• Learn Foreplay from This Jillian Janson and Kassondra Raine Video

    You’d be amazed by the amount of emails I receive on a daily basis from distraught men wanting to learn what the fuck foreplay is. It’s concerning since foreplay is just the sexual activity that precedes intercourse. Does this mean that men around the world, specifically those that read this free porn blog/sex blog, are having sex without any kissing, caressing and teasing before hand? They’re just sticking their dicks into dry pussies? Yikes.

    Nubile Films just released this new video titled “Foreplay” featuring bombshells Jillian Janson and Kassondra Raine. It’s quite possibly the best illustration of building tension necessary for quality sex. So watch it and you might finally learn foreplay! If not, at least you got to see Jillian Janson and Kassondra Raine have very erotic lesbian sex.  Continue Reading

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  • Sex Games, Ranked

    Valentine’s Day is only 9 days away!

    I don’t know what you’ve got planned. Maybe a fancy dinner? Maybe a romantic vacation? Maybe get blackout drunk at the shitty karaoke bar?

    Whatever you got planned for Valentine’s Day, I’d like to suggest that you make time to play a sex game once you get home.

    Playing sex games are the perfect way to inject some spice into your foreplay/sex life.

    Though you can’t really go wrong with any of these sex games, we ranked them from worst to best anyways.  Continue Reading

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  • How To Use A Fleshlight with Your Lover

    When it comes to male masturbatory aids, this porn blog can only endorse trying a Fleshlight.


    Because Fleshlights are the best male sex toy on the market. It’s really as simple as that.

    Whenever we’ve written about Fleshlights in the past, we’ve only written about it in terms of solo use. So it’s time that we correct our omission of couples play with Fleshlights. Though Fleshlights are a lot of fun to use on yourself when you’re alone, it’s even better when you use it with a lover for some unforgettable foreplayContinue Reading

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  • Misconceptions People Still Have About Foreplay

    What even is foreplay? If you don’t know this, you need to find out right now. Foreplay is every little tease and move you make to increase sexual arousal. It came as a surprise to me this weekend to find out that there are people- people that have been having sex for years, let me add- that still don’t know the definition of foreplay or that these few misconceptions I’m about to tell you about are wrong.  Continue Reading

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  • Top 10 Most Annoying Things Girls Do During Sex

    Yesterday, my esteemed colleague Red Velvet put together an excellent list of the hottest things girls do during sex in hopes of encouraging more women to do these things we like so much during sex. If you haven’t seen it yet, check it out right now: Top 7 Hottest Things a Girl Does During Sex.

    But RV’s article reminded me that while there are a lot of great things a girl can do during sex, there are also some really annoying things that need to stop.

    So listen up ladies! These are THE TOP 10 MOST ANNOYING THINGS GIRLS DO DURING SEX.

    Continue Reading

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  • How To Give A Handjob That Doesn’t Suck



    Handjobs have always been totally overrated. Men will gladly accept a handjob when offered one but it’s definitely low on our list of sexual acts. But isn’t it strange that handjobs are so universally hated even though a handjob is almost exactly like masturbation, which universally loved? The only difference is that instead of jerking yourself off, some lovely lady was nice enough to do it for you. I’ve started to think that handjobs don’t deserve the bad reputation they’ve received. So to rebrand handjobs as something awesome, here are a few tips on how to give a handjob that doesn’t suck.   Continue Reading

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  • Afterplay Tips – Sex Doesn’t Have To End With An Orgasm

    What? You're just going to fall asleep?

    What? You’re just going to fall asleep?

    Sex is a lot like air travel when you think about it.

    Dating is a lot like going through airport security because it’s a long tedious processes to determine whether or not you’re a threat. Foreplay is a lot like take-off because you need to warm up the engines and taxi to the runway. And finally sex is flight because it’s the main event.

    But for this analogy to work, what would landing be? Landing would be the often forgotten act of afterplay.

    Afterplay is just like foreplay but it occurs after sex. Afterplay just gives a nice denouement to sex and more often than not it leads to more sex.

    Of course, don’t beat yourself up if you’ve neglected afterplay. I know most of your understanding of sex comes from watching porn which 99% of the time it ends with the orgasm, so how were you supposed to know about afterplay? Hell, afterplay doesn’t even have a Wikipedia article.

    Next time you have sex, don’t let it end with the orgasm. Fight the urge to roll over and fall asleep and try some of these afterplay ideas for better, balanced, and possibly more sex.  Continue Reading

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  • Skipping Foreplay



    Why does everyone say “don’t skip foreplay”?

    It’s totally impossible to skip foreplay.

    Ms Nix, of, invited me to her site to talk about the impossibility of skipping foreplay. If you’re the type to try and skip foreplay, you need to go read this right now:

    The Impossibility of Skipping Foreplay

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  • Good Touch: Erogenous Zone Behind the Knees

    sexy ass hot g-string pic erogenous zone

    I know it’s hard not to stare at that ass but try to focus on the back of the knees

    Because we started to run out of sex positions for you to try in our recurring sex tip,Try This Sex Position, we’re starting another sex tip series on the Blog called Good Touch: Your Guide to Erogenous Zones. (We are open to changing the name. Maybe to Know Your Zone? Please suggest something in the comments)

    A lot of men think that the best way to turn a woman on is to jump straight to the clitoris and start playing with it. Playing with the clitoris is something you eventually want to do but it’s so sensitive that playing with it right away could be more uncomfortable than arousing. So if the clitoris is off limits, what the heck are you supposed to do to put a lady in the mood?

    Oprah says that good foreplay starts in the morning. Make her breakfast, tell her she looks nice, etc. But that’s all well and good for Oprah, but what are we supposed to do when the foreplay escalates to touching and we can’t flick the clit like we’re used to.

    Luckily, the human body is covered in secret erogenous zones that when properly stimulated can arouse women with orgasmic results. Last time you learned that a woman’s back was one of her secret erogenous zones. Today, we’ll be looking one of the weirdest erogenous zones known to man: the back of the knee.  Continue Reading

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  • Fundawear: The Future of Foreplay?


    App Controlled Underwear for arousal? Sure, why not?

    Would you wear underwear made by a condom company? The answer is obviously no because you should not be wearing underwear in the first place. Always go commando.

    However, Durex has developed a new kind of underwear called Fundawear (get it? “Fun-underwear” or “Fun-to-wear”) and they believe it will be the future of foreplay.

    But what’s so fun about Durex’s Fundawear?

    Continue Reading

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  • See Rihanna’s nude paparrazi pics

    If you follow Rihanna on instagram or twitter, you’ve already come very close to seeing her nude. You also will have come close to seeing Rihanna nude if you’ve seen any of her music videos, album covers, press photos, etc. She’s always almost always exposed and we love her for it.

    Now we have the great pleasure of sharing with you some paparazzi photos of Rihanna nude, changing out of her bikini. Continue Reading

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  • World’s Heaviest Living Woman loses weight through marathon sex


    Marathon sex

    Last year, Pauline Potter of Sacramento, California, was crowned the world’s heaviest living woman by Guinness World Records. It’s not as cruel as it sounds, it was her idea. By being award world’s heaviest living woman, her plan was to use the shameful publicity to lose weight. When you weigh 643 pounds, you’ve probably tried a few different ways of losing weight so public shame is worth a shot.

    The good news for Pauline Potter is that she is losing weight, she’s already lost almost one hundred pounds, which is impressive considering her mobility issues. According to the Huffington Post, she doesn’t eat 10 000 calories a day anymore (as a frame of reference the average woman’s daily caloric intake is 1940). Though her eating habits have improved, she credits the weight loss to the marathon sex she’s been having after being reunited with her ex-husband (which is impressive considering her mobility issues). Continue Reading

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