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  • Keisha Grey and Gracie Glam are Simply Stunning for Evil Angel

    When the trailer for Evil Angel‘s Stunning Curves dropped a week ago, we were absolutely stunned (see what I did there?) by how simple yet erotic Kevin Moore could make a porn movie on the hooker dress motif.

    Today, we got our first glimpse at Stunning Curves. Namely, a threesome featuring curvy babes Keisha Grey and Gracie Glam. Check out the preview of Keisha Grey and Gracie Glam dressed up in their hottest hooker dresses and sharing a cock for Evil Angel below.  Continue Reading

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  • Hooker Dresses Never Looked So Good Than in “Stunning Curves”

    I think Evil Angel director Kevin Moore and I are kindred spirits because his porn movies always put emphasis on sartorial sexual cues like panties and such as well as gorgeous, athletic female bodies in action.

    His new movie, Stunning Curves, presents fit babes Eva Lovia, Gracie Glam, Keisha Grey, Kelsi Monroe and Samantha Saint in skin-tight, barely there hooker dresses, provocatively posing and teasing outdoors, and then sweating through vigorous indoor workouts with top sex studs.

    Damn. Did I cast this movie? Because that’s like my dream line-up.

    Watch the trailer for Stunning Curves below.  Continue Reading

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  • Pornstar Spotlight: Remy LaCroix

    For those you who don’t know, Pornstar Spotlight is a daily feature (at least we try to do one every day) here on the Sex.com Blog where we tell you everything you need to know about one pornstar, including their top 5 hottest porn videos. Click here to browse the Pornstar Spotlight Archives.

    Today, the Pornstar Spotlight shines on perennial favorite of ours (and you too): REMY LACROIXContinue Reading

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  • Must-See Porn Video of the Week: Veronica Vain’s Porn Debut!

    Last month, the internet went crazy for Veronica Vain, a Wall Street intern that turned her back on finance to become a pornstar.

    (In case you missed it: Meet Veronica Vain, The Wall Street Intern Turned Pornstar)

    While we were immediately excited for another sexy redhead to start starring in porn videos, Veronica Vain’s career change didn’t come without skepticism. Some devoted porn fans wondered why this girl, while undeniably hot, was getting so much hype when she hadn’t even shot one porn video. After all, anyone can be hot. But hotness is not the only thing one needs to make a porn video worth watching.

    Well, I have good news for everyone excited about Veronica Vain’s debut and bad news for anyone who doubted her: Veronica Vain’s debut porn video is live and there’s no question that she was born to do porn.  Continue Reading

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  • Has Evil Angel Gone Too Far with this New Porn Movie?

    I just received a press release from Evil Angel, makers of the best hardcore porn known to perverts worldwide, announcing their latest release: Mike Adriano’s Rectal Feeding.

    Upon reading the title of their latest porn movie, I had to step back for a moment and ask myself…has Evil Angel gone too far?  Continue Reading

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  • Don’t You Love It When Girls Do This During Sex?

    As much as we love seeing a girl’s pussy and ass in all its naked glory, we’ll never complain if a girl wants to just pull her panties to the side during sex.  Continue Reading

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  • Do These MILFs Suck?

    Ever since American Pie popularized the acronym in 1999, we’ve had a thing for MILFs.

    Hell, even before the writers of American Pie realized that “Mother I’d Like to Fuck” would make an amazing acronym to perfectly describe sexy, older women that retain sex appeal even in their older age, we were loving MILFs.

    But here’s a question that we’ve yet to ask ourselves…do these MILFs suck?

    Let’s examine whether or not these MILFs suck.  Continue Reading

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  • The Top 10 Interracial Porn Debuts of 2014 (so far)

    It’s crazy to think that in 2014, interracial porn is still considered to be one of the most taboo niches of porn.

    Whenever I watch interracial porn, I can’t help but think back to Aurora Snow’s piece for The Daily Beast that revealed that approximately 47% of adult performers refuse to do interracial porn mainly because they’re worried it may affect their careers in the long run.

    I can’t help but call bullshit on this line of thinking within the porn industry. Doing interracial porn should not and (I truly hope) does not have any negative impact on the average pornstar’s career.

    To prove this, we’d like to show you the Top 10 Interracial Porn Debuts of 2014.

    The 10 pornstars and their interracial porn debuts featured in this porn list have not fallen off in any way, the only thing that’s changed is they now have incredibly hot interracial porn scenes under their belts. Hopefully, they have more interracial porn videos coming in the future because watching these babes take BBCs is un-fucking-believably sexy.  Continue Reading

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  • 8 Reasons Why Alt-Girls Are The Hottest Girls

    First question: WHAT IS AN ALT-GIRL?

    Generally, an Alt-Girl is the opposite of a good girl/girl next door type. Alt girls usually have piercings, tattoos, or unique hair styles. Scene girls, rockabilly girls, hardcore girls, punk girls, metal girls, and goth girls would all fall under this category of an “alt girl.”


    Excellent question. There are at least 8 reasons we can think of for why Alt-Girls are the hottest girls. So if you’d like to find out why these pierced, tattooed, badass babes are the hottest girls on the planet, please keep reading.  Continue Reading

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  • Which Big Tit Centerfold Has Your Favorite Pair of Big Tits?

    Big tits-obsessed director Kevin Moore has just released another top-heavy collection of hardcore porn scenes with BIG TIT CENTERFOLDS #4.

    The fourth instalment in a series dedicated to showcasing the best big tits in the biz delivers yet again by assembling a cast whose big tits are utter perfection. Not since Stacked 2 have we seen a cast with big tits these fabulous. To celebrate this bonanza of big tits, I’d like to give you the impossible task of choosing your favorite pair of big tits featured in Big Tit Centerfolds #4.

    Though choosing your favorite pair of big tits may sound easy enough, I assure you that all five of these sexy centerfolds have some of the most breathtaking big tits the porn industry has ever seen. So while picking your favorite pair of big tits may sound easy, I think you’ll find it’s not easy to play favorites when it comes to these babes and their big tits. You’re going to have to take a good long look at their big tits before making a decision.

    Shall we begin determining which big tit centerfold has your favorite pair of big tits?  Continue Reading

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  • The Hooker Experience: hobbyists & providers

    Fans can’t help but fantasize about having sex with their favorite porn star. Evil Angel has a new movie coming out on January 30th, directed by Kevin Moore called The Hooker Experience that puts viewers in the shoes of an upscale “hobbyists” (a code-word for johns) who pay to hook up with their favorite porn stars.

    Still from The Hooker Experience

    Still of Gia DiMarco from The Hooker Experience

    Continue Reading

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  • Syphilis Scare to Halt Filming

    The Free Speech Coalition, a porn trade group is calling for a nationwide, temporary moratorium on production. A performer came forward with having syphilis, which motivated this decision. The group is calling on all performers to get tested as well as receive preventative antibiotic shots.

    The dreaded swap

    Porn giant Manwin shut down production on Friday in the interest of protecting their performers. Manwin has also agreed to cover the costs of the preventative shots along with: Evil Angel, Girlfriend Films, Kink.com, Vivid Pictures, and Gamma Entertainment.

    Performers who have test negative for STIs will be allowed back to work 10 days after receiving the shot.

    Luckily, syphilis can be treated with one shot of penicillin if a person has had it less than a year. Additional doses are necessary if it has been longer but syphilis is still curable.

    Last year, a performer tested HIV-positive and production was shutdown for nearly a week. The result turned out to be a false positive.

    For the health of the industry, we hope all performers get tested and get their shots. While we wait to see how this moratorium plays out, we would like to remind you that you can always view some of your old favorite sex pictures and sex videos on Sex.com


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