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    Bush, James Deen, and Jynx Maze

    This sex blog (or porn blog, depending on who you ask) can be a bit of a boy’s club. While it’s fun, it’s kind of boring. That’s why I spoke with female porn blogger and friend EMJA from HotMoviesForHer.com to get the female perspective on porn for a change. 

    So please enjoy our chat about trends in porn, male pornstars, and how having a personality can make a pornstar. 

    Chico: Lately I’ve been noticing more bush and tan-lines in my HOTMOVIES. I’m somewhat ambivalent to these old trends coming back. As a woman, what do you think is in vogue for male pornstars?

    Emja: First of all, I really hate boosh and lines. Like, hate. Cannot stand. In vogue for male pornstars? I honestly don’t see a trend at all.

    Chico: Woah, woah, woah. What don’t you like about bush and tanlines?

    Emja: Pubic hair is gross and smells bad and have you ever seen that movie Waiting?

    Chico: I’ve never seen it but I know of it because like everyone else in the world, I’m a HUGE Ryan Reynolds fan. It also popularized the game where if someone sees your balls, you get to punch them.

    Emja: Go to 1:21. You’ll understand.

    Chico: Yikes.

    Emja: It’s gross and that’s all I think of every time dani daniels sends out a vine of “daily boosh”. I can’t even look at it. Wanna yak.

    Chico: Do you ever worry that the steroid-monster look will return for male pornstars?  Continue Reading

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  • The Secrets to SFW Orgasms by Emja

    female orgasm

    You already know what it is

    Emja is a blogger for Hotmoviesforher.com.

    I’ve been following Emja for a while because she’s much funnier than the average sex blogger and I feel like I can only improve my own blog by emulating her style. 

    Because I’m such a big fan, I’m thrilled to say that Emja was nice enough to do guest post for us. Enjoy Emja’s “The Secrets to SFW Orgams”:

    Guys, I scratched a fresh bug bite yesterday. And it was amazing. I mean, mind-blowingly, holy-shit-yes, top-quality amazing. I will, of course, put my foot down and proclaim — it rivalled the feeling of an orgasm. Do you know this feeling? Are you human? You know this feeling, I don’t even need to ask. You can probably imagine a little itch right now, right above that little bone above your ankle. Your jeans brush against it as you cross your legs. It’s just a faint little tingle, like your hair standing up. Then it starts to get stronger. BANG! IT’S DONE! MUST SCRATCH MUST SCRATCH NOW!!

    Scratch, scratch, scratch…

    Oh my God, yes. Give me a cigarette it was that good.

    My news for you? That feeling does not stop with just a maiden voyage to bug-scratch heaven. And you can mimic the feeling of sexual release with a few other SFW activities.  Continue Reading

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