• The Ava Addams Workout Is Totally Ball-Busting

    Finally. A porn video that combines two things that are totally irresistible. A hot girl working out and Ava Addams‘ massive mammaries. Watching Ava Addams work up a sweat for Elegant Angel is guaranteed to make you secrete fluids…just not from your pours. Grab a towel, sock or tissues because once you press play on the video below, thing are going to get hot.

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  • How To Train For Your Favorite Sex Positions

    To perform your best in bed, you need to be in shape. Strength, mobility and flexibility are essential if you want to excel at doing the nasty.

    If your fuck-style is on the lackadaisical side, then enjoy this round-up of exercises to get you in tip-top shape and make sex even better.  Continue Reading

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  • 4 Ways To Last Longer In Bed

    There are two things that every man is insecure about when it comes to sex:

    1. Dick size.
    2. Premature ejaculation.

    And while you’d have to go to great lengths to increase your dick size, learning how to last longer in bed is easy if you’re willing to put in the time and effort to train yourself to control your orgasm. Unfortunately, this training regiment to last longer in bed will mean that you’ll have to cum. A lot. If you feel like you can take some time to make yourself cum over and over again in order to some day last longer in bed, then keep reading and you’re on your way to becoming a God of Sex!  Continue Reading

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