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  • Your Weekend Free Porn Playlist: April 17th, 2015

    Good news! We made it through another week! Job well done everyone!

    As a reward for making it through yet another week, here is Your Weekend Free Porn Playlist for April 10th, 2015.

    Don’t waste your weekend trying to find free porn worth watching. We’ve already found it for you!

    Thank you for your continued support of The Blog. Here now are the 7 hottest free porn videos from the past week.  Continue Reading

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  • The 10 Hottest Lesbian Porn Pairings of 2014

    There’s only one thing that we like better than watching a hot pornstar cum all over a big, hard cock and that’s watching hot pornstars get off from some scintillating lesbian sex.

    I must admit that lesbian porn is my favorite genre of porn videos because I love pornstars and lesbian porn, by definition, must feature at least two gorgeous pornstars making each other cum.

    For me, good lesbian porn all starts with the casting. 99% of girls who do lesbian porn are already hot. In order to keep your attention for more than a minute to check out their hot bodies, lesbian porn videos need chemistry between its stars.

    Does this crackpot lesbian porn theory make any sense to you guys?

    The point is this: great lesbian porn videos start with pairing the right pornstars with each other. This year, we saw a lot of sexy pornstar pairings in lesbian porn videos, but for the sake of our on-going Best of 2014 series, here are the top 10 hottest lesbian porn pairings of 2014! (Really though, this could have easily been a top 100). Continue Reading

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  • Faye Reagan Top 10: 10 Best Faye Reagan Movies of All Time


    Faye Reagan!

    I’m going to level with you…I don’t know a damn thing about the Irish and I have no idea why there’s a parade happening right now.

    Everyone at the office has been trying all day to explain St. Patrick’s Day to me but I just don’t get it.

    All I know is that someone said, “Red hair and freckles,” and the only thing that came to mind was busty, redhead Faye Reagan.

    I’ve been told that a Faye Reagan Top 10 would be a good fit for St. Patrick’s Day, but I don’t care. I’ve been looking for an excuse to show you my Top 10 favorite Faye Reagan movies, so I might as well do it today on St. Faye Reagan’s Day. So enjoy this Faye Reagan Top 10!  Continue Reading

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  • Lesbians React To Lesbian Porn

    stoya Kayden Kross lesbian sex

    Two straight porn stars, Stoya and Kayden Kross, pretend to lesbians for your enjoyment.

    Who watches lesbian porn?

    For the most part lesbian porn is watched by straight men and straight women. Why?

    Well, straight women tend to prefer lesbian porn because the focus of the porn video is on the woman’s pleasure rather than the man’s. Regular straight porn can be a turn off to straight women because the way women are treated can sometimes be interpreted as violent or degrading.

    And as I’ve already said, you can’t underestimate the end of the scene is always the man cumming on the woman’s face, with little emphasis on a real orgasm from the woman. When watching porn, straight women prefer two or more gals hanging out, having fun, and hopefully actually orgasming.

    Straight men like lesbian porn because straight men love women. Lesbian sex just looks better because there are two beautiful women doing sexy things instead of one. It’s just simple math. There’s also the thought that straight men like lesbian porn because there are no naked men in on the screen. I can’t endorse this because there are some homophobic undertones in this explanation and I can’t get down with homophobia, even when it’s just in the undertones.

    So if straight women and straight men are the main groups watching lesbian porn, what do real lesbians think of lesbian porn?

    Well, Davey Wavey, the globe-trotting gay Youtube and fitness guru (self-proclaimed) got a bunch of real lesbians together to watch some lesbian porn and share their thoughts on the matter. Let’s check out their reactions:   Continue Reading

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