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  • Model Sophie Dalzell Claims that Her Boob Job is More Important than the Law

    Well, this lady sounds like a total train wreck.

    Sophie Dalzell is a British Adult model who apparently loves drunkenly fighting police officers – she’s already had several convictions for assault and vandalism, and apparently just fucking LOVES to party and also LOVES to get boob jobs and also HATES doing community service and taking responsibility for her actions.

    Anyways, Sophie Dalzell was set to appear in court for drunkenly assaulting two police officers, but she totally flaked out on her court date because she had scheduled a breast surgery in Belgium for the same day. The fucked up thing? The court let her get away with it.

    And I quote,

    “My boobs and my appearance are more important than the law,” Dalzell, who makes her living appearing on late-night, adult TV programs, told The Manchester Evening News. “My career depends on it.”

    On top of that, Sophie Dalzell like, REALLY isn’t into completing all of the hours of community service that have been assigned to her for her various transgressions, totalling about 400 hours.

    “So she is simply refusing to do the community service because “I hate everything about it,” and “it’s a waste of a full day and it’s just too hard for me.”

    So basically, we have a British party girl/adult performer who repeatedly violates the law, her court dates, and her punishments, so she can probably go to Ibiza and rave all weekend. Someone get Hollywood on the phone we got ourselves an Oscar-winning screenplay idea!

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    The craziest thing about the story for me is the sheer amount of bullshit Sophie Dalzell has managed to get away with throughout this whole ordeal. Maybe its some weird intricacy of the British legal system that I can’t quite comprehend, but like, shouldn’t you just throw her in a jail cell and be done with it?

    Also steer real clear if you’re a police officer, because she’s probably going to try and beat the shit out of you, if this story is any indication.

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  • Guerlain’s Secret Garden



    Guerlain is a Russian glamour model that I see at least once a day because why wouldn’t be adding pictures of this beautiful babe to their Boards?

    Despite having the biggest crush on Guerlain, I know nothing about her and all my attempts to find out more have been totally fruitless. I think I know why she’s been so hard to reach thanks to this video that leaked online.

    Watch Guerlain in the garden and then I’ll offer my theory:

    Guerlain in the garden from Guerlain on Vimeo.

    Clearly Guerlain has been so difficult to reach and know more about because she’s busy enjoying her naked body in some sexy secret garden, hidden from pervs like you and me.

    I mean, if you looked like that wouldn’t you just relish in your own sex appeal all day long?

    I would.

    Thank Guerlain for sharing this video with us.

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  • Obsessed with Hannah Martin


    Hannah Martin

    As much as I like nude women, their outfits before they get nude really influences my opinion of them.

    Yes, it’s extremely shallow, but what would you expect from a big time pornographer like myself?

    Anyways, earlier today I saw some pictures of British glamor model and super hot babe Hannah Martin removing quite possibly the greatest outfit of all time.

    Of course that’s just my opinion but seeing Hannah Martin’s gold bathing suit and glasses combination has left me totally obsessed with Hannah Martin.

    Why don’t you look at Hannah strip out of this outfit yourself and see if it’s the hottest thing you’ve ever seen:  Continue Reading

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  • Elizabeth Marxs – Texas Climax


    Elizabeth Marxs

    For about six months, every time I went on, the first person I would see was Elizabeth Marxs.

    Often she would be mis-tagged or named something other than Elizabeth Marxs but I’d recognize this babe anywhere.

    Since you guys clearly love Elizabeth Marxs (but honestly, who doesn’t?), it’s my duty to share these new Elizabeth Marxs pictures from Playboy Plus.


    I don’t know what they’re putting in water in Texas, but I say keep doing it because another Elizabeth Marxs would be a dream come true.

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  • Obsessed with Emily Sears


    Emily Sears

    Earlier today, I got an email from a loyal blog pawn who asked me why I never post any pictures of Emily Sears.

    I just told him, “I don’t know an Emily Sears. Who is she?” I was under the impression that not knowing who Emily Sears is was a perfectly good excuse for the lack of her photos on the blog. Boy was I wrong. The fan sent me this Emily Sears video via WorldStarHipHop and it donned on me that this lady is so gorgeous that I should have been all over her a long time ago.

    Oh well, better late than never! Watch this video and become obsessed with Emily Sears:

    Are you obsessed yet?

    So who is this Emily Sears? Well she’s an Australian model with more than 15 magazine covers internationally.


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  • Sophia Knight’s Window Striptease

    Sophia Knight

    Sophia Knight

    Sophia Knight is by far one of the hottest glamour models in the business.

    We’re all anxiously awaiting the day when Sophia Knight finally does hardcore, but until then I’m content to just watch her shed her clothing until she’s totally nude:


    Damn, what a hottie!

    So, Sophia Knight is obviously very sexy but did you know that she’s also super cool?

    On Monday I saw that she was offering to make custom videos for all her Twitter followers! Look:

    I don’t know if this offer is still valid but you should send an email to find out!

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  • Emma Glover Nude Backpack Model

    emma glover nice cleavage

    Emma Glover

    Yesterday when I was scraping ideas together for the Top 10 Sexy Things About Fall list, I made sure to leave going back to school off the list because there’s hardly anything sexy about going back to school. Maybe if we were doing a Top 20, back to school would make the cut, but that’s highly unlikely.

    Or at least, that’s how I felt. I’ve been forced to reconsider the sexiness of back to school after seeing Emma Glover nude modelling backpacks.

    Let’s take a look at how a simple thing like Emma Glover nude wearing a backpack can even make something as miserable as going back to school sexy.

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