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  • Mr. Marcus Named as Source of Syphilis Scare

    Mr. Marcus will no longer be known for his trademarked wearing a hat during a sex scene. That will be superseded by being the source of the porn industry’s 2012 syphilis scare.

    Mr. Marcus, as usual, wearing a hat

    He made a public apology at his San Fernando office with representatives from the Free Speech Coalition for altering the results of his STI test after he tested positive for syphilis.

    In an emotional interview with XBIZ, Mr. Marcus admitted to making mistakes in the last few weeks but didn’t feel like he was endangering anyone while he was performing between July 24th and August 8th.

    On July 12th, Mr. Marcus received his positive test result and was administered a penicillin shot the following day. He was told not to have sex for seven to ten days.

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  • Syphilis Scare to Halt Filming

    The Free Speech Coalition, a porn trade group is calling for a nationwide, temporary moratorium on production. A performer came forward with having syphilis, which motivated this decision. The group is calling on all performers to get tested as well as receive preventative antibiotic shots.

    The dreaded swap

    Porn giant Manwin shut down production on Friday in the interest of protecting their performers. Manwin has also agreed to cover the costs of the preventative shots along with: Evil Angel, Girlfriend Films,, Vivid Pictures, and Gamma Entertainment.

    Performers who have test negative for STIs will be allowed back to work 10 days after receiving the shot.

    Luckily, syphilis can be treated with one shot of penicillin if a person has had it less than a year. Additional doses are necessary if it has been longer but syphilis is still curable.

    Last year, a performer tested HIV-positive and production was shutdown for nearly a week. The result turned out to be a false positive.

    For the health of the industry, we hope all performers get tested and get their shots. While we wait to see how this moratorium plays out, we would like to remind you that you can always view some of your old favorite sex pictures and sex videos on


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