• LifeSelector is Interactive Porn at Its Best

    When I was very young, I loved Choose Your Own Adventure books because I liked taking control of the protagonist and letting my own decisions dictate how the story would unfold.

    By the time I came of age, interactive porn was booming. Instantly, I was attracted to interactive porn because, like Choose Your Own Adventure books, my choices dictated how the hot pornstars on screen would be fucked.

    But alas, interactive porn fell out of favor right around the time of the US recession because they were the most expensive porn movies to produce. Lucky for us, interactive porn is slowly but surely making a comeback and it’s being done better than ever thanks to LifeSelectorContinue Reading

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  • Pornstars Weirdest Masturbation Fantasies

    Do you ever find yourself laying on your bed totally nude? The lights are dim to create a romantic ambience. Your hands start to explore your private regions. You try to connect to the internet but the wi-fi isn’t working. You’ve committed to masturbating, but you’re not sure how to proceed without free porn found online.

    So you close your eyes and try to replay your favorite porn scene (or porn GIF or porn pictures) in your mind. However, your memory of your favorite porn just doesn’t have the same arousing effect as watching porn so you decide to do something you never thought you’d be forced to do for the rest of your life: use your imagination to masturbate.

    And you’re lying there, desperately trying to think of something that will get you hard.

    All the classic scenarios are there…

    …Teacher and student…

    Boss and secretary

    Patient and nurse...

    Pizza delivery man and woman who ordered a pizza with no intention of eating it...

    But those classic masturbation fantasies do nothing for you, so you start to think of strange new masturbation fantasies for you to work with.

    Like for example, you’re in an elevator with an older woman when suddenly the elevator stops. In shock, the older woman keels over. She’s had a heart attack. You call for assistance right away but you’re both still trapped in the elevator. By the time emergency services arrive to release you from your mechanical grave, the older woman has died.

    Weeks later you find yourself in the same elevator but this time alone. Just as you’re thinking, “Imagine how much it would suck if this elevator got stuck again?”, the elevator screeches to a halt. The lights flicker.

    From out of nowhere, the older woman who died next to you in the same elevator emerges. She turns to you and says, “The last thing I wanted to do before I became a ghost was suck your dick to pass the time while we were in this elevator. I must fulfill this task if my spirit is to move on from this plain of existence.”

    So she drops to her knees, undoes your pants and you start to receive the best damn ghost blowjob of your life.

    Everyone resorts to weird masturbation fantasies at one point in their life. But wouldn’t it be great if we knew what weird masturbation fantasies our favorite pornstars had?

    Well, thanks to our friends over at PEEPERZ, we now know! They took the time to ask all our favorite pornstars (like Asa Akira, Kennedy Leigh, Brandy Aniston, Mischa Brooks, Bonnie RottenKendall Karson and more!) about their weirdest masturbation fantasies. Needless to say, it’s good fun to found out what gets off the girls that get off for a living.

    SPOILER ALERT: some of them are pretty weird. But it only serves to make our favorite pornstars hotter because it solidifies them as true freaks in the sheets.

    via PEEPERZ.

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  • Jayyce’s Erotic Fantasy

    Australia’s horniest graphic designer, Jayyce, took a trip to NYC.

    And like all trips to NYC, it was one big erotic fantasy. Let’s watch:

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  • Valentine’s Day poll extravaganza

    Cupid graphicsfairyred

    Cupid officially endorses

    I’m sorry to say that it’s that time of year again.

    We’ve barely recovered from our Christmas/New Year’s holiday bender and now Valentine’s Day is just around the corner. Yes, it’s that wonderful time of year where we are forced to buy discount chocolate, crappy cards, and lie through our teeth when we tell some poor sucker that we “love” them.

    Frankly, we don’t care much for Valentine’s Day. With such a talented cast, director Garry Marshall could have done a lot more with the movie (we think). As for the holiday itself, don’t even get us started on our problems with Valentine’s Day.

    Instead of a long-winded rant about Valentine’s Day (which may or may not be coming soon to The Blog), we’d much rather know more about your feelings by having you answer a bunch of questions.

    So please, be honest and vote in our Valentine’s Day poll extravaganza:

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  • The Search for the Sexiest Movie: The Girl Next Door

    If there’s one thing that we love it’s hardcore sex movies. But what kind of a website would we be if we only had one interest? For example, we love sexy mainstream movies, frivolous pursuits, and superlatives. So, we’d like to combine these three interests by presenting the first part of our new feature: The Search for the Sexiest Movie.

    And let’s start with a movie long thought by men of my generation to be the sexiest movie of all time, The Girl Next Door. (SPOILERS BELOW)

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  • Lesbian sex in jail cell gets RCMP in trouble

    Jail is a great place to meet a partner

    What prompted an investigation into the Kamloops RCMP, which determined four officers and three civilian guards acted “unreasonable” and “demonstrated a complete lack of professionalism?”

    Would you believe that it was their reactions to two female prisoners having sex in a jail-cell? Yes, for the second time this week we have a classic male (and perhaps female as well) fantasy that comes true with consequence.

    In August 2010, two women were being held in the drunk tank when the officers and guards allegedly watched them have sex on the security cameras. They were arrested separately but they were able to connect because they had intoxication in common.

    Unfortunately, the people watching didn’t realize that they were on camera also.

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