Farrah Abraham

  • Farrah Abraham Has New Blow-Up Doll and It’s Terrifying

    The more Farrah Abraham tries to get blood (i.e. money) from the stone that was her short-lived and over-reported career as a pornstar (not a celebrity who had a sex tape leaked!), the unless animosity I feel towards her.

    At the height of the Farrah Abraham porn video’s height, she was the bane of my existence. Every day, she was appearing somewhere to refute the claims that her “sex tape” was in fact a sex tape and not a regular porn video. To see her blatantly lie only to have people eat it up was infuriating.

    But ever since Farrah Abraham released that replica of her asshole, that animosity has been replaced by sadness. We are officially in the Sad Era of Farrah Abraham’s celebrity.

    Over the weekend, the Farrah Abraham Saga only got sadder with the release of the new Farrah Abraham blow-up doll because the doll looks like something straight out of your nightmares. If your first thought when seeing the Farrah Abraham blow-up doll is, “I want to stick my dick in there,” …you got problems, dude.  Continue Reading

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  • Farrah Abraham Dressed Up As Elsa From Frozen To Sell Her Asshole

    Erotic novelist. Tone-deaf singer. Reluctant pornstar. MILF minus the “I’d Like To Fuck”.

    These are the titles that come to mind whenever I think about Farrah Abraham.

    But now, she’ll always be the creepiest version of Elsa from Disney’s Frozen because Farrah Abraham was in an Elsa costume to sell molds of her vagina and asshole in Hollywood earlier this week.  Continue Reading

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  • Farrah Abraham Releases New Book, is Full of Herself

    Well, it’s been several weeks since we last reported on the life of pseudo-celebrity turned adult actress/not porn star/it was an unplanned sex tape, really, Farrah Abraham. What has she been up to other than rolling in piles of money and cackling maniacally?

    Writing books. Yup, she’s been writing a trilogy of erotic novels delving into her past and her career as a it’s-not-porn-actress. Although the books will almost certainly be pretty bad, and are probably not even written by Farrah, she’s been making the rounds promoting it regardless. Recently she did an interview with Huffington Post where she had some really pretentious and arrogant things to say about her acting career. My favourite quote is as follows:

    “A celebrity sex tape to me, outshines any other porn star, and any other person who makes porn. Lots of my friends make sex tapes. They can’t say, ‘Oh my God, I made a celebrity sex tape,’ and nobody even knows about it. So there’s a huge difference. And that’s just what society made of it. It’s not me, I don’t make these definitions, it’s just obvious.”

    Source: egotastic.com via alonzo on Sex.com

    ^not a pornstar

    Well, I don’t know how obvious it is that Farrah ‘outshines any other porn star’ personally, because I’ve watched the videos, for science, and there’s nothing exactly exciting about them other than the fact that you’re watching a pseudo celebrity. I think what Farrah intended to say was that, necessarily because of her celebrity, her film will get more mainstream exposure than a regular porn film, which is actually probably true.

    Unfortunately Farrah Abraham is now more famous for being an adult actress than she ever was for appearing on ‘Teen Mom.’

    The thing that really annoys me about the whole Farrah Abraham persona is that she’s totally unwilling to embrace and run with her character. Like, either shamefully deny that you ever did the porn tapes, or show regret because you’re a good religious mom, or totally run with it and be a sassy arrogant lady who talks down at other porn stars and think she’s the best in the world. There’s not really any room for middle ground here.

    Perfect example. What’s next for Farrah Abraham after her trio of erotic novels comes out? A book on Christian parenting. HAH. Like, whatever. See you in 2 months when you desperately try to make mainstream media headlines again.

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  • Top 10 Songs By Pornstars


    Farrah Abraham performs her debut single “Blowin”

    On Monday, Farrah Abraham proved to the world that she wasn’t just a terrible porn star, she’s also a terrible singer. Farrah Abraham’s new single “Blowin” is simply one of the worst songs I’ve ever heard. Then again, I wasn’t drunk or high on ecstasy when I first heard it so I’m not the song’s target demographic because the only way you could possibly enjoy this song is either being very drunk or high on ecstasy.

    So yeah, Farrah Abraham’s debut single is terrible. But at least she’s not alone! Lots of former pornstars have tried to break into the music industry after doing porn because…I guess they felt that the adult industry wasn’t as exploitive as they hoped so they decided to try music instead?

    Anyways, Farrah Abraham’s terrible song has inspired me to take a trip down memory lane and listen to the Top 10 Songs by Pornstars (from worst to best)Continue Reading

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  • Farrah Abraham Blows It With Debut Single


    Farrah Abraham, blowing it as usual.

    If there’s one thing I know about Farrah Abraham, it’s that she refuses to accept the fact that she has no talent and will never be famous for anything other than a teen pregnancy and pretending the porn she starred in was a real sex tape.

    I also know that she’s totally insane. So two things I know about Farrah Abraham.

    After the underwhelming release of her second “sex tape”, Farrah Abraham has given up trying to become a celebrity by doing porn and reality TV and is now trying to make it in the music industry.

    Yes. Farrah Abraham is a singer now. Her debut single is called “Blowin”, which is a poor title choice for anyone that wants to disassociate themselves from a brief stint in porn because all it makes me think of is that one time when she was blowin James Deen.  Continue Reading

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  • Farrah Abraham Second Sex Tape Trailer


    A taste of things to come…

    A 23 second trailer for Farrah 2: Back Door and More, the sequel to the Farrah Abraham sex tape that no one asked for, is now available online.

    You can watch it on Fishwrapper.com.

    Plus here are some censored stills (only censored pictures available right now, sorry) from Farrah Abraham’s second sex tape:  Continue Reading

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  • Farrah Abraham Sex Tape Sequel Coming Soon


    Are you freaking kidding me?

    After telling every tabloid in America that her sex tape ruined her life and getting caught in a lie on national television, Farrah Abraham has a brand new sex tape coming out on February 13th, 2014.


    Farrah Abraham’s second “sex tape” will be called Farrah 2: Backdoor and More, which I guess means Farrah will be doing anal again and more? The image you see above this text is the only visuals available from the video. Perhaps the “More” refers to the sex-swing that Farrah Abraham seems to be tangled up in.

    Obviously it’s extremely frustrating to hear a new Farrah Abraham sob-story every week about how awful pornography is, how she’s not a pornstar, and how her life has been ruined by chasing fame only to have her release a brand new porn video. At least this time around Vivid has finally dropped the whole “leaked” story and are finally willing to say that Farrah Abraham is more pornstar than celebrity.

    We have learned there isn’t anything shy about Farrah,” Vivid Entertainment CEO Steve Hirsch told the site.  “She repeatedly tells the media she’s not a porn star, but she sure acts like one both on and off the screen.”

    I  hope that people would figure out the whole thing was fake if a second “leaked” “sex tape” starring James Deen and Farrah Abraham. It’s better this way. Even though it’s still terrible.

    Farrah 2: Backdoor and More comes out next Thursday and I’ll be sure to share any photos or trailers that are made available until then so please make sure to check this sex blog every single day.

    In the meantime, just look at this picture of Farrah Abraham in a sex wing and ask yourself, “Do we really need any more Farrah Abraham in our lives?”


    Farrah 2

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  • Farrah Abraham Caught in “Sex Tape” Lie


    Farrah Abraham!

    On last night’s episode of Couple’s Therapy, Farrah Abraham (who is not in a relationship but could definitely use some therapy) was caught red handed lying about her “sex tape”.

    During a group therapy session, Farrah Abraham was pouring her heart out about how her sex tape has traumatized her. From months her story has been that she and world’s most famous male pornstar James Deen were dating (despite the fact that everyone knows James Deen and Stoya are dating). Farrah claimed that James Deen filmed the sex tape and leaked it behind her back.

    However, James Deen made it clear in April 2013 that the whole thing was a scheme in his interview with WetPaint. And though the facts of what actually happened are readily available, Farrah Abraham keeps sticking to her story.

    Until last night’s Couple’s Therapy where Farrah slipped up. Another group member asked her why there was a camera crew if it really was a homemade video, to which Abraham responds, “No there was not, there was only me and the camera person.”

    It’s the most awkward thing you’ll see. I suggest you watch it:

    So Farrah Abraham is either 100% delusional or just an insane liar. Either way, I hope that this little slip up is the end of Farrah Abraham.

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  • Farrah Abraham: Pornstar Turned Football Player?


    When is the Farrah Abraham-Football sex tape coming out?

    According to old labor data, the average American will have roughly seven careers in their lifetime.

    Farrah Abraham has already had two: reality TV star and pornstar.

    As many of you already know, Farrah Abraham has recently been desperate to put her career as a pornstar behind her. But in order to truly move on from a previous career, you need to find another career to fill the void left by your previous one (this is especially true if you’re a pornstar).

    Thankfully, Farrah Abraham has found a new career she seems passionate about and it doesn’t involve getting F’d in the A on a regular basis. It appears that Farrah Abraham is moving on from porn so that she can be a football player!

    Does that sound too ridiculous to be true? Well here are the pictures to prove it:       Continue Reading

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  • 2014 AVN Award Winners: The Porn Industry’s Favorite Porn

    Congrats Bonnie, Manuel, and Mia!

    Congrats Bonnie, Manuel, and Mia!

    I don’t like paying attention to awards this time of year because I feel people are too easily influenced by nominations and winning to actually form an opinion themselves.

    For example, last year when Argo won Best Picture at the Oscars, people stopped sharing their thoughts on the movie and instead say, “It won the Oscar.” But why does that matter to you? The old guard of the Hollywood elite decided that Argo was the best picture of 2013, not you. Your opinion is just as valid as theirs so why does an award supersede your opinion? Who cares about a little gold statuette?

    With that said, the AVN Awards were last week. The entire porn industry got together in Las Vegas, Nevada to celebrate the best porn from 2013.

    Now, I can’t guarantee that your favorite pornstar won anything. But that shouldn’t discourage you. Life’s not about winning awards and porn especially isn’t about awards. It’s about hot, graphic sex that we get online for free.

    So yeah, don’t blame me if your favorites didn’t win anything and don’t let it discourage you. Hopefully, the results of the 2014 AVN Awards will just introduce to new favorites.

    Anyways, here are the winners from the 2014 AVN Awards:  Continue Reading

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  • “The Sex Tape Ruined My Life” – Farrah Abraham


    Farrah Abraham

    Why can’t Farrah Abraham fade into obscurity like everyone else who has filmed a “celebrity sex tape”?  Continue Reading

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  • Babes of the Year 2013


    Kayden Kross & Stoya, two of 2013’s most popular babes.

    I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, democracy simply doesn’t work!

    I was thinking of letting you vote for your favorite babes of 2013, but then I got to thinking that a better indication of the most popular babes of 2013 would be to just look at which babes had the most views throughout the year.

    It’s like voting, but you weren’t conscious of it.

    Anyways, let’s see the Top 10 Babes of the Year 2013Continue Reading

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  • “Farrah Abraham Is Not A Pornstar,” Says Farrah Abraham


    Farrah “Not a Pornstar” Abraham

    In a recent interview with a UK publicationTeen Mom turned pornstar Farrah Abraham was asked what she considers to be the craziest rumor she’s ever heard about herself.

    Shockingly, Farrah Abraham said, ”

    “I think the most unbelievable rumor that has ever been said about me, and is still said, is that I’m a porn star when I’m not. It is a pet-peeve, but I just don’t listen to it.”

    “I think it’s outlandish that people think that of me.”

    Continue Reading

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  • Farrah Abraham Continues To Lie About Sex Tape

    Farrah Abraham sex tape

    Farrah Abraham

    Do you guys remember when Dana Dearmond (@danadearmond) tweeted:

    The hashtags and the time should be a dead giveaway that Dana Dearmond wasn’t being self-deprecating, she was taking a shot at Farrah Abraham.

    Why would Dana Dearmond go after Farrah Abraham? Because Dana Dearmond is a pornstar and pornstars don’t like celebrities who make sex tapes.

    Think about it. What if some pseudo-celebrity walked in to your place of work, did your job worse than you, but got tons of attention from everyone because they were doing your job and they got paid more than you. That would piss you off right? Well, that’s what happens when a celebrity makes a “sex tape”.

    I empathize with the frustration over celebrity sex tapes because I too am fed up with celebrity sex tapes. Not because they devalue the jobs of hardworking pornstars, what gets me is the public deception and blatant lies that come with celebrity sex tapes.

    Check out this excerpt from Farrah Abraham’s latest interview with Michael Musto:               Continue Reading

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  • Farrah Abraham Got New Boobs

    Farrah Abraham New Boobs

    Farrah Abraham holding her new implants prior to the surgery

    I know I promised there would be no more Farrah Abraham posts but…

    Backdoor Teen Mom, Farrah Abraham got new boobs on May 31st, three days after her 22nd birthday (22 is the minimum age for silicone implants). It’s her second boob job and her fourth cosmetic surgery in total.

    The latest issue of In Touch has photos documenting Farrah Abraham getting her new boobs. After the natural vs fake boobs debate yesterday on the Sex.com Blog, I want to show you what a breast enlargement surgery looks like. You know, freak out the guys that voted for fake boobs.

    Continue Reading

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  • Girls Gone Wild Creator Sex Tape

    This is Joe Francis, creator of Girls Gone Wild:


    Joe Francis

    This is Joe Francis‘s ex-girlfriend Abbey Wilson:   Continue Reading

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  • The Farrah Abraham Sex Tape Fallout

    Farrah Abraham

    Farrah Abraham

    I really hope that this is the last Farrah Abraham post ever on the Sex.com Blog.  Continue Reading

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  • Uncensored Farrah Abraham Sex Tape Pics

    Farrah Abraham sex tape

    Farrah Abraham

    With every passing day, we get closer and closer to seeing Farrah Abraham sex tape with porn superstar James Deen.

    TMZ was able to release some censored Farrah Abraham sex pictures last week, but we here at the Sex.com Blog have acquired some uncensored pictures from the sex tape. So let’s check them out:   Continue Reading

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  • Leaked Pics from Farrah Abraham’s Sex Tape!

    Farrah Abraham sex tape leaked

    Farrah Abraham

    I suppose by now everyone has heard that Farrah Abraham‘s sex tape is on its way.

    But again, I have to stress that this is not a real sex tape because it was produced by Vivid and it features James Deen as the male lead. It’s a real porn movie that they made, however it’s designed to look like a legitimate celebrity sex tape. Of course, anyone with an ounce of media literacy could see through it because of Steven Hirsch, Vivid, and James Deen’s involvement. Also, Farrah Abraham is not a real celebrity so it cannot be considered a celebrity sex tape.

    So no, the Farrah Abraham celebrity sex tape is just a regular porn movie that just happens to star a young MILF who once appeared on an MTV show.

    Now that I’ve cleared that up for you, let’s look at some screencaps from Farrah Abraham‘s adult movie debut acquired by TMZ: Continue Reading

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  • Farrah Abraham, Teen MILF

    Farrah Abraham

    Farrah Abraham

    Everyone’s been going crazy about the Farrah Abraham sex tape co-starring none other than the world’s favorite male pornstar James Deen. Continue Reading

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