• Last Night on Girls: Allison Williams Got a Rimjob

    HBO’s Girls was once an incredibly divisive show. You either loved it or you hated it. No matter how you felt about the show, you without a doubt felt compelled to convince people that your feelings on the show were the correct ones.

    Four seasons into their run, the campaigning either for or against Girls has subsided. I guess people have finally accepted that it’s OK for people not to like all the same shows.

    Your feelings about the show are totally irrelevant and don’t mean shit. That said, I do want to call to your attention that Allison Williams did get her ass eaten on Girls season premiere last night. So…that’s pretty cool.  Continue Reading

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  • Top 7 Hottest Things a Girl Does During Sex

    And I mean besides the obvious BJ/eating out, HJ/fingering and basically just letting you have sex with them.

    1. Moan
      The over the top fake kind doesn’t exactly work for me, but hearing a girl moan during sex or make any kind of pleasurable noise is such a turn on because it’s a confirmation she’s enjoying herself. (And that’s a hell of an ego boost)

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    2. Suck on your finger
      I guess it’s because of the anticipation of what this means, but man, when a girl sucks on my finger I can barely contain myself.
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    3. Giggle
      Moans are #1 on this list but the giggle during sex almost ties, I’m not going to lie. It’s just plain adorable.

    4. Take control
      I like to be in control in bed usually, but a good playful struggle for control is fun and usually comes with some giggles too.

    5. Arch her back
      I can’t even justify why this is sexy. But it is.

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    6. Bite or scratch at you while you’re fucking her
      Not for everyone, but most people I’ve talked to have found this incredibly arousing. I guess it’s the same appeal hickeys have, they not only feel painfully good but it’s like marking territory. Everyone will definitely now know what you did last night.
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    7. Wearing your clothes after sex
      Okay this technically shouldn’t be on the list because it doesn’t happen during sex, but to me it definitely calls for round two when I see her wearing one of my t-shirts later.
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    I’m absolutely sure there are a tons more where this came from. Does anybody have any to contribute?

    -Red Velvet

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  • Lena Dunham Thinks Girls Porn Parody is Gross


    The Cast of HBO’s Girls

    This past Wednesday, Hustler wrapped filming on its latest porn parody This Ain’t Girls XXX, a porn parody of HBO‘s Girls.

    In the porn parody, Hannah Horvath (played by Alex Chance) forsakes men, including her boyfriend Adam, to experiment with lesbian sex. After some lesbian sex, she returns to Adam. Please note that if this happens in the next season of Girls, the show has officially jumped the shark.

    And yesterday, Lena Dunham took to Twitter to share her thoughts on the news that her semi-autobiographical, hit TV show was getting remade into a porn movie.  Continue Reading

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  • Celebrity Shiri Appleby’s leaked nude photos

    Shiri Appleby

    Shiri Appleby

    No matter where you may stand on the Hollywood hierarchy of celebrity, a leaked nude photo will always get you headlines.

    However, that was hardly the case for Shiri Appleby’s leaked nude photo… Continue Reading

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  • Sex, TV, and Game of Thrones

    You may have noticed by now that the only thing I love more than hardcore pornography is television. TV is my teacher, my mother, and my secret lover.

    What’s happening on TV these days?

    Well, Season 2 of Girls ended this past Sunday and Game of Thrones season 3 is set to debut in two weeks. Whereas most networks are phoning their programming in, HBO continues its twenty year-long stranglehold on viewers by giving them poignant characters, complex plots, captivating writing, and of course sex. Continue Reading

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  • Videos of the Year

    Gangnam Style is thankfully not in the Top 10 Videos of the Year

    With 2013 around the corner, it’s time to reflect on 2012…

    That’s enough time to reflect. Now let’s check out the Top 10 Videos of the Year because fapping way more important than reflecting. Continue Reading

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  • Sexy things to do on Christmas Day

    As much as we love Christmas, sometimes it can be a little boring. To help you spice your Christmas up, we’ve put together a Top 10, Sexy things to do on Christmas Day. Enjoy! Continue Reading

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  • Slutroulette = Chatroulette with more boobs!

    Remember February 2010? Queen Rania Al Abdullah had just reformed Jordan’s educational system and the Northern hemisphere was coming down with a bad case of Winter Olympic fever. But all that excitement pales in comparison to the thrill of going on Chatroulette.

    A Chatroulette session only had three possible outcomes in those days (aka the Wild West era of Chatroulette). 70% of the time it would be a man masturbating in a room lit only by his computer screen. 25% of the time it would be a group of jocks hoping to gay call someone gay.

    But 5% of the time you would land on a girl who wanted to flash you. Like so:

    Adult Chatroulette Alternative

    Even though the odds were slim, the idea of seeing a stranger’s boobs for free over the internet was impossible to resist.

    Continue Reading

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