• Last Night on Girls: Allison Williams Got a Rimjob

    HBO’s Girls was once an incredibly divisive show. You either loved it or you hated it. No matter how you felt about the show, you without a doubt felt compelled to convince people that your feelings on the show were the correct ones.

    Four seasons into their run, the campaigning either for or against Girls has subsided. I guess people have finally accepted that it’s OK for people not to like all the same shows.

    Your feelings about the show are totally irrelevant and don’t mean shit. That said, I do want to call to your attention that Allison Williams did get her ass eaten on Girls season premiere last night. So…that’s pretty cool.  Continue Reading

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  • Sexy GIF of the Week: Rihanna Twerking In See-Through Dress

    Much has been made about the see-through dress Rihanna wore to that show where she got some kind of gala where she was given an award for her sense of style.

    The Independent wrote upon seeing Rihanna’s see-through diamond dress:

    Rihanna, so fond of risqué dress, is using her body to cling on to her career – as are her management. She has a fine voice, but that’s not what’s being used to sell her. She is a beautiful girl who looks great naked so she’s being marketed like a soft porn star instead of a musical artist.

    Honestly, is that really a problem? Popular music has always put looks over musical talent. Why else would we accept a whole genre full of singers that don’t even write their own songs and have an army of producers to clean up every imperfection in the performance?

    Why The Independent felt the need to attack Rihanna for wearing a see-through dress is totally bizarre. Stranger is the fact that she wore the see-through dress to accept an award for her boundary-pushing fashion. When you accept an award for boundary-pushing fashion, you can’t just show up in a boring ass ball gown. You have to wear something crazy like a dress made out of crystals that’s totally see-through!

    Oh my, it just occurred to me that some of you might not have seen the dress yet. Lucky for you, users were all over it:

    Source: via fucker08 on

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    Aside from that weird gypsy headband, pretty awesome dress, right?

    Well you ain’t see nothing until you’ve seen Rihanna twerk in that see-through dress!

    First, watch the Instagram video of Rihanna twerking in the see-through dress:

    Yeah girl!

    I don’t know about you but I could watch Rihanna twerk in that see-through dress for hours on end. Thankfully, we can because someone turned it into a GIF! And we have no choice to declare this GIF of Rihanna twerking SEXY GIF OF THE WEEK!

    Source: via youngchop on

    Way to go RiRi.

    May all your clothes be see-through from here on out.

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  • The Dance Moves That Women Are Most Attracted To


    Malena Morgan demonstrates dance that men find most attractive (topless dancing).

    When it comes to attracting women, I’ve always been handicapped by my hatred of dance. I’m a man of limited grace so I prefer to save the few moves I have for the bedroom. Better to blow a babe away in bed rather than blow your load on the dance-floor.

    But it’s cool because as a expert sexpert, attracting women is so easy for me that I need some handicap so that I can better relate to you guys.

    Anyways, dancing! Dancing with a woman is an excellent way of attracting her because it’s pretty much form of foreplay. You’re up close, sweaty, grinding your junks together. It’s impossible not to get turned on!

    But what dance moves should you be doing to attract women? It’s a question that’s plague uncoordinated schmucks like you and me, but thankfully a group of evolutionary biologists claim to have figured out exactly which dance moves that women are most attracted to.  Continue Reading

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  • How To Give A Handjob That Doesn’t Suck



    Handjobs have always been totally overrated. Men will gladly accept a handjob when offered one but it’s definitely low on our list of sexual acts. But isn’t it strange that handjobs are so universally hated even though a handjob is almost exactly like masturbation, which universally loved? The only difference is that instead of jerking yourself off, some lovely lady was nice enough to do it for you. I’ve started to think that handjobs don’t deserve the bad reputation they’ve received. So to rebrand handjobs as something awesome, here are a few tips on how to give a handjob that doesn’t suck.   Continue Reading

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  • Jada Stevens Is Off Twitter (But Still A Pornstar)


    Jada Stevens

    Following pornstars on Twitter can be kind of a pain because it limits the locations where you can check Twitter. At least for me it does. For some reason, I’m just not comfortable looking at ass selfies on my phone while a bunch of mouth-breathers beside me on the bus be peeping my screen.

    That said, following pornstars on Twitter is awesome because eventually you’ll get to see some homemade topless pictures or pussy pictures that can’t be seen anywhere else. It’s like free amateur porn made by your favorite pornstars.

    Sadly, one of the best pornstars to follow on Twitter, Ms Jada Stevens, is no longer on Twitter.

    No more Jada Stevens on Twitter? What could that possibly mean? Could it be that Jada Stevens, the woman with the best ass in porn, is gearing up for retirement?   Continue Reading

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  • Top 10 Things To Do If You’re Alone On Valentine’s Day


    Happy Valentine’s Day!

    Valentine’s Day sucks.

    It sucks when you’re in a couple but it especially sucks when you’re single because you’re alone. At least when you’re dating someone, you’re both having a miserable Valentine’s Day together.

    So yeah, Valentine’s Day sucks. But at least it only lasts 24 hours! That’s why if you’re feeling a little blue on Valentine’s Day, you can do one of these 10 things because this is the TOP 10 THINGS TO DO IF YOU’RE ALONE ON VALENTINE’S DAY.   Continue Reading

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  • So Long Thongs Top 10


    You’ll be missed old friend…

    In a recent interview with, Victorian clothes enthusiast Sarah A. Chrisman said that pantalettes are going to make a comeback and thongs are on their way out.

    From the Salon interview:

    Do you wear pantalettes now?

    Absolutely. Many gynaecologists now recommend that women don’t wear modern synthetic fabric panties because they keep so much moisture in that area. Pantalettes allow for more air flow. I just find them a lot more comfortable.

    Aside from corsets, what are your three favorite items of Victorian clothing?

    Pantalettes are number one. They are very comfortable and very practical.

    If gynaecologists recommend that women don’t wear modern synthetic fabric panties, it’s only a matter of time before all women are wearing pantalettes or no panties at all. While the no-panty movement will be huge for upskirts and sex in public, I’m really going to miss thongs.

    So to give thongs the proper send off they deserve, here now is the So Long Thongs Top 10 with the 10 best thong pictures pinned to!  Continue Reading

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  • How To Have Anal Sex


    For everyone obsessed with asses

    We’re in the middle of a paradigm shift.

    It doesn’t feel like  long ago that seeing boobs was the most important thing in a heterosexual man’s life. But nowadays the only thing on anyone’s mind is asses. That includes heterosexual and homosexual men and women.

    Everyone loves asses more than ever. And you know what? I love it!

    Just like the song, I love big butts and I would never lie about it because it’s just a fact.

    After admiring and smacking asses for an extended period of time, it’s only natural that you would want to have sex with an ass. Having sex with someone’s ass is a common practice known as ANAL SEX.

    I’m willing to guess that watching anal sex in porn is the extent of your experience with anal sex. Let me tell you now that anal sex in porn is very different than real anal sex.

    Experts estimate that 1 in 4 straight couples have had anal sex. Then why is anal sex so rare? If I had to guess, it’s because couples try anal without being fully prepared. They see how easy and orgasmic it looks in porn movies and they try it without the proper preparation.

    To help you achieve your dream of having and enjoying anal sex, I’m going to teach you how to have anal sex.

    Are you ready to go in through the outdoor? Good. Let’s begin.  Continue Reading

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  • Kelly Divine Blowjob GIFs


    Kelly Divine

    I’m ashamed to admit that I’m not familiar with Kelly Divine. I’d heard her name before but I’d never seen any of her pictures or videos for some reason.

    Some of you may already know that Kelly Divine won COCK SUCKER SUPREME from the Miss Bang Bros contest. Everyone else now knows that Kelly Divine won COCK SUCKER SUPREME from the Miss Bang Bros contest.

    Blowjobs are very near and dear to my heart. So to hear that Kelly Divine’s blowjobs are the best in porn, I had to investigate.

    Guess what? Kelly Divine does give great blowjobs!

    Unfortunately, I don’t think I’ll ever get to experience it myself, but watching her give a blowjob is just as good.

    Alright, it’s time to see the Top 10 Kelly Divine Blowjob GIFsContinue Reading

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  • How To Make Your Pussy Worth Eating

    Miley Cyrus eating pussy lesbian sex

    Artist rendering of Miley Cyrus eating pussy

    You know what really bugs me? When guys are all like, “Man, I don’t ever give my girl head. That shit is gross!”

    No, it’s not.

    Get over yourself and give your girl head.

    It’s just plain selfish for men to expect blowjobs without having to ever to return the favor. To make sure that you ladies are getting the cunnilingus you deserve, I’ve come up with a few things for you to do to make your pussy a pussy worth eatingContinue Reading

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  • Sexy Ways to Celebrate July 4th

    Alexis Texas sexy ass

    Alexis Texas gets patriotic

    You there! Do you know what tomorrow is? Tomorrow is the 4th of July, which means you should be ready to celebrate the independence of the Philippines with Republic Day.

    But seriously, July 4th is Independence Day here in America and it’s a pretty big deal. Obviously on July 4th we celebrate America’s independence from the dreaded British, but really it’s a chance for all of us to kick back, drink some beer, and blow some shit up.

    I’ve got my July 4th all planned out. I’m going to swing by the sex dungeon that we call an office and look at porn all day then eventually go home and go to sleep.

    Sounds pretty good, right?

    If you haven’t figured out what you’re doing then you’ve come to the right blog because we’re here with the Top 10 Sexy Ways to Celebrate July 4th. Let’s see how we can make July 4th sexy:  Continue Reading

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  • Ikea Catalog Porn is Hilariously Sexy

    Ikea Porn

    Just a taste of Ikea Porn

    Before embracing my inner-pervert and accepting the title of “Blogger Supreme” for, I briefly worked in at an Ikea.

    Truth be told, it was a really good job. It paid a lot better than any other retail job and they provided benefits for all their employees. Occasionally we would take naps on the beds while another guy was on lookout. Did I mention that as an Ikea employee, you get all the meatballs you can eat?

    All in all working for Ikea was pretty good. The only downside (and it’s not really a downside) was realizing how many identical rooms there were in the world. People wanted their homes to look exactly like the pictures in the Ikea catalog.

    Again, it’s not really a downside to working at Ikea, but I always wanted to make a bootleg Ikea catalog using real people’s homes. The problem was I’ve never been invited into someone’s home. They always politely ask me to leave once they open the door. So I put my art project on hold to write sexy things for

    Unfortunately, Just Another Ikea Catalog has figured out how to recreate the Ikea catalog within people’s homes without being politely turned away. The solution? Like all of life’s problems, it was solved with pornography.

    Let’s take a look at the at scandinavian modern style furniture and accessories that people have in their homes, specifically in their amateur pornography:  Continue Reading

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  • Penis Power & the Boston Crab

    The most important video you’ll see all day. I guess it’s a sex tip? I don’t know. It doesn’t matter, just watch it.

    Use your penis power wisely, guys. Continue Reading

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