• Alexis Adams with More Proof That Exercise Balls Are The Best Sexual Accessory

    Yesterday, this free porn blog was reminded that exercise balls are the best sexual accessory with the help of adorable porn babe Alli Rae.

    Today, we have even more evidence that exercise balls are better used for sexercise than exercise with the help of our favorite busty babe, Alexis Adams. Watch how Alexis Adams turns her exercise ball into the perfect couples sex toy courtesy of Fantasy HDContinue Reading

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  • Alli Rae Proves Once Again That Exercise Balls Are The Best Sexual Accessory

    Exercise balls probably aren’t the first thing that spring to mind when you’re thinking of sexual accessories, but they are the best!

    If you’re skeptical about our assessment of exercise balls as sexual accessories, all the convincing we need to do is to get you to watch this new 18YearsOld video featuring super cute pornstar Alli Rae getting stretched out and fucked on an exercise ball below.  Continue Reading

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  • This Is How Sex Can Substitute Your Workout

    Given the choice between going to the gym and having sex, you’d choose having sex, right? After all, sex is more fun than going to the gym and you’re still burning calories.

    Unfortunately, most people aren’t burning as many calories as they might think when they have sex. The myth is that a bout of sexual activity can burn anywhere from 100 to 300 calories. However, that’s been debunked by a study conducted by the New England Journal of Medicine which found that the average person has sex in six minutes on average and only burns about 21 calories.

    Though the average person only burns about 21 calories during sex, that doesn’t mean it’s impossible for you to substitute your workout with sex. To show you what we mean, we’re going to show you a video of Allie Haze combining sex with her regular workout routine from Brazzers to inspire you to use sex to help you stay fit.  Continue Reading

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  • 4 Ways To Last Longer In Bed

    There are two things that every man is insecure about when it comes to sex:

    1. Dick size.
    2. Premature ejaculation.

    And while you’d have to go to great lengths to increase your dick size, learning how to last longer in bed is easy if you’re willing to put in the time and effort to train yourself to control your orgasm. Unfortunately, this training regiment to last longer in bed will mean that you’ll have to cum. A lot. If you feel like you can take some time to make yourself cum over and over again in order to some day last longer in bed, then keep reading and you’re on your way to becoming a God of Sex!  Continue Reading

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  • 10 Yoga Poses For Better Sex

    Yoga is pretty much good for your entire body, which infuriates me because I would love to do yoga in order to maintain my Adonis-like body, but I can’t.

    Every time I’ve tried to do yoga it’s always like, “Sir, you can’t touch your classmates.” or “Sir, please there are no cameras allowed in the studio.” or “Sir, please leave. Your tiny erection is making everyone uncomfortable.”

    OH I’M SORRY ANONYMOUS YOGA INSTRUCTORS. Maybe I wouldn’t be involuntarily touching the other classmates, trying to film the classes, or pitching a tiny, tiny tent if yoga pants weren’t manufactured to make all asses amazing.

    Seriously though, my penis is laughably small there’s something about the tight lycra of the yoga pant that makes the ass’s presentation irresistible.

    As if to rub it in my face that yoga is the best thing anyone can do to their body, WorldLifestyle.com put together this infographic (see below) of the 10 yoga poses that promise better sex.

    These 10 yoga poses all focus on increasing blood flow, flexibility, stamina, relaxation, and muscle tone, all of which will contribute to better sex.

    So check out the 10 yoga poses for better sex below. Now people will tell you that the proper way to do yoga is to focus on consistent breathing. I, however, feel that the best way to perform these yoga poses is to do them in the nude. Well, not just nude. Nude while filming yourself/snapping selfies so that you can later send them to cdusty@sex.com. Just an idea for all the sexy yoga-enthusiasts out there that want to be Sex.com Blog famous.

    ANYWAYS, here’s are the 10 yoga poses for better sex:

    Source: worldlifestyle.com via Sex.com

    And remember, if you’re going to be practicing these yoga poses in the nude, make sure to take pictures and send them to cdusty@sex.com.

    In the meantime, I’ll be here watching my Adonis-like whither away until it becomes as laughable as my laughably tiny penis.

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  • New Sex Calculator Tells You How Many Calories You Burn During Sex


    56.25 calories burned. Not bad. Going to have to go back for more.

    Given the choice between exercise and sex, I can guarantee that 100% of you would choose to have sex over working out. After all, can’t sex be considered a work out? You’re moving during sex, you get sweaty during sex, you feel invigorated after sex. Sex is just like working out but 1 million times more fun.

    To help convince people that sex can be classified as “moderate exercise”, a UK online pharmacy has just released a brand new online sex calculator that will guesstimate how many calories you’ve burned during sex based on your gender, body type, sex position, mood, and time spent in the sack.

    Honestly, I wouldn’t take too much stock in the amount of calories the sex calculator tells you’ve burned. How can it accurately calculate calories burned with five generic categories? Don’t you have to be attached to some kind of heart-monitor to actually know the amount of calories burned?

    Regardless, it’s a fun little tool to play with and it’s easy to share your results on Facebook, Twitter, and Google+. Sharing the number of calories you’ve burned during sex is infinitely more interesting and less stupid than sharing an #aftersex selfie. So go play with it now!


    The Sex Calculator

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  • Sexercize with Kylie Minogue


    Hot new track, Kylie Minogue.

    Kylie Minogue has just released her 12th studio album Kiss Me Once. Why should that be of any interest to you? Because her new single “Sexercize” has a music video that’s super hot.

    Maybe it’s just me, but I had totally written off Kylie Minogue. But this new music video has made me realize that Kylie’s still got it.  Continue Reading

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  • Gabrielle Union’s Hot Body Inspired By Pornstars


    Gabrielle Union

    Do you guys remember the song “Is She Really Going Out With Him?” by Joe Jackson? That songs pretty much encapsulates my feelings towards super babe Gabrielle Union.

    How can a babe like Gabrielle Union who has always come off as super sweet and cool really be going out (and getting married to) the NBA’s biggest villain, Dwyane Wade?

    For those of you who don’t follow the NBA, Dwyane Wade is pure evil. Anyone who disagrees with this statement is also pure evil.

    But just because she loves world’s biggest jerk Dwyane Wade doesn’t mean that I can’t still love her. And thanks to an appearance on CONAN last night, I’m totally ready to forget all about the whole Dwyane Wade-issue.

    How did Gabrielle Union win me over? It was as simple as admitting that she watches porn, works out with pornstars, and that pornstars are the inspiration for her hot body.

    I know, it seems too good to be true but it is. Watch Gabrielle Union talk about her porno diet with Conan O’Brien and Andy Ritcher:

    Continue Reading

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  • “My Vagina Isn’t Tight Anymore” – Chico’s Sex Advice



    Sex is complicated. No one understands that better than me. That’s why if you have a question about sex, I’m prepared to answer your questions with sexpert sex advice in this special Sex.com Blog feature, Chico’s Sex Advice.

    Today’s question comes from loyal Sex.com Blog pawn Mila. Mila writes:

    “Chico. My vagina isn’t tight anymore and I feel self-conscious about it whenever I hook-up with a guy. Is there anything I can do?”  Continue Reading

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  • The Best Sex Positions That Double As Exercise

    Dillion Harper demonstrates proper sexercising techniques

    Dillion Harper demonstrates proper sexercising techniques

    According to a study conducted by the New England Journal of Medicine, the average person only burns 21 calories during sex. Unfortunately, that means sex isn’t a substitute for regular exercise. But that doesn’t mean we can’t try and substitute sex for exercise! After all, what would you rather do? Spend a two hours at the gym or have sex for two hours?

    If you said gym, please leave right now.

    For those of you that chose to have two hours of sex instead of working out, I’m going to let tell you about the best sex positions that double as exercise!  Continue Reading

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  • Sex.com’s Christmas Gift Guide 2013 – Spank Weight

    Thanksgiving isn’t even over yet but if you haven’t already finished your Christmas shopping, you’re totally screwed.

    Thankfully I’m here to make sure you can salvage your Christmas by getting all the coolest, sexy gifts this holiday season.

    This is Sex.com’s Christmas Gift Guide 2013 Part 1 and today we’re talking about the perfect gift for the out of shape masturbator in your life. This year, get the out of shape masturbator the SPANK WEIGHT from PipeDream ProductsContinue Reading

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  • Men Burn More Calories During Sex


    Nicole Aniston sexercising

    As you all know, sex can be a form of exercise. But the real question is who can benefit the most from sexercise? Men or women?

    According to new research from the University of Quebec in Montreal, men burn more calories during sex than women.

    The researchers equipped 21 heterosexual couples between the ages of 18 and 35 with fitness trackers and asked them to undergo 30 minutes on a treadmill to set a baseline measure for their calorie expenditure. Afterwards, they were sent home to have sex with the fitness trackers on. It is still unclear as to why the participants had to be sent home to have sex rather than be filmed having sex at the lab.

    Sex sessions lasted roughly 25 minutes (10 minutes was the shortest and 1 hour was the longest) and men burned 4.2 calories a minute during sex whereas the women only burned 3.1 calories a minute. So after 25 minutes of sex, a man will have burned approximately 100 calories and a woman would have only burned 69 calories.

    Isn’t this amazing news? I had always hoped to be able to burn calories by laying motionless in bed while an attractive woman grinded up on me. Thank you UQAM and thank you science.

    via PLOS ONE.

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  • 50 Shades of “Sexercise”

    The trilogy

    The trilogy

    Just because it is now 2013 don’t think for one second that the 50 Shades and Mummy-porn hysteria is over. If there’s one thing we know about 50 Shades demographic, Moms, it’s that they will never let anything go. Their inability to move onto new fads the way young people are able to do means that 50 Shades will be around forever and find new ways to permeate through our culture.

    Since the trilogy has already shattered every book sales record, optioned as a three feature films, and parodied by porn what new forms can 50 Shades take on? Well, a New York exercise guru has now developed a sexy workout inspired by the the series. She calls it “50 Shapes of Grey“. Sometimes, I just don’t want to live on this planet any more…

    Continue Reading

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