• This Team Skeet Video is Totally Fucked Up in the Best Possible Way

    Team Skeet consistently crushes the competition with their porn videos. If you like watching hot teens get fucked, you can’t go wrong with a visit to Team Skeet.

    However, every now and then they put out a video that’s totally off the rails and down right weird (and sometimes even borderline offensive). They’re latest scene with the extra small sexy pornstar Hollie Mack is what you’d usually expect from Team Skeet, hot sex with a super cute teen pornstar, but with a weird, weird twist.

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  • Friday Fetish: Fucking with High Heels On

    I have no problem admitting that on more than one occasion I’ve tried wearing a pair of high heels. Sometimes a guy just wants to feel a bit classy when he auto-erotic asphyxiates himself in the mirror, you know?

    Anyways! If you’ve never worn high heels before, let me tell ya, it is a form of torture.  Continue Reading

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  • Friday Fetish: Hot Girls Wearing Glasses

    If there are any female Sex.com Blog readers that have always wanted to fuck me, let me just tell you right now that I’m not interested unless you wear glasses and that you like to wear your glasses during sex*.

    Why do I have such an obsession with hot girls wearing glasses? To be honest, I have no idea. But since it’s a slow news day, I figured this would be as good a time as any to get to the bottom of my glasses fetish.  Continue Reading

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  • How To Perform the Triple-Threat Job Like Fetish Goddess Sasha Foxxx

    What are you supposed to do when you can’t decide between giving a handjob, blowjob and footjob?

    Easy! You follow Fetish Goddess Sasha Foxxx‘s example and give the Triple-Threat Job!  Continue Reading

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  • An Interview with Handjob Hall of Famer & Fetish Star Sasha Foxxx!

    Earlier this year, our humble little porn blog went out on a limp and declared that fetish star and all around sex-pot Sasha Foxxx deserved to be in the Handjob Hall of Fame for her particularly scintillating handjob videos, GIFs and pictures that have made the rounds of the internet.

    Unfortunately, we ran into a few copyright issues and were forced to remove Sasha Foxxx’s induction to the Handjob Hall of Fame from the internet.

    That masterpiece of porn blogging is gone forever, we do have some good news…WE GOT TO INTERVIEW SASHA FOXXX!

    So while it does suck that Sasha Foxxx’s induction to the Handjob Hall of Fame is gone, talking about handjobs, footjobs and fetish modelling with the woman herself is 1 million times better.

    Enjoy our interview with Sasha Foxxx! Continue Reading

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  • Venus In Furs: A Little History In Two Parts

    Dan Singer is a dungeon master, film director and BDSM educational author at Wasteland and has been actively involved in the BDSM scene since 1975.  You can see more of his writings and films at Wasteland.com

    Part I

    Most people have a vague idea that sado-masochism (or as it is sometimes written, sadomasochism or sado/masochism) is named for two people; one of them into inflicting pain (sadism) and one of them into having pain inflicted (masochism). These two men are The Marquis de Sade, born in 1740 and author of many erotic writings including, most famously, Justine, about a man who enjoys inflicting pain upon his mistress. Leopold von Sacher-Masoch, born in 1880, also wrote erotic stories, the most famous of which was called Venus in Furs in which he describes being whipped by a woman while grovelling at her feet dressed in furs like a dog.

    The pleasure/pain dyad was certainly not unknown before this however; as far back as the Middle Ages, many Christian people flogged themselves as punishment during the plague. These “flagellants” took the Black Death to be a sign from God that the end of the world was near. They would process through the streets of towns, beating themselves with chains, rods and sticks, and scourging their flesh. They thought they could atone for their sins through pain, and be spared death by plague, or at the very least, gain God’s forgiveness before death in this way. Regardless of whether these flagellants felt sexual pleasure in this pain (and no doubt some of them did), they did take pleasure in the way their self-inflicted pain brought them closer to God. Continue Reading

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  • Luci Ford Will Give You A Food Fetish

    Despite possessing a love of food that has done irreparable damage to my digestive system and a love of sex that will surely lead to early onset arthritis in my hips, I must admit that I’ve never been a huge fan of food play.

    You’d think that if a person loves food almost as much as he loves sex, combining the two passions would be a match made in heaven. However, sexy food play has always resulted in disappointment for me. Years ago, I was sexually involved with a lady that couldn’t get off without having food smeared all over her slender, nude body. So if we were going to have sex, we’d have to wait an hour or so to melt enough chocolate to smear all over her body. And while that may sound hot in theory, the reality of it was tedious, messy, and a colossal waste of chocolate.

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  • Popeyes Fried Chicken Fetish

    Popeyes Fried Chicken Fetish? Now I’ve heard of everything!

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  • See-through or not, yoga pants are sexy

    Lululemon has recalled their “Luon” yoga pants because they have deemed too see-through, but isn’t that the point of yoga pants?

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  • Introducing the Home Dildo Maker!

    In part 4 of our Valentine’s Day Gift Guide, we told you about the Clone-A-Willy kit that lets you make dildo out of a real live penis.

    But really, do you really want to use a replica of the same boring old penis that struggles to get you off? Am I right, ladies?

    Well, thankfully Francesco Morackini has created the world’s first Dildo Maker so you can make cool new dildos right in your own home!

    Dildo Maker

    Dildo Maker

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  • Hentai explained

    If you’ve ever been confused by the weird world of Hentai, maybe this explanation will help you:

    Nope. Still don’t understand Hentai. I don’t want to pass judgement on anyone but even that guy who loves Hentai doesn’t even seem to get Hentai.

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  • Fetish Friday – Sploshing

    Domino is a stripper, camgirl, and phone sex operator but she also runs and writes The Domino Effect (dominoxxx.com).
    To help us explore all the weird fetishes of the world, she’s brought her weekly feature “Fetish Friday” to the Sex.com Blog. Enjoy!

    This Fetish Friday’s article is going to be quick and dirty. No pun intended. The topic is sploshing, also known as “wet and messy”.

    Sploshing refers to sex or sexual play that revolves around the use of food or food products, like chocolate sauce, ketchup and peanut butter. It can also involve non-food items, like mud, lotion or paint.

    I think it’s safe to assume that water, baby oil, and milk can also be included in this fetish. For some reason, the sight of milk dripping down someone’s body has always freaked me out.

    Then again, I can’t drink out of the same milk glass as another person, so maybe it’s just one of my many quirks. The messy stuff can be anywhere on the body, especially the face.

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  • Breaking down the Hillary Clinton sex video

    Hillary Clinton and a Panda?

    Hillary Clinton and a Panda?

    FreedomWorks, an influential Tea Party group, made a promotional video for a big conference. For some reason, the promotional video included a sequence that showed two female interns dressed up as Hillary Clinton and a Panda (the Panda represents bleeding heart liberals, by the way). Allegedly, the panda is seen on its knees giving Hillary Clinton a blowjob. Yes, a Hillary Clinton Panda sex video.

    Of course, it was never screened because that would be crazy. MotherJones broke the story this morning and people are outraged. But is it really that bad?

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