• “No I Won’t Be Your Fluffer” by Holly Randall

    Before Holly Randall was the best erotic photographer in the world, she wrote a column for the old Sex.com. I asked Holly if I could rerelease some of her old columns (which thankfully she still had) and she was on board.

    Please enjoy this very special blog post written by the one and only Holly Randall.

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    It may sound funny to suggest that a pornographer has moral boundaries, but I do have certain lines that I won’t cross. But the day came when I’d reached one of those lines — one I really didn’t want to cross. At this moment, it appeared that either I was going to have to compromise my integrity, or I was going to lose money on a failed photo shoot. What’s disturbing is that I was almost prepared to do the former.

    I was shooting a centerfold for Playgirl magazine, and what I’d always dreaded, but what I’d always suspected, had happened. The model, expecting some kind of female fluffer on set, discovered that I was to be the only girl present that day. Yes, I was the photographer, but why couldn’t I perform double-duty?

    “You know Holly, you’re going to have to fluff me today,” Continue Reading

    August 1, 2013 • Sex, Sex News • Views: 2677