• Predicts FIFA 2014 Winner

    Some coaches believe that professional soccer players should be celibate during tournaments, because, as the age-old wisdom suggests, celibacy is a performance enhancement.

    Basically, all that copped up sexual energy, instead of shooting that out of your dick, well, could be shot into a goal. Yeah.

    At the office, people are rooting for different teams and bickering at each other – so to settle it once and for all, we decided to check out traffic analytics, and determine which of the 10 favorite teams is more susceptible to win, based on how damn horny it is as a nation.

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  • French Women Prefer Chocolate Over Sex

    What do we think of when we think of French women?

    We think of full lips painted with bright red lipstick.

    We think big round, black sunglasses that compliment their face but still leave enough mystery to know that we’re attracted to them but we’re curious to see more.

    We think of unkempt armpit hair, that would normally be shocking and kind of gross, but somehow they pull it off.

    Mostly what we think of when we think of French women is that they have historically been the world’s best lovers, just oozing with sex appeal solely because they speak that sweet, sweet language.

    Unfortunately for us, and all French men, a new survey has concluded that French women just aren’t that interested in sex anymore.

    When asked to rate sex and food as catalysts for well-being, French women and men both gave food a 7.1 on a scale from 0 to 10.  Makes sense because your diet can affect your mood, energy levels and overall well-being. And if you don’t eat any food, you’ll die of starvation. So 7.1 is a fair rating.

    However, when rating sex, French men gave it a 7.5 whereas French women only gave sex a 6.7.

    Chocolate, cheese and foie gras topped the league table of happiness, the poll found. Women proved more likely to cite chocolate or strawberries and men more often plumped for meatier options like foie gras and steak.

    On top of that, the Harris Interactive poll found that when given the option of cutting back on either food or sex, French women were more willing to cut back on sex than food. Of course, French men didn’t hesitate for a second on cutting back on food.

    And it gets worse. 72% of French women said that it’s worse to have a sexual partner that’s bad in bed than a partner that’s a bad cook.

    So not only are French women not all that interested in sex anymore, they especially don’t like it when men are bad at sex. What are we supposed to go? I guess keep the house stocked with chocolate? According to the poll, it’s the only thing that they want.

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  •’s Christmas Gift Guide 2013 – La Tour Est Folle

    Welcome back to another edition of’s Christmas Gift Guide 2013. 

    All year long I’ve been keeping an eye on the best sexy gifts and now that it’s time for everyone to give and receive, I’m going to tell you about the best sexy gifts that you can give this holiday season.

    I don’t know about you but my wife hopelessly asks for a trip to Paris every Christmas. Obviously I can’t afford to send her to Paris, so I’m going to get her a little piece of Paris that she’ll love.

    It’s called La Tour Est Folle and it’s a sex toy shaped like the Eiffel Tower! Have a look: Continue Reading

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  • Go Bra-Less for Sexier Boobs



    The French are good at many things. Fashion, cheese, cigarettes, wine, cowardice. But above all these special skills, the French have always been great scientists.

    Where would we be today if France had not produced great scientific minds like Pasteur, Becquerel, or the Curies?

    Well today, it came to my attention that there is another great French scientist that deserves our full respect. His name is Professor Jean-Denis Rouillon. And what is his contribution to the French scientific tradition?

    Professor Rouillon has found after a 15 year study that wearing bras makes boobs saggier.

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  • What porn is the world watching?



    Everybody is all excited about this new Pope, but frankly I don’t get it. So an old man took another old man’s job? The economy is tough everywhere.

    Thankfully, PornMD has violated the privacy of millions and created one of the most interesting sex/porn infographics we’ve ever seen. They broke down the fapping habits by U.S. state and country to show everyone the top 10 most common searches in the last six months. “Milf”, “teen”, “college”, and “asian” were the most common across the United States.

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  • French Lingerie company celebrates boobs

    French lingerie company, Valege Lingerie has a new ad campaign called “Finally Together” that celebrates the togetherness of breasts. Because really, boobs should come in pairs. One isn’t enough. Three is awkward. Two is just right.

    Let’s all celebrate the togetherness of breasts by watching these CGI boobs squeeze themselves against each other.

    Finally Together – Dock

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  • Sex caught on Google Store View


    Google man capturing stores

    When Google launched Store View in 2010, the feature of Google Maps that allows people to have all the fun of browsing around a store without buying anything from the comfort of their computer screen, it was predictably less hilarious or interesting than Google Street View.

    *Why not look at Mashable’s Top 28 Google Street View Sightings?

    It took a while but finally we have some candid hilarity on Google Store View (thanks for the tip, Gawker).

    While capturing skate and snowboard store Krakatoa in Briançon, France, one of Google’s cameramen accidentally caught a couple having sex in a dressing room.

    Well, we presume they are having, about to have, or just had sex because all we can see are two pairs of legs with underwear around the ankles. What other possible reason would there be for going into a change room with someone? It’s not to try on clothes! That’s for damn sure.

    Let’s take a look:

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  • Chico Dusty’s bonus Top 10 French Girls


    Brigitte Bardot, the ultimate French babe

    Today is La Fête Nationale, or Bastille Day, in France today. Chances are you didn’t know that. And if you did know, chances are you probably don’t care. Let me tell you, you should know and you should care. If it weren’t for France, we wouldn’t have French girls.

    Is there any type of girl more desirable than a French girl? They just have a certain…I don’t know what*…

    Maybe it’s their accents, both in English or in French. Maybe it’s their fashion sense. Maybe it’s the casual nudity. Maybe it’s the chain smoking. Maybe it’s the taste of wine in their mouths at any hour of the day. Maybe these are just old stereotypes that are completely untrue but I’m too busy salivating over them to notice.

    Who knows really? The allure of the French girl is one of life’s great mysteries.

    Who cares really? It’s La Fête Nationale so let’s celebrate it by gawking at some of the sexiest girls that France has to offer in this special weekend Top 10


    *Do I mean, “je ne sais quoi”?

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