conclusion that it should be rejected given that the apocalypse is not a factual event in the first place, and because this is just one of the hundreds of fucked up dreams he has had about the apocalypse. Last year, when he was obsessed with the Walking Dead, Gil also became certain that the show was an accurate depiction of our troubled future sent back in time by historians. So, Hypothesis 1 is rejected.

    Fig 1 - Normal distribution for Hypothesis  1

    Hypothesis 2

    Gil’s next peculiar theory revolves around the idea that the Queen of England is secretly funding HBO and GoT producers in order to brainwash Americans into embracing the importance and value of monarchy, subsequently allowing the UK to re-annex North America and re-establish the Commonwealth.

    H1: Game of Thrones is a propaganda tool serving to help the Queen of England in her plans to reclaim ownership of the United States.
    H0: Game of Thrones is not a propaganda tool serving to help the Queen of England in her plans to reclaim ownership of the United States.

    Why would the Queen of England want to take on the American’s massive $17 trillion debt? Additionally, though Game of Thrones is technically about monarchy, it is also very critical of it. Gil also admits that all of the characters vying for the throne are kind of assholes, and most of them end up brutally maimed or dead. Hypothesis 2 rejected. Gil is starting to wonder if he is slowly going insane.

    Fig. 2 Normal distribution for Hypothesis 2 

    Hypothesis 3

    The amount of sexual activities that take place in GoT is no secret to anybody. It would probably be easier to determine those who don’t have sex on the show than to name those who do. Almost every episode contains a sex scene, or at least some partial nudity, and the show-runners certainly seem to go out of their way to hire attractive actors. Gil says that the show is probably so addictive because it taps into the viewers’ sexuality and gets them turned on, to the point where they cannot contain themselves afterwards. Not a bad idea Gil! Maybe after hours and hours of wasted time and failed research, Gil is actually onto something with this concept.

    H1: Game of Thrones turns people on, much like a good tease.

    H0: Game of Thrones does not turn people on, unlike a good tease.

    For this hypothesis, Gil obtained Sex.com’s traffic analytics from April 1st, 2014 to date. What he noticed next was remarkable: after each episode of Game of Thrones, the number of searches for ‘Game of Thrones’ on Sex.com doubles. This spike in Game of Thrones searches can be observed both immediately after each episode, as well as on the following Monday (see Fig. 4). Coincidence? Gil thinks not. Hypothesis 3 confirmed.

    Fig. 3 Normal distribution for Hypothesis 3

    Fig. 4 Site Search Terms, Google Analytics, April 1-June 16, 2014


    There you have it folks, the secret to why we are hooked on the Game of Thrones is… because it makes us so damn horny.

    That explains why everyone hops on Sex.com after watching GoT, including Gil!


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  • Game Of Thrones Has A Sex Infographic

    Did anyone else notice that millions of people had raging erections for the Game of Thrones premier yesterday? It’s like the world ceased to function yesterday because too many nerds were busy stroking themselves in anticipation for the premier. 

    Personally, I couldn’t care less because Game of Thrones is shockingly boring for a show that is sold as a show about violence and fantasy-boobs. You may like the show, which is fine. You’re allowed to like whatever you want. My real problem with Game of Thrones is how much people like it. Whenever anyone finds out I don’t watch Game of Thrones, they get all defensive about it. I assume it’s either that they’re trying to cope with the fact that they’re huge nerds or it’s because they also hate the show but lack the sense of self to seek out something they’ll actually enjoy.

    But even though I have no interest in Game of Thrones, I’m very familiar with television and I know that by the fourth season it can be hard to keep track of who has boned who. So that’s why CoolMaterial.com has put together this infographic to refresh your memory. Have a look below:  Continue Reading

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  • Game of Thrones Returns Sunday! Recapping the GoT Sex Scenes


    …must be from the new season.


    No, it’s not that I spent all morning looking at hot pictures of sexy babes on Sex.com – although I did do that, and it did get me really pumped up.

    Continue Reading

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  • Game of Thrones Sex Scenes as 70’s Porno

    game of thrones sex scenes 70s style

    GAME OF SCORES: GoT 70s Porno

    I’ve seen every single episode of Game of Thrones and I’ve looked the covers of most of the books, but to honest with you I have no idea who any of the characters are, what they want or what they’re doing.

    As far as I know, everyone wants the throne and they’re all playing a game to get it.

    Does that sounds about right?

    Why do I keep watching Game of Thrones if I have no idea what’s going on or who anyone is? Because Game of Thrones sex scenes are the best on TV. Which isn’t saying much because compared to Sex.com, there’s hardly any sex on TV. But I like being completely lost, desperately trying to figure out who someone is and then all of a sudden they’re naked and having sex. It adds suspense and excitement to an otherwise convoluted and ridiculous show.

    Either way, Emilia Clarke in uncomfortable Game of Thrones sex scenes beats naked Steve Buscemi any day of the week. But that’s just me.


    How many of you like the Game of Thrones sex scenes but feel that they lack a 70’s porno aesthetic? Well toil no more! Independent filmmaker Ariel Belziti has made the Game of Thrones sex scenes supercut of your dreams. It’s your favorite sex scenes from Game of Thrones all cut together in the style of a 70’s porno.   Continue Reading

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  • Emilia Clarke

    Emilia Clarke

    Emilia Clarke

    So Game of Thrones season 3 is over.

    Wasn’t it a wild ride?

    Yes. It certainly was.

    The Red Wedding really had people freaking out. Judging by the internet’s reaction to it last week, it was the single biggest tragedy in human history. Which is weird because all that happened was a few fictional characters got killed. Robb Stark was acting like too much of a hot head to stay alive. A wedding is a great place for an ambush when you’re at war. Someone from the House of Stark should have thought of that. Also, y’all had thirteen years to see that coming. So cool your jets.

    So while Game of Thrones fans are still trying to recover from the tragedy of The Red Wedding, we here at Sex.com feel that the real tragedy is that Emilia Clarke won’t be on our TV for another year.   Continue Reading

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