• Condoms In Porn: Does It Bother You?

    A few days ago, I was reading an XBiz special report called Porn & Condoms: Adult Industry Stands Divided, which obviously surmised the current, “Should condoms be mandatory on porn shoots?” debate within the porn industry.

    Since pornstar Cameron Bay contracted HIV, the debate has come to the forefront of industry news.

    The belief is that Cameron Bay wouldn’t have contracted HIV if condoms were mandatory on porn shoots.

    I’m not here to discuss whether or not condoms should be mandatory. If we were to talk about condoms in porn, I would say that Nina Hartley has it figured it out already. Nina opposes the mandatory condoms in porn, favouring a “condoms optional” policy.

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  • Boobs: Natural vs Fake

    You may remember a few weeks ago I was very upset to learn that most girls who sign up for SugarDaddy.com do so to pay for breast enlargement surgery.

    I’ve never been a fan of fake boobs. Maybe I was a fan of fake boobs before I had felt a real breast, but that was so long ago who can say.

    The general stance on fake boobs is that no one likes them. No one likes to admit a preference for fake boobs. But if there was a majority of girls getting sugar daddies to pay for new fake boobs, I started to wonder…how do people really feel about fake boobs?

    They were approximately approximately 296,000 breast augmentation surgeries in 2010 and they’re still the most common plastic surgery procedure.

    The only way to settle the fake vs natural boobs debate was to anonymously poll Sex.com users to see what they think. They look at more boobs than your average person so I feel like they’re an authority on the matter.

    So I asked, “Should Women Get Breast Enlargements?” (phrased that way to keep into account breast implants as a result of mastectomy) and over 6,500 Sex.com users responded.

    Here’s what they said:

    Screen Shot 2013 06 13 at 4 Boobs: Natural vs Fake





    63% (4,104 Sex.com users) voted that women should never get breast enlargements. Size is irrelevant, what matters is that the boobs are natural.

    I really can’t explain what the other 37% (2,423 Sex.com users) were thinking when they voted for “Yes. Everyone loves big boobs even if they’re fake.” Please, if anyone wants to explain the appeal of large, fake breasts to me in the comments I would genuinely appreciate because I just don’t get it.

    What’s important here isn’t the 37% that’s pro-fake boob, it’s that the majority of Sex.com users prefer natural boobs.

    This statistic goes against the porn industry wisdom that breast implants will attract more of an audience.

    All I can think of is the old story of how Digital Playground kept asking Stoya to get breast implants, going so far as to seat her next to a plastic surgeon at an awards show. Thank goodness Stoya declined but that kind of persistence indicates how important breast implants are viewed by the porn industry.

    Also, in Porno P.I.‘s (the regular feature where I try to find out what happened to your favorite retired pornstars) I’ve noticed that pornstars tend to retire shortly after they get breast implants. Of course, that’s not the case with every pornstar that gets breast enlargements, it’s just something that I’ve seen in the careers I’ve investigated. Strange isn’t it?

    Yet, 63% of people on a porn site don’t get down with fake boobs.

    I realize that a common reason for women to get breast implants is because they’re insecure with having small breasts. They view breast enlargement as confidence. But I just want women who feel insecure and that are considering getting breast implants to look at these numbers and know that they’re beautiful with their natural boobs, regardless of size.

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  • Couple Seeking Woman: The Needle in a Haystack

    Venice Bloggs and Ryan Bloggs are a husband and wife team that write one of the best sex blogs on the internet: FuckBlogging.com.

    I asked Venice Bloggs if she would be willing to do a guest post for us and she was nice enough to oblige. So please enjoy her take on the complications of finding a woman for a happily married threesome.

    On our blog, I’ve made it very clear that I was ready and willing to lose my “girlginity,” which basically means being with a woman sexually. But that doesn’t mean that because I’ve had a sexual awakening I’m ready to pounce on anything with a pair of hot tits and a pussy, and it certainly doesn’t mean I get a free pass to fuck any woman I want.  There’s a process, if you will, in seeking a woman who we will be allowing into our lives.  This complicated process would be akin to finding the proverbial needle in a haystack.

    By putting our business out there for the world to read and judge us by, I realize that I might be scaring off potential “partners,” but conversely, it will also allow me to broadcast my requirements, my prerequisites, and my standards – something everyone should do with every sexual partner in order to get as close to exactly what they want.  Be picky, don’t settle.   Continue Reading

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  • Nudie Magazines Facing Ban in UK

    Two feminists groups, UK Feminista and Object, have joined forces with a group of lawyers in the UK to try and enforce the Equality Act of 2010, which would ban retailers from selling sexy magazines featuring nude and semi-nude models.

    The campaign is called Lose the Lads’ Mags and they have issued a brief letter to the Guardian to inaugurate their effort. They wrote:   Continue Reading

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  • Where is pornstar Tiffany Thompson?

    Around this time last year, you couldn’t go on to Sex.com without seeing one of X-art’s most popular model, porn actress Tiffany Thompson.

    Tiffany Thompson‘s sexy pictures, videos, and GIFs were always being pinned, repinned, and was some of the most popular content on our site plus many other free porn sites. Internet porn had Tiffany Thompson fever.

    Slowly but surely, Tiffany Thompson‘s pictures, videos, and GIFs stranglehold on Sex.com and its loyal users loosened. She was still as sexy as ever but there was simply no new content of her. Had she disappeared like Nicole Ray, Ashlyn Rae, and Lexi Bloom?

    Well, that’s what we’re going to find out right now.

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  • Where is Pornstar Lexi Bloom?

    A few weeks ago, we (with the help of Mr. Pink) decided to find an answer to a question that had been plaguing us for several years: Where is Nicole Ray?

    All we could determine was that Nicole Ray had left the adult industry some time ago and all we were left with was a bunch of hot sex videos and sex pictures. Even though the results were pretty inconclusive, it was still worth trying to answer that question. Plus we got to re-watch our favorite Nicole Ray scenes.

    Now, every Tuesday we will be trying to find out the whereabouts of your favorite ex-pornstars. What are they up to now? Why did they leave the business?

    Last Tuesday we checked in with everyone’s favorite petite redhead Ashlyn Rae and today, at the request of one our loyal fans named Cunt Hands, we’re going find out whatever happened to Lexi Bloom. Continue Reading

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  • Twisty’s Treat of the Year 2013

    Twisty’s prides itself on having the hottest babes on the planet. You ought to know that already because all your favorite pornstars and models on Sex.com have posed for Twisty’s.

    But the problem with having so many hot babes, it’s hard to know where to start sometimes. That’s why once a month Twisty’s selects a Treat of the Month. Kind of like a spiritual leader or synecdoche for all the other hot babes on Twisty’s.

    Every year, they round up all their Treats and have the fans vote on the biggest babe so that they can be crowned Twisty’s Treat of the Year.

    As you know, we love babes. So if there’s a babe-election, we’re going to have something to say about it. Obviously, 2012’s Treat of the Year Taylor Vixen is a mega babe (who you can see above), but who of the Treats this year deserves to be Treat of the Year?

    Well, allow me to introduce you to all 12 of the nominees: Continue Reading

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  • Pinterest: The Pinterest of Porn

    The other day, I read an article on Gizmodo called “Not Safe For YouTube: How Google Draws the Line Between Porn and Art (NSFW)“. As the title suggests, the article addressed the fact that there is plenty of nudity on Youtube and it examined the way Youtube dealt with NSFW content.

    Essentially, Youtube guidelines say that any video that’s “intented to be sexually provocative” will most likely be removed. Before it’s removed, the video featuring inappropriate content must be flagged by an offended user, then reviewed by Youtube employees in different countries. If the Youtube employees decide that the nudity’s artistic merit outweighs a sexually provocative motivation, then an age gate will be put in place. Only when the nudity crosses the artistic line does the video get removed.

    This mature and sensible way of dealing with nudity on what is generally considered to be a SFW site made me want to revisit how nudity was being handled on another SFW site: Pinterest. Continue Reading

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  • Where Is Pornstar Ashlyn Rae?

    Last week, The Sex.com Blog teamed up with our friend Mr. Pink to try and find out what happened to one of our favorite pornstars, Nicole Ray.

    What we were able to determine was that Nicole Ray had left the adult entertainment industry.

    Over the course of our Nicole Ray investigation (which you can check out here), we also encountered another one of our favorite missing pornstars: Ashlyn Rae. And that got us wondering…whatever happened to Ashlyn Rae? So we’re back with another Porno P.I. to hopefully answer some lingering questions about favorite pornstars that don’t do porn anymore. Continue Reading

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  • The Best Site For Free Live Web Cams

    To be perfectly honest with you, I’ve never understood the appeal of live web cams. Maybe it’s because I spend 95% of my days on Sex.com looking at sex pictures and sex videos, I just don’t see why someone would just watch a sexy girl do sexy stuff on live web cams.

    But that’s just me. When I was 18, I became a sex picture and sex video man and I’ll die a sex picture and sex video man.

    Regardless of my preference, a friend of the blog hit me up and told me about a cool new site for live web cams. It’s called HackedPornstars.com and if you like live web cams, you’re going to like it. Continue Reading

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