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  • “Leaked Emma Watson Nude Photos” Was A Scam All Along

    What a week for internet hoaxes! First the three-breasted woman turns out to be a regular two-breasted woman, desperate for fame and now the promise of leaked Emma Watson nude photos has turned out to be as fake as those Emma Watson nudes already pinned to Sex.com.

    As we explained yesterday, right after Emma Watson’s gender equality speech to the UN, the mysterious website EmmaYouAreNext.com emerged online. All it contained was an image of Emma Watson’s face, the 4chan logo, a countdown to Saturday, September 27th at 12am and the promise that they would leak Emma Watson’s nude photos once the sands in their digital hourglass ran out.

    The 4chan logo was the first red flag that this all might be a hoax. As more and more people wrote about and shared EmmaYouAreNext.com, they ditched the countdown clock and revealed there were no Emma Watson nude photos. This all just a publicity stunt we fell for.  Continue Reading

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  • Emma Watson’s Nude Photos To Complete The Fappening Trilogy

    The Fappening continues!

    First Jennifer Lawrence, Kate Upton, Kirsten Dunst and other celebrities had their nude photos leaked. Then Kim Kardashian, Hope Solo, Amber Heard, Vanessa Hudgen and other celebrities had their nude photos leaked.

    How do the hackers plan to complete the Fappening trilogy? Like all good trilogies, the third instalment of the Fappening promises to be the biggest and baddest yet with hackers promising to leak Emma Watson’s nude photos.

    On the ominously titled website EmmaYouAreNext.com, we see a countdown to when the leak of Emma Watson’s nude photos is supposed to happen. The hackers promise that the Emma Watson leak will be “…the biggest to come thus far.”  Continue Reading

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  • Halloween Sex With Monsters (Very Spooky)

    Last week, after revealing that 75% OF PEOPLE WOULD HAVE SEX WITH A GHOST IF THEY COULD, I was curious to know what Halloween monster you would NOT have sex with.

    I’m still trying to figure out where women draw the line when it comes to having sex with things, but I do know that men will literally fuck anything. Any hole, crease, or crevice you can think of, I can guarantee a man has tried putting his penis inside of it and thrusting in and out.

    But as far as fictional monsters go, the majority of you draw the line with Zombies.

    Let’s take a look at the results.  Continue Reading

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  • Emma Watson

    Emma Watson sexy

    Emma Watson

    Sofia Coppola’s The Bling Ring comes out today.

    No matter what you think of Sofia Coppola’s movies (Marie Antoinenette was pretty bad), I think we can all agree that Emma Watson is supremely sexy.

    I probably won’t see The Bling Ring even though it looks good and it’s based on a true story of teens that robbed celebrities, which is pretty cool. I just don’t have time to see mainstream movies. If I have movie watching time (which I don’t), I’m obviously going to choose to watch sex movies on Sex.com. But that’s just me.

    Since I’m not going to see The Bling Ring, the least I can do is make Emma Watson Babe of the Day.

    So…sorry Emma Watson, I’m not going to see your new movie but at least you’re Babe of the Day!   Continue Reading

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