• Another Belfast Club Sex Scandal Surfaces

    Last week, a video went viral.  I considered writing about it for this blog, but ultimately decided not to.  I decided not to because the video depicted a young woman in a Belfast night-club called Magaluf, sucking off like 20 dudes so she could get a free drink.

    Now, you might ask me, ‘Gil, a woman sucking off 20 men in a nightclub?  That seems right up Sex.com’s alley!  What’s the deal?”  Well, the deal is I was struggling with whether to write about it because I felt bad for the girl and the whole thing left a bad taste in my mouth (though probably a much worse taste in hers).  It was exploitative, creepy, and likely non-consensual.  So I decided to stay away.

    But this week, a new image from outside of a Belfast night club has surfaced.  People in Belfast certainly love to party their asses off and perform sexual acts in public.  This picture is just as weird as the blowjob video, but at least it looks consensual?

    According to the article,

    Michael McMahon, who users the Twitter handle, @MichaelMcMufin, tweeted the image, which was captioned: ‘People have no shame, outside El Divino. This is traumatic.’




    I mean, yea, it looks like everyone involved is aware of what’s going on, but there are still some questions that need to be asked here.  I sort of understand the appeal of fucking outside, I really do.  But how do you link up with another couple and both have sex simultaneously side by side?  “Hello, I know we just met you, but you seem like a nice couple – would you like to go into the adjacent parking lot and have sexual intercourse at the same time as us?”

    I’m surprised and disappointed that the person who took the picture didn’t take a video, so we could witness the two dudes repeatedly high fiving each other and saying “You da man!” “No, YOU da man!”

    The other possibility here, and maybe I’m just too immersed in the wacky world of social mediaz, is that these people were actually attempting to exploit the recent explosion of the British Teen Magaluf Blowjob video to get some brief internet fame themselves, though that’s likely giving them too much credit.

    Anyways, get your shit together Belfast!

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  • Celebrate National Nude Day with Sex.com!

    Sex.com is a pornography site, so guess what? We see nudity all of the time, in all shapes and forms.

    Sometimes after watching hours and hours of sex, the beauty of the naked body can get lost in carnality and pornographic sexuality, and I think that’s a shame. The naked body isn’t something that necessarily needs to be associated with sex – inherently its a beautiful and natural thing. The naked body is nothing to be ashamed of, and should be celebrated!

    Luckily, all of the fine nudists of the world have banded together to create an international celebration of the naked body: National Nude Day!

    What is National Nude Day, you might ask? Well first thing’s first, it shares a date with Bastille Day. What’s a Bastille? I have no idea, but it’s certainly (probably) not as cool as being nude.

    National Nude Day is an annual event, which began in 1976, celebrating “naturism around the world and an opportunity to encourage first-timers to enjoy clothes-free relaxation.”

    So, in that spirit, we at Sex.com are going to help you celebrate National Nude Day with this handy infographic:


    National Nude Day is on July 14th. On the 14th, strip out of those clothes and celebrate the day in the buff.*

    *The 14th is a Monday, so you might want to take the day off of work if you plan on celebrating. Wouldn’t want you to get fired as a result of a workplace harassment claim. People are prudes!

    So if you’ve ever been curious about nude recreation, like hanging out on a nude beach or playing nude sports, now’s your chance! This is a golden opportunity for curious non-nudists and fledgling exhibitionists to get their body out into the world.  Because let’s face it, clothes are just shackles put in place by the man, man.

    If I was able to, I’d probably be hanging out naked 24/7.  Hell, I’m naked right now!  Just naked, sitting at my computer, totally naked, typing.  That might sound great, but if you knew what I looked like right now you probably wouldn’t think it was so awesome.

    Happy National Nude Day from Sex.com!

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  • Russian Couple Gets Busted Banging on a Historic Fountain

    There’s something pretty hot about having sex in public spaces.  It feels illicit, and it feels dirty, and it feels like you might get caught at any moment – that’s probably why people like doing it so much.  I’m totally game to have sex in public but there needs to be some boundaries.  I don’t want my dick flapping around the wind for the world to see.

    The sexy part is the idea that you could get stumbled upon at any moment, at least for me.  But these Russians man, they crazy.  Check out this video, for example:

    Yeah, that’s a Russian couple having sex in broad daylight on the side of a fountain in the middle of a busy square. That takes a lot of guts. Power to them. I don’t think there’s anything wrong with it. If you wanna fuck in public fuck in public. *au naturel*, know what I mean?

    Well, maybe its a bit rude. I am also very impressed that the couple managed to have sex for 15 minutes without any interruptions. Now THAT woulda been rude.

    Also, my favourite part of the video is by far the last several seconds where it slowly zooms in on the face of what can only be some sort of evil mastermind or cult leader.

    Here’s my prediction: that guy is mystical. There are lustful hypnotic powers buried deep in his eyes. I believe that the Russian couple stared into his eyes for a few seconds too long and then automatically, possessed by some tribal sexual energy, stripped off their clothes and started fucking on the spot. That’s the only logical solution.

    The Russian officials, perhaps unsurprisingly, are trying to lay the hammer down on this couple for their sinful and horrible and detestably evil manifestations of closeness. According to the article,

    “Local police are now looking for the couple. The couple had cast a bad reputation to the city, to Russia and the Russians, according to the police. Once caught, the couple will undergo maximum punishment for their offence.”

    Yikes. May want to keep your pants on if you’re in Russia.

    via IBT

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  • Nude Sunbather Causes a Giant Car Crash

    Summer is such a wonderful time. I love summer. It’s my favourite. Finally, I don’t have to hole myself up in a musty den playing video games for 15 hours a day. My crippling depression has faded away. Dairy Queen is finally open again. I can walk around shirtless, exposing my giant beer gut to the world. Yup, Summer’s the shit.

    But with Summer, comes responsibility. You can’t go to the beach and rock that pale ass pasty winter bod. You gotta tan that shit. You don’t wanna be blinding people with the sheen coming off your nearly transluscent skin, right? So people are tanning. In particular, a woman in Austria was recently seen tanning nude in the window of her apartment. The issue? Her tanning decisions caused a major traffic pile-up as people took their eyes off the road to catch a glimpse.

    A bystander snapped a picture of the sunbather in question, which you can check out at this link.

    One of the bystanders described the incident as follows:

    “I was behind two guys who had a fender bender because the motorists in front took their eyes off the road to glance up at the view. The young woman was obviously keen on getting some sun in a place where it doesn’t usually shine.”

    In my opinion, both parties are sort of at fault here. You shouldn’t be gawking at women trying to sunbathe, because that’s creepy. Also keep your eyes on the road (there seems to be a running theme on the blog today of people letting their insatiable sex ‘drives’ get in the way of their driving. Get it? Sex ‘drives’? I’m a genius.) On the other hand, if you’re a sunbather in your apartment, its kinda fucked up to let your bare ass and legs dangle out of a window. I mean, it’s fine, but it’s just kind of weird.

    Also, here’s some pictures of what happens when you’re a sunbather who properly tans themselves and then hits the beach:

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  • Pornhubs Donates Trees for Arbour Day

    What the hell is Arbour Day exactly?  I’ve never even heard of it.  Does that make me a bad person?

    *consults Wikipedia*

    OK, so Arbour Day is an internationally observed pseudo-holiday where people are encouraged to plant, respect and look after trees.  Isn’t there already an Earth Day for all of the environmentalists?

    Anyways, as might be totally expected at this point, porn streaming bigwigs Pornhub have jumped on a holiday bandwagon and have a cool promotion running to celebrate Arbour Day, our earth, trees, and of course, watching hours and hours of videos of dudes with big dicks having sex with porn stars.

    Pornhub will be donating and planting 1 tree for every 100 videos viewed in the “Big Dicks” category.  Because trees are made of wood, and the male pornstar in the video and whoever is watching the video will both have erections…get it?

    Behind all of the tree-based puns and innuendo there’s a really great initiative that might help drum up some environmental interest in the legions of dudes that flock to Pornhub.  I’m never again planting more trees and trying to make our world a better and greener place.  We need them things to breathe, yo.

    Pornhub has even set up a totally SFW page for their promotion, which keeps track of how many trees have been donated thus far.  There’s only a couple of days left to participate, so make sure that you take the next two days off of work and spend them at home in a dark room masturbating to big dick videos.  If you don’t, you’ve let Mother Nature down and you should be totally ashamed of yourself.

    Also, to get you primed up to give back to our Earth, here’s a bunch of photos of hot babes getting naked in the forest.  There’s no better place to get naked than the forest.  You can live out your Adam & Eve or ‘roughing it’ fantasies or whatever your sick mind can think up.

    Anything goes when it comes to Arbour Day, which is now officially the new sexiest ‘holiday.’  Get to Pornhub and start watching those big dick videos, you nature-hater!

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