• Dating Pornstars

    Did you check out the post Kelly Brook: Homewrecker” from earlier today? Well if you haven’t seen it yet, go look at because it has new Kelly Brook pictures and it’s also the inspiration for this what you’re about to read.

    I’ll wait until you’ve read it.


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  • How to find a porn doppelganger

    Everybody loves a porn doppelganger. Why? Because you don’t have to strain your imagination while fantasizing about hot sex with a sexy celebrity, an acquaintance you’d like to hook up with, the neighborhood MILF or an ex-girlfriend you only have vague memories of. You can just fill in the blanks while watching someone who looks similar have sex on camera.

    The only problem with a porn doppelganger is that they can be difficult to find. Luckily, reality porn company Naughty America has done some work on Naughty America FaceMatch, a free online service that matches porn stars to any user submitted photo.

    Naughty America FaceMatch

    Naughty America FaceMatch

    Let’s try it out and see how it works…

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  • Sex.com’s Christmas Gift Guide (Part 2)

    Thousands of years ago, the holiday we know as Christmas used to be a lot different…

    Christians everywhere would gather together for eight nights, from December 24th until the 31st, to light their Christian-Menoras to celebrate the birth of their Lord. However, this eight day form of Christmas was shockingly similar to the Jewish tradition of Hanukkah.

    To differentiate themselves from the Jews, St. Nicholas (the artist formerly known as Santa Claus) tabled a motion to turn Christmas from eight days of lights to one fabulous day of presents. The new Christmas was so popular, we continue to celebrate it today.

    However, when St. Nick came up with his “one day of presents” idea, there was very little variety in consumer goods. As time went on it became harder and harder to shop for people for Christmas. With so many great products available, the only way to shop is being told what to buy from a pornography website’s Blog.

    That’s why The Sex.com Blog is proud to present the second part of Sex.com’s Christmas Gift Guide (Part 2).

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