• Ryan Ryans Is Pure Class

    Let’s be honest guys, showing off your big tits and masturbating in front of a camera for the entire internet to enjoy isn’t what’s associated with being classy.

    Classy is the opposite of crude. And if you were to ask people to choose whether they thought teasing their pussy, topless while millions of men and women watched was classy or crude, they’d probably have to say that it was crude simply because most people are sexually repressed. (As a follow-up question to “Classy vs. Crude”, it would be fun to ask if this was something they’d want to see. You’d be able to use this data to see how many people are liars because of course everyone wants to see that.)

    Though a stripteased followed by masturbating for internet voyeurs would almost unanimously be considered crude, there are always exceptions. Today, we have such an exception. Because Ryan Ryans’s new gallery via proves that striptease followed by masturbation can indeed be quite classy.

    About two months ago, we became obsessed with Ryan Ryans.

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  • Obsessed with Ryan Ryans

    You know when you hear a song that’s so good that all you want to do is listen to it over and over and over again?

    That’s how I feel about babes. Sometimes I come across babes so fine that they’re all I can think about. I can’t get through my daily routine with checking them out. They’re just that fine!

    That’s why every now and then, when a babe fits that criteria, I do one of these “Obsessed with…” posts. Not only is a way of sharing who I think is really hot to all pervy friends, but it’s also a resource for me. I can just check this post once a day to get my fix of a certain babe.

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  • Elle Alexandra Continues to be the Most Beautiful Woman Alive


    Elle Alexandra

    Back in May 2013, when Elle Alexandra was announced as Twisty’s Treat of the Month, I contemplated getting a sex change in order to sleep with Elle Alexandra.

    Does that mean Elle Alexandra is a lesbian? To be honest, I don’t even know. My plan was based solely on the fact that Elle’s Twitter is @ElleHeartsGirls. If Elle doesn’t heart girls, then why would it be her Twitter? If you can think of a better way to seduce Elle Alexandra, I’d love to hear it.

    Since that post, one of my cousins has had a sex change operation and the challenges she’s faced since becoming a woman made me realize that sex change operations aren’t to be taken lightly.

    But then I saw these new Elle Alexandra pictures via Twisty’s and I remember that this was no ordinary woman I would be getting a sex change for. This was Elle-freaking-Alexandra.

    Yes, I’m just that crazy about Elle Alexandra. Something tells me that after you see how gorgeous she is stripping off lingerie in these photos, you won’t think that my sex change idea is so stupid.  Continue Reading

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