• The Highlights from This Year’s Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show

    The 2014 Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show aired last night and if you’re like me, you completely forgot that the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show was a thing.

    If my teenage self knew that I didn’t know about an hour of television featuring supermodels sporting lingerie, he would be livid. But then I’d explain to him that in the future, we have something called the internet, which allows us free access to porn pictures and porn videos whenever we want so we no longer have to steal the Victoria’s Secret catalogue from the neighbor’s mailbox for fap material. Then we’d high-five. Then we’d make-out.

    So if you have a serious case of FOMO, do not fear! These are the highlights from this Year’s Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show.  Continue Reading

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  • 8 Ways To Have Sex At Your Thanksgiving Family Gathering

    Nothing makes sex hotter than doing it in a situation that’s not conducive to getting down.

    Thanksgiving is tomorrow, which means you’re either on your way home to your family or family is coming to you. If you fall in neither category, congratulations! You don’t have to deal with all this sneaking around. You can go about boning in the way that’s most convenient to you.

    If you are hosting or spending time with family this Thanksgiving, then you know your sex life is going to take a hit. Sucks, doesn’t it?

    Well it doesn’t have to! This year, the Blog has come up with 8 ways to have sex at your Thanksgiving family gathering so you can still enjoy a happy and healthy sex life even with the family around.  Continue Reading

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  • Everything You Need To Know About The 5 Different Types of Orgasms

    What comes to mind when you see the word “ORGASM”?

    Do you think of someone getting a rough pounding until they start screaming “OH GOD YES!” over and over again until the neighbors in apartment 5C start knocking on the wall?

    While a rough pounding may bring your partner to orgasm, it’s not the only way to do it.

    Truth to be told, all orgasms are different. Sometimes they’ll sneak up on you, other times they’ll be long and drawn out. Sometimes an orgasm will only make your lip curl but then your next orgasm will make it hard for you to stand straight for the next few days.

    In the interest of making sure that you (or your partner) are experiencing the full spectrum of orgasms, I’m going to now tell you about the 5 different types of orgasms and how to have them.

    Get ready to piss off your neighbors because your orgasms are about to be kicked up a notch.  Continue Reading

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  • 32 Yoga Pants GIFs To Celebrate LuluLemon’s CEO Big Payday

    You might have heard by now that Chip Wilson, Lululemon’s founder, agreed to sell half of his stake in the yoga pants company for $845 million.

    Damn. That’s a lot of cash.

    Why did this happen? Are yoga pants and their ass-enhancing effects soon to be a thing of the past?

    NOPE! Chip Wilson sold half his shares because he’s been fighting to regain control of Lululemon since the board forced him to resign as chair after saying some stupid things in an interview. Wilson wanted to oust two members of the board of directors and threatened to lead a shareholder revolt, bolstered by his large stake in the company. To avoid this, equity firm Advent International dangled a $845 million cheque in his face and Chip decided that taking that massive sum of money was better than destroying the company he tried to build.

    Continue Reading

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  • Google Fucks Around with Indexing, Screws over

    Breaking news:  Google fucked up.  No, they are not just an infallible god-like mega corporation sending lasers into space and creating robot armies to take over the Earth – they actually still deal in search engines.

    Earlier today we received a tip from a loyal user that, while searching for on Google, something interesting happened.  Check out these two screenshots and tell me if you notice something funky:

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  • How Do I Have Rough Sex – Chico’s Sex Advice

    Welcome back to another edition of Chico’s Sex Advice where I use all my expertise as a sexpert to answer any questions my beloved readers may have about sex.

    If you need sex advice or if you have a question about sex that needs answering, feel free to send an email to OR use the contact form and I’ll answer as quickly as possible.

    Today’s question comes from RYAN P. Ryan P writes:

    Chico, I’m in a pickle. I’m in a friends-with-benefits relationship with a Latina E.R. nurse who is older than me. The only problem is I may have talked myself up a bit. She’s into rough sex and so I dirty talked the shit out of her. I’m just not 100% sure what constitutes rough sex. Any thoughts?  Big fan of the blog, by the way.”

    Ryan, let me start by thanking you for your excellent question as well as your support. It means a whole lot. Now, onto the answer.

    The problem with rough sex is that there’s no universal definition that exists. A lot of different things can constitute rough sex and it’s ultimately the individual’s tastes that determine what they want when they say, “I’m into rough sex.”

    Let me give you an example. A long time ago, I was hooking up with this a Fine Arts student. In between one of our many dalliances, she let it slip that she was into rough sex. Obviously because I’m a self-confessed pervert, I asked her to show me what she meant by rough sex. She proceeded to get on all fours and asked to be serviced from behind. Now, doing it doggy style is not my definition of rough sex. In my porn-raddled brain, I consider this to be pretty standard procedure, however this was what she considered to be rough sex so I remained tight-lipped and obliged.

    Though given that your lady friend is an older Latina E.R. nurse, I’m willing to bet that she’s a bit more experienced and knows what she wants. Unfortunately for you, I don’t know exactly what that is so instead I’ll list some options for you to try and hopefully you happen to satisfy her need for rough sex.


    Source: via Bigpen15 on

    Though traditionally a form of parental violence, spanking in the bedroom can be lots of fun. Start out by petting and rubbing her behind in a playful manner. Then, when she least expects it, slap her butt lightly and immediately return to petting it. If she responds positively to the spanking with a moan or a giggle or something, gradually slap her butt more often and with more intensity. Keep a solid rhythm while slapping her ass for a transcendental effect.

    If she likes the palm of your hand spanking her ass, try upgrading to a paddle of some kind for next. Or try spanking her tits! Get experimental. But only if she’s into it.


    Source: via gitem on

    Biting, if done right, can provide some incredibly erotic, animalistic pleasure. Slowly kiss and eventually start nibbling all over her body. Hot spots to hit are her neck, shoulders, hips, thighs, and butt.

    Don’t bite her pussy. You wouldn’t want her to bite your dick would you? It’s just common courtesy. Depending on her reaction, bite with more intensity, but never break the skin…I mean…unless that’s what she wants…


    Source: via MYWIFHUB on

    Pulling your lady’s hair during sex can tug on hair follicles, which in turn stimulates the nerve endings at the back of the neck (which is an erogenous zone). On top of that, pulling hair during sex is an act of aggressive dominance but without being too violent.

    You’re asserting yourself, dominating her, which might just turn her on. Maybe she’s into getting dominated? I don’t know. Pull her hair, see how she reacts and take it from there.


    Source: via Dorian Archer on

    Think of this as your intro to bondage. There are times where women want to run their hands all over your body during sex, but don’t let them. Pin her arms down by the wrists and don’t let her move them at all. Pin her to your bed, up against a wall, a desk, wherever! This is an act of dominance that should tickle her rough sex fancy.

    If this drives her absolutely wild, then talk to her about using handcuffs or tethers the next time around because it’s basically the same thing as pinning her down, however she’s consenting to being submissive. And then once you’ve entered the wonderful world of bondage, you can get all kinds of kinky with whips, ropes and whatever else might peak your interest.


    Source: via 11cm11 on

    Honestly, I’m not a fan of choking during sex, but throwing a choke into sex definitely would then constitute the sex as rough. Because choking reduces the oxygen to the brain, and results in somewhat of a hallucinogenic state, it has developed into a fetish for many people. Sadly, many people have died in an attempt to achieve the light-headed orgasm. SO PLEASE BE CAREFUL.

    Personally, I recommend simply holding her neck rather than actually choking her because it provides that same sensation of submission and control. PLEASE BE EXTREMELY CAREFUL WHEN IT COMES TO EROTIC ASPHYXIATION. 


    Source: via kisgeza on

    What do I mean when I say “Jackhammering”? I mean think of your dick as a jackhammer and her pussy is piece of concrete that needs to shattered into pieces for the sake of the whole city’s infrastructure. As far as rough sex goes, jackhammering is the most literal interpretation of rough sex. Just pound away with a pace and intensity that has only been seen by male pornstars.  You never know it might just work.


    Ryan P., I hope that these suggestions help inspire some confident moves in the bedroom with your older Latina E.R. nurse that likes rough sex.

    While my suggestions are foolproof, I will say this: ASK HER ABOUT WHAT SHE LIKES. The only way you’ll ever be sure of what she wants or how she defines rough sex is through communication. You might find out what gets her off through guesswork but my advice is to talk to her and find out firsthand. Plus, communicating with her shows that you care.

    But thank you for asking me first, it shows how much you care.

    I love answering your sex questions! If you have a sex question for me:

    Send an email to


    Use the contact submission form.

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  • Obsessed With Shae Summers

    As you might have guessed, watching porn for a living comes with its share of Pros and Cons. For example…

    Pro: get paid to watch porn.

    Con: too much of my blood gets directed to my penis to maintain an erection throughout the work day, thus causing me to have bad circulation in my extremities.

    Continue Reading

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  • Top 10 Cameron Canada GIFs For Cameron Canada Day!

    Today, July 1st, 2014 is Canada Day.

    Loyal followers of the Blog know that our relationship to Canada can be described as, “tense.” We just feel like Canada, as a nation, is always a fantastic punchline. Meanwhile Canadians have responded with angry, “Ehs!”

    Rather than make amends for relentless Canada bashing this Canada Day, I will outright ignore that such a thing is happening and instead celebrate one of the Blog’s favorite pornstars: Cameron Canada.

    Continue Reading

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  • Reveals The Truth Behind Game of Thrones Addiction (A Research Study)

    Game of Thrones is now officially the most popular show in HBO history, surpassing even The Sopranos. The show’s fans are absolutely rabid – when GoT is airing, it’s all anyone can talk about. At this point the one-year waiting period until the next season starts has already become unbearable for some. Many say their lives will not be the same without it. Pretty intense, right? Whether you watch the show or not, you might be wondering about the reason behind Game of Thrones’ success.

    At, we are also fans – we love the show, the storyline and characters. However, we think that there must be an explanation for why everyone is so addicted to this series. We crave the truth. As a result, we set our resident GoT expert Gil Powers on a mission: to reveal the reason behind GoT’s absurd addictiveness. Gil has read all the books multiple times and has watched every episode over and over again. You might say that Game of Thrones is at the center of his existence. Yes, that’s right, he’s a huge loser. He accepted the challenge and decided to do a research study with three hypotheses. Our GoT expert used his broad knowledge and our traffic analytics to come up with the reason behind the show’s addictiveness.

    Hypothesis 1

    A few weeks ago Gil arrived at work claiming that Game of Thrones has caused him to experience an epiphany. The previous night, Gil dreamt that the world had come to an impromptu end. The apocalypse had descended and after days of solitude and despair, while watching Game of Thrones for the 15th time, he realized that his physical appearance vaguely resembled that of King Joffrey. His conclusion? Game of Thrones is an accurate, historical depiction of the world after the apocalypse, sent back in time by future historians to warn us about our fate. He insisted that he needed to keep watching and analyzing every scene over and over again to prepare for the new world.

    H1: Game of thrones is a reflection of what the world would be like after the apocalypse.

    H0: Game of thrones is not a reflection of what the world
    would be like after the apocalypse.

    Even if this theory might sound interesting and credible to many fans, Gil came to the conclusion that it should be rejected given that the apocalypse is not a factual event in the first place, and because this is just one of the hundreds of fucked up dreams he has had about the apocalypse. Last year, when he was obsessed with the Walking Dead, Gil also became certain that the show was an accurate depiction of our troubled future sent back in time by historians. So, Hypothesis 1 is rejected.

    Fig 1 - Normal distribution for Hypothesis  1

    Hypothesis 2

    Gil’s next peculiar theory revolves around the idea that the Queen of England is secretly funding HBO and GoT producers in order to brainwash Americans into embracing the importance and value of monarchy, subsequently allowing the UK to re-annex North America and re-establish the Commonwealth.

    H1: Game of Thrones is a propaganda tool serving to help the Queen of England in her plans to reclaim ownership of the United States.
    H0: Game of Thrones is not a propaganda tool serving to help the Queen of England in her plans to reclaim ownership of the United States.

    Why would the Queen of England want to take on the American’s massive $17 trillion debt? Additionally, though Game of Thrones is technically about monarchy, it is also very critical of it. Gil also admits that all of the characters vying for the throne are kind of assholes, and most of them end up brutally maimed or dead. Hypothesis 2 rejected. Gil is starting to wonder if he is slowly going insane.

    Fig. 2 Normal distribution for Hypothesis 2 

    Hypothesis 3

    The amount of sexual activities that take place in GoT is no secret to anybody. It would probably be easier to determine those who don’t have sex on the show than to name those who do. Almost every episode contains a sex scene, or at least some partial nudity, and the show-runners certainly seem to go out of their way to hire attractive actors. Gil says that the show is probably so addictive because it taps into the viewers’ sexuality and gets them turned on, to the point where they cannot contain themselves afterwards. Not a bad idea Gil! Maybe after hours and hours of wasted time and failed research, Gil is actually onto something with this concept.

    H1: Game of Thrones turns people on, much like a good tease.

    H0: Game of Thrones does not turn people on, unlike a good tease.

    For this hypothesis, Gil obtained’s traffic analytics from April 1st, 2014 to date. What he noticed next was remarkable: after each episode of Game of Thrones, the number of searches for ‘Game of Thrones’ on doubles. This spike in Game of Thrones searches can be observed both immediately after each episode, as well as on the following Monday (see Fig. 4). Coincidence? Gil thinks not. Hypothesis 3 confirmed.

    Fig. 3 Normal distribution for Hypothesis 3

    Fig. 4 Site Search Terms, Google Analytics, April 1-June 16, 2014


    There you have it folks, the secret to why we are hooked on the Game of Thrones is… because it makes us so damn horny.

    That explains why everyone hops on after watching GoT, including Gil!


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  • Kate Upton Wants Smaller Boobs And That Makes Us Sad.

    Guys. I don’t want to live on this planet any more now that busty babe Kate Upton has gone on record saying that she doesn’t like her boobs and wishes that they were smaller.

    Here’s what Kate Upton had to say about her boobs in a recent interview with The Sun:

    I wish I had smaller boobs every day of my life as I love to wear spaghetti tops braless or go for the smallest bikini designs.

    Every single day, I’m like, ‘Oh, man, it would be so much easier,’ especially if people didn’t constantly bring them up.

    If only they were a little more like… earrings. If I could just take them off like they were clip-ons.

    That’s just a GD shame.

    Honestly, I don’t see why Kate Upton can’t wear spaghetti tops bareless or go for the smallest bikini designs. If Kate Upton should wear whatever she wants, especially clothing that has a high percentage of nip slip possibilities.

    That said, I totally understand why Kate Upton would start to hate her boobs if people are always constantly bringing them up. So if you like Kate Upton’s boobs, don’t bring them up to Kate Upton. Though I highly doubt you’ll ever get the opportunity, just as a rule don’t do it.

    All in all, it really sucks that Kate Upton wants her boobs to be smaller, but I don’t think she realizes that her boobs aren’t solely hers. They’re the world’s. Hell, without those massive boobs would Kate Upton be where she is today? Dating professional athletes, travelling all around the world, starring in movies, that lifestyle is courtesy of Kate Upton’s boobs. So the least Kate can do is respect what got her here in the first place.

    I say we just sit tight and hope that Kate Upton doesn’t do anything drastic like get a breast reduction surgery. In the meantime, let’s check out some Kate Upton boob GIFs:

    Source: Uploaded by user via farmer38 on

    Source: Uploaded by user via cam hayes on

    Source: Uploaded by user via decepticonz on

    Source: via mrlopez on

    Source: via codename on

    Source: Uploaded by user via humberto987 on

    Source: via ilovehotgirls on

    Source: via manwich on

    Source: Uploaded by user via humberto987 on

    Source: via codename on

    Source: via woody5 on

    Source: via gdragon on

    Source: via codename on

    Source: via DonArchitek on

    Source: via RumbleBumpkins on

    It would be a crime against nature if those boobs got smaller. C’mon, Kate. Don’t let the world down. At least that’s what I think…what do you think about Kate Upton’s boobs?

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  • Shakira Has A New Album So Here Are Some Sexy GIFs



    Shakira’s self-titled album is out today!

    I’m sorry. Usually I’m pretty good at feigning excitement for just about anything but I can’t muster up some fake-stoke for a new Shakira album because the only song I’ve ever liked is “Groove Is In The Heart“. Now, I’m not suggesting that Shakira’s new album is bad. It’s just not on the same level as “Groove Is In The Heart” because no song is that good. Maybe “What Is Love?” by Haddaway but that’s being generous.

    So yeah, Shakira’s new album, while exciting for people who have never heard “Groove Is In The Heart”, just doesn’t get my juices flowing. (Though the music video with Shakira and Rihanna together was cool.)

    But I know what will! Shakira shaking her hips. Her music may be whatever but I think we can all agree that Shakira’s hips don’t lie.  Continue Reading

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  • Shakira and Rihanna Team Up For Ass-tastic Video


    Shakira + Rihanna

    Shakira and Rihanna are two very sexy pop stars and when I heard that they were releasing a duet, I was like, “DAMN! That video is going to have a lot of ass!”

    And of course, the video for “Can’t Remember To Forget You” delivers on the ass but these girls decided to include some sensual lesbian moments as well.

    So yeah, the video features a lot of quality ass and some sexy moments between Shakira and Rihanna, but the song is just terrible.

    If I were you, I would just look at those Shakira and Rihanna GIFs over and over again, but here’s the video for anyone that’s interested.

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  • Top 10 Tips For A Great Blowjob on National Blowjob Day



    I’m not sure how but the internet has declared January 7th to be National Blowjob Day!

    Some of you might be wondering why we need a National Blowjob Day when we already have Steak and Blowjob Day on March 7th. Well, we need a National Blowjob Day because vegetarians like to get their dick sucked too. Why should they be excluded from celebrating oral sex just because they don’t eat meat?

    Makes sense to me.

    Anyways, in the spirit of my new favorite holiday, I’d like to give you the Top 10 Tips For A Great Blowjob on National Blowjob Day. Celebrate the greatest holiday in the world the right way!  Continue Reading

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  • Maddy O’Reilly is a Performer of the Year 2014


    Maddy O’Reilly

    Elegant Angel just announced their Performers of the Year 2014 and they couldn’t have picked 5 hotter babes.

    The Performers of the Year 2014 are Remy LacroixMaddie O’Reilly, Bonnie Rotten,Skin Diamond, and Riley Reid. To celebrate their achievement, their overall hotness, and to assure you that they are 100% deserving of this honor, I’m going to be giving you a Top 10 for each babe!

    Yesterday I showed you the Top 10 reasons why Remy Lacroix is a Performer of the Year 2014 and now you’re about to see the Top 10 reasons(porn GIFs) why Maddy O’Reilly is a Performer of the Year 2014Continue Reading

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  • Remy Lacroix is a Performer of the Year 2014


    Remy Lacroix – PotY 2014

    Elegant Angel just announced their Performers of the Year 2014 and they couldn’t have picked 5 hotter babes.

    The Performers of the Year 2014 are Remy Lacroix, Maddie O’Reilly, Bonnie Rotten, Skin Diamond, and Riley Reid. To celebrate their achievement, their overall hotness, and to assure you that they are 100% deserving of this honor, I’m going to be giving you a Top 10 for each babe!

    We start with none other than one of the best in business: Remy Lacroix. Are you ready to see the Top 10 reasons (porn GIFs) why Remy Lacroix is a Performer of the Year 2014? Continue Reading

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  • Richelle Ryan Interview!


    Richelle Ryan

     Richelle Ryan isn’t just an Italian-American pornstar whose passion for sex shines through in every single picture and video she’s in, she’s also one of the most amazing feature dancer you’ll ever see! AND THAT BOOTY. Makes say, “Oh my…” every time I see it.

    I’ve always been a big fan of Richelle’s and I’m thrilled that she made the time to come talk to us about crazy sex, the New York Giants, and other cool stuff.

    Enjoy the Richelle Ryan interview!

    Richelle Ryan!

    Richelle Ryan!

    –   Sorry I have to ask this right away. I saw on your Twitter that you once blew 5 Marines on a party bus with a midget stripper? How did that ever happen?

    I was down in Florida for the weekend shooting for Bang Bros and went out 1 night to meet up with some of my friends and we went to a titty bar, started drinking and I of course started flirting with 1 of the marines and next thing I knew I dared them to all line up, drop their pants and let me work my way down the line and blow them all.

    The midget was a stripper who worked at the club and even funnier was she wanted me to snowball all the cum to her so she could swallow it hahahaha.  Continue Reading

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  • Brooklyn Chase Interview!

    Interviewing pornstars isn’t easy because they’re busy people. I don’t take it personally but it does make my life miserable at times.

    That’s why I have such a special place in my heart for Brooklyn Chase.

    There’s been a special place in my heart for Brooklyn Chase for a long time because she’s an incredibly sexy lady, but Brooklyn was real professional, easy to get a hold and just an absolute delight to interview. I didn’t think I could be a bigger Brooklyn fan than I was but I am. I hope you will be too.

    So before we start, big thanks to you Brooklyn Chase. You’re a wonderful lady and I hope 2014 is the year of Brooklyn. 

    Now, read this interview with the sweetest pornstar in the business Brooklyn Chase and prepare to fall in love.  Continue Reading

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  • TOP 10 Mustache Ride GIFs


    Aletta Ocean get a mustache ride

    Are you growing a mustache for Movember?

    There’s no shame in not growing one. It’s not like not growing a mustache means you’re pro-prostate cancer. It just means you have some self-respect and you know how bad you look with a mustache.

    However, there is one reason why you should grow a mustache this Movember (other than to fight cancer)MUSTACHE RIDES.

    Giving head to ladies is fun, but have you ever tried it with a mustache? It’s pretty much the same thing but you get to say, “You want a free mustache ride?”

    To further prove that mustache rides are awesome, please look at the TOP 10 Mustache Ride GIFs.

    Something tells me you’ll have a mustache before it’s over.  Continue Reading

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  • Hottest MILF Kendra Lust GIFs


    Kendra Lust is the hottest MILF

    Yesterday, we celebrated Jada Stevens BEST ASS IN THE BIZ. Today, we’re celebrating yet another Miss Bangbros winner.

    You all voted (or at least you should have) and KENDRA LUST is officially the hottest MILF in porn.

    Everyone loves Kendra Lust and it would be a damn shame if we didn’t recognize this achievement. That’s why I’m about to give you the Top 10 Kendra Lust GIFs.

    Prepare to be extremely jealous of Kendra Lust’s wifey, Rachel Starr, because Kendra is one smoking hot MILF. Especially in GIF-form.

    Top 10 Kendra Lust GIFs here we go!  Continue Reading

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  • Jada Stevens GIFs

    Jada Stevens ass

    Jada Stevens and her award-winning ass

    Did you guys hear that Jada Stevens won BEST ASS IN THE BIZ from the BangBros Blog?

    Well now you know.

    There are a lot of great asses in the business but Jada’s is just one cut above the rest.

    To show you, I’m going to show you the Top 10 Jada Stevens GIFs. These GIFs are focusing on the Jada Stevens’ amazing ass. Once you’re done, you’ll be amazed that Jada’s ass doesn’t have more awards!  Continue Reading

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