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  • Nick Hunter Discharged from Navy ROTC

    Nick Hunter

    Andrew Koch is facing discharge from the U.S. Reserve Officers Training Corps for performing in gay adult films under the name Nick Hunter.

    On July 27th, he was placed on involuntary leave while a Navy Personnel Review Board investigated “an alleged serious moral offense that brings discredit upon the naval service.”

    Hunter then responded with a letter where he stated he, “never meant to disrespect the Navy, never appeared in uniform, and never associated his private work in pornography with the Navy in any way.”

    However, Hunter’s letter did not dissuade the Navy one bit. Last week they ruled that his porn career was inconsistent with what the Navy deems morally acceptable and he must now pay back all tuition and educational expenses from his NROTC scholarship. Hunter is currently in his third year of a four year scholarship and the amount he’ll have to pay back is roughly $26,000.

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  • “One Million Moms” Say Skittles Promotes Bestiality

    Let me clarify, “One Million Moms” believe that a new Skittles commercial promotes bestiality. Bestiality is not explicitly promoted or a side-effect of eating Skittles (or so we think). Anyways, the commercial features a young woman making out with a walrus named Bobby. In case you didn’t know, Skittles’s new image is “zany”.

    I’m guessing that most of you just kind of shrugged it off as sort of funny idea that was about 30 seconds too long (the commercial itself has a running time of 31 seconds). But “One Million Moms” felt differently. Here’s the official statement from their website:

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  • vs the Games of the XXX Olympiad

    Olympic sex-symbol Federica Pellegrini

    Can you believe that the 2012 Summer Olympiad are only two days away? I can almost hear the angry sighs of the whole world as we all gather in front of our TVs to be bored by some track and field event. What can be done to make the games more interesting? They can start by embracing the debauchery of the Olympics. It’s a shame that we couldn’t get to this sooner because the London Games are the thirtieth Olympiad making their official name the Games of the XXX Olympiad*.

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