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    The Sexxxtons mother daughter porn duo

    The Sexxxtons

    Have you met the world’s only mother-daughter pornstar duo, the Sexxxtons?

    Jessica Sexxxton (56) and Monica Sexxxton (22) are mother and daughter. They’re also pornstars that shoot scenes together. But it’s not incest. As Jessica Sexxxton explains, “We don’t have a problem doing two-on-one. We will have sex with one man, but not interact with each other.”

    Jessica Sexxxton noted that this is sometimes difficult to do, but Monica Sexxxton reassured everyone that “our lips never touch” during filming. If they’re lips never touch, then it’s not weird.

    Oh wait…it’s a mother and daughter doing porn together. Yep. It’s still fucking weird.

    Having abandoned any notion of good taste or judgement a long time ago, the Sexxxtons are now embarking on a nation-wide search to find a father and son duo willing to shoot a porn video with them because it just wasn’t weird enough before.  Continue Reading

    May 30, 2013 • Sex News • Views: 4015