• Model Sophie Dalzell Claims that Her Boob Job is More Important than the Law

    Well, this lady sounds like a total train wreck.

    Sophie Dalzell is a British Adult model who apparently loves drunkenly fighting police officers – she’s already had several convictions for assault and vandalism, and apparently just fucking LOVES to party and also LOVES to get boob jobs and also HATES doing community service and taking responsibility for her actions.

    Anyways, Sophie Dalzell was set to appear in court for drunkenly assaulting two police officers, but she totally flaked out on her court date because she had scheduled a breast surgery in Belgium for the same day. The fucked up thing? The court let her get away with it.

    And I quote,

    “My boobs and my appearance are more important than the law,” Dalzell, who makes her living appearing on late-night, adult TV programs, told The Manchester Evening News. “My career depends on it.”

    On top of that, Sophie Dalzell like, REALLY isn’t into completing all of the hours of community service that have been assigned to her for her various transgressions, totalling about 400 hours.

    “So she is simply refusing to do the community service because “I hate everything about it,” and “it’s a waste of a full day and it’s just too hard for me.”

    So basically, we have a British party girl/adult performer who repeatedly violates the law, her court dates, and her punishments, so she can probably go to Ibiza and rave all weekend. Someone get Hollywood on the phone we got ourselves an Oscar-winning screenplay idea!

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    The craziest thing about the story for me is the sheer amount of bullshit Sophie Dalzell has managed to get away with throughout this whole ordeal. Maybe its some weird intricacy of the British legal system that I can’t quite comprehend, but like, shouldn’t you just throw her in a jail cell and be done with it?

    Also steer real clear if you’re a police officer, because she’s probably going to try and beat the shit out of you, if this story is any indication.

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    yo dust master, massive fan of “the blog” over here & many congrats on garnering “blog of the year”, “blogger of the year”, & “post of year” nominations at the blog awards. but how about that young lass beth, eh? can we puh-lease get a “babe of the day” post featuring that petite vixen whom we all admire so much? be a trailblazer dude. she’s a most sensational ambassador of the crop top & she seems chill. a big WHAT UP to the UK! keep the blood pumping, chico.

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