• How To Use A Fleshlight with Your Lover

    When it comes to male masturbatory aids, this porn blog can only endorse trying a Fleshlight.


    Because Fleshlights are the best male sex toy on the market. It’s really as simple as that.

    Whenever we’ve written about Fleshlights in the past, we’ve only written about it in terms of solo use. So it’s time that we correct our omission of couples play with Fleshlights. Though Fleshlights are a lot of fun to use on yourself when you’re alone, it’s even better when you use it with a lover for some unforgettable foreplayContinue Reading

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  • The 10 Strangest Sex Toys of the Year

    Sex toys have one purpose and one purpose only: make getting off even more fun.

    However, sexual satisfaction varies from person to person because we’re all beautiful, unique snowflakes. So sometimes…a sex toy designer will come up with a new sex toy that they’re convinced will help the sex positive adults of the world have a better time cumming, but when it’s unleashed on the world, the reception isn’t as warm as they hoped because it turns out the sex toy they’ve made is actually totally fucking weird.

    So far, 2014 has been an excellent year for weird sex toys. And since Black Friday is coming up and the Christmas season is upon us, we thought it would be a good idea to show you the 10 Strangest Sex Toys of the Year, so you know not to stuff your significant other’s stocking with these weird sex toys.  Continue Reading

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  • Everything You Need To Know About Angela White’s New Fleshlight

    Last month, Fleshlight announced that busty, Australian porn sensation Angela White was the latest pornstar to get her anatomy molded for your pleasure by offering fans a chance to win a date with the big titted wonder from down under. Today, they’ve made their partnership official by releasing Angela White’s signature Fleshlight.

    Since we’re both Fleshlight aficionados and huge Angela White fans, we figure it would be a good idea to tell you everything you need to know about Angela White’s new Fleshlight (but were too afraid to ask).  Continue Reading

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  • Farrah Abraham Dressed Up As Elsa From Frozen To Sell Her Asshole

    Erotic novelist. Tone-deaf singer. Reluctant pornstar. MILF minus the “I’d Like To Fuck”.

    These are the titles that come to mind whenever I think about Farrah Abraham.

    But now, she’ll always be the creepiest version of Elsa from Disney’s Frozen because Farrah Abraham was in an Elsa costume to sell molds of her vagina and asshole in Hollywood earlier this week.  Continue Reading

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  • Fleshlight Wants You To Win A Date With Busty Australian Pornstar Angela White

    Fleshlight is the sex toy for men that just keeps on giving. First they saved us from fucking those miserable homemade sex toys and now they’re trying to hook you up with busty Australian pornstar Angela White!  Continue Reading

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  • My Date With A Fleshlight

    A few days ago, the Sex.com Blog staff was lucky enough to receive a big box of “Man Toys” from our friends at Fleshlight. Just look at this big box of treasure packed with care from the good people at FleshlightContinue Reading

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  • 4 Simple Tips To Last Longer In Bed

    Whenever a man has a question about sex, you can bet big money that it’s going to be either one of these two sex questions:

    1. “How can I make my penis bigger?”
    2. “How can I last longer in bed?”

    These are the two most common questions sex experts are asked by men (though often they might be worded differently). Why? Probably because having a small penis and cumming too quickly are generally thought of as emasculating.

    Last month, we established why having a big dick isn’t so great and now I’d like provide some reassurance for my fellow by sharing 4 simple tips to last longer in bed. Are you ready to stop worrying about cumming too soon and love having marathon sex? Then pay attention!  Continue Reading

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  • The Best Homemade Sex Toy EVER, Reviewed

    Earlier this month, a Youtube tutorial titled “how to make the best homemade sex toy EVER” blew up on the internet. The video has garnered over 1.5 million views and was featured on Jezebel and BroBible.

    As far as Youtube tutorials go, it was probably the creepiest one we’ve ever seen.

    The video is totally silent with an unusually inconsistent frame rate. The visuals and the annotations explain how you can make the best homemade sex toy EVER. All you need is a couple of tube socks, a latex glove, a rubber band, a blanket, something fluffy like a mattress pad, some seat belts or rope and absolutely no self-respect. Watch the video below in case you haven’t seen it yet.

    Continue Reading

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  • Fleshlight Do’s And Don’ts

    For those of you that aren’t yet in the know, masturbating with your hand is so 1997. When Steve Shubin was granted a patent for Fleshlight in 1998, he found a better way to masturbate that’s benefited millions of men around the world. Why would you give yourself a handjob to get off when you could be simulating sex with a life-like vagina, mouth or ass that can be discreetly hidden as an oversized flashlight?

    Even though using a Fleshlight makes masturbating with your hand completely obsolete, there are still some men afraid to take the plunge. In order to help you see the light and have more fun masturbating with a Fleshlight, we’ve decided to tell you about the Do’s and Don’ts of proper Fleshlight use. Ready to find out how you can be having more fun while masturbating?


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  • Two New Jenna Haze Fleshlights Now Available For 25% Off & Free Shipping!

    Jenna Haze hasn’t shot a porn scene since 2011, yet three years later she’s still one of the most popular pornstars on the internet.

    Given that the world of internet porn has such a short attention span, always craving new girls, how has this girl managed to stay on top? Not only stay on stop but have a fan base that’s been growing consistently? Well, I have one theory…


    Continue Reading

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