• Mia Khalifa Got Some Thirsty, Cringeworthy DMs From Drake

    Mia Khalifa, the Lebanese via Florida pornstar who was recently crowned the most popular pornstar in the world*, revealed last night in an interview with a Miami sports radio told a story about “someone” (99% sure it’s Drake) who has been sliding into her DMs on Instagram with some thirsty, cringeworthy messages.  Continue Reading

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  • Ray J Offers Kim Kardashian Sex Tape Profits As A Wedding Gift

    You know, there was a time where I thought that Ray J was a total scumbag for making terrible music and becoming famous for starring in a sex tape that was orchestrated by his co-star’s mother, but that’s changed.

    I now think that Ray J is not a total scumbag but one of the internet’s best trolls. Why has my opinion changed?

    Because Ray J apparently wants to donate some of the profits from the Kim Kardashian sex tape to Kim Kardashian and Kanye West as a wedding present.

    This is not only shocking because Ray J is showing off his huge balls by making them that offer, but the Kim Kardashian sex tape continues to make money seven years after its release!

    Here’s the breakdown of the wedding gift via TMZ.  Mind you, this is just Ray J’s cut:

    – January:  $6,135.60
    – February: $20,097.31
    – March: $9,674.76
    – April: $10,931.52
    – TOTAL:  $46,840.13

    Yes, even though it’s seven years old and it’s available for free nearly everywhere on the internet, the Kim Kardashian sex tape contines to generate revenue.

    According to Vivid (the distributor of the Kim Kardashian sex tape), Kim Kardashian’s sex tape has grossed over $50 million. $50 million over seven years? That’s not bad. I wonder how Farrah Abraham feels about Kim Kardashian’s lucrative sex tape.

    What’s even crazier to think is that while Ray J makes anywhere from 5 thousand dollars a month to 20 thousand dollars a month from the sex tape, Kim’s share is at least that much. If not more.

    TMZ reached out to Kim Kardashian to see if she’ll be accepting Ray J’s sex tape profit wedding gift, but no word so far. If Kim doesn’t take Ray J’s wedding gift, he plans to donate it to her favorite charity (which incidentally is the Kardashian family itself).

    Now if you’ll excuse me, I need to find a celebrity to shoot a sex tape with because it sounds like a guaranteed way to get cash for life.

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  • Solange Knowles Attacked Jay-Z For Trying To Go To Rihanna’s Party Alone

    So by now, you’ve probably heard that Solange Knowles attacked Jay-Z in an elevator, but it’s been a total mystery as to why Beyonce’s seemingly sweet sister would attack her brother-in-law.

    For those of you who haven’t seen the video yet, watch it below:

    Weird, right?

    It’s just simply a bad idea to attack one of the most powerful men in the music industry if you’re a musician, but it’s an especially bad idea to attack that man if you’re a musician primarily known for being the younger, less popular, and arguably less talented sister of that man’s wife.

    So why would Solange Knowles commit this kind of career suicide? Well, according to The New York Daily News, Solange Knowles hit Jay-Z for planning to go to Rihanna’s party down the street.

    Now, was Solange was incensed for not being invited to a Rihanna party, which from what I’ve heard are the best parties of all time? Possibly.

    It’s also possible that Solange didn’t like the idea of Jay-Z going to a Rihanna party by himself, because that sounds like a prime opportunity to have sex with Rihanna.

    No disrespect to Queen B, who is obviously extremely fine, but if I were married to Beyonce, the only woman I would even consider cheating with would be Rihanna.

    Of course, Beyonce is perfection, but Rihanna’s got a bad-ass-ness to her that ultimately makes her hotter and totally worth cheating on Beyonce for.

    Keep in mind that this nothing more than speculation from an internet-thug who would literally to anything, and I mean ANYTHING, to have sex with Rihanna. Even if I was married to Beyonce.

    To back up these wild claims I’m making, let’s check out some of Rihanna’s sexiest pictures courtesy of Sex.com users so you’ll agree that literally everyone would try to hit that if given the opportunity. Even someone married to Beyonce.

    Source: hotgirlsarchives.com via hotgirlsarchives on Sex.com

    Source: imgur.com via twor76 on Sex.com

    Source: temptingbliss.tumblr.com via karloz5645 on Sex.com

    Source: amelyast.tumblr.com via amelya on Sex.com

    Source: girlnakedall.com via bechunter on Sex.com

    Source: damhotgirls.com via carolsm on Sex.com

    Source: onlynakedgirl.com via richardro on Sex.com

    Source: besthotgirlspics.com via BestHotGirlsPics on Sex.com

    Source: damhotgirls.com via carolsm on Sex.com

    Source: besthotgirlspics.com via BestHotGirlsPics on Sex.com

    Source: damhotgirls.com via carolsm on Sex.com

    Source: alexandra-blog.com via yepuras on Sex.com

    Source: ebonysexyqueens.tumblr.com via SexyLadiesPics on Sex.com

    Source: imgur.com via twor76 on Sex.com

    Source: besthotgirlspics.com via BestHotGirlsPics on Sex.com

    Source: feedproxy.google.com via CreepShots on Sex.com

    Source: imgur.com via twor76 on Sex.com

    Source: imgur.com via twor76 on Sex.com

    Source: besthotgirlspics.com via BestHotGirlsPics on Sex.com

    Source: Uploaded by user via marieetpierre on Sex.com

    Yeah, I think you see why trying to have sex with Rihanna is something all men would try to do.

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  • Anna Kendrick uses Sex.com?

    Anna Kendrick

    Anna Kendrick

    Y’all know Anna Kendrick? Her latest album Good Kid, M.A.A.D. City was not only one of the best hip hop albums in recent memory but it was also probably the best album of last year.

    Hang on, sorry. I was thinking of Kendrick Lamar. I always mix those two up. Anna Kendrick is that adorable and sexy actress you may remember from such films as Twilight, Up in the Air, Scott Pilgrim vs. the World, and most recently Pitch Perfect.

    The other day she tweeted, “Ugh – NEVER going to a Ryan Gosling movie in a theater again. Apparently masturbating in the back row is still considered ‘inappropriate'”. The tweet currently has over 30,000 retweets and 25,000 favorites.

    Normally we’d just have a chuckle and move on, except someone’s been pinning lots of Ryan Gosling pictures to Sex.com. Here’s a screenshot we took from earlier today when we doing our daily look around Sex.com:

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  • Anne Hathaway’s upskirt

    Anne Hathaway’s junk

    So Monday night, Anne Hathaway was getting out of a limousine to attend the premier of her new movie Les Misérables.

    She had a little oops. As she explained to Vanity Fair, “I was getting out of the car and my dress was so tight that I didn’t realize it until I saw all the photographers’ flashes. It was devastating.”

    But really, is it that big of a deal?

    Had anyone seen her movie Havoc, you would’ve seen a whole lot more. Or maybe not, I don’t know. I haven’t seen Havoc, no one has. Apparently she’s a real bad girl in it, showing her boobs and presumably flashing her vagina as she gets out of limousines.

    I’d like to speak directly to Ms Hathaway, if I may…

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  • We’ll pay Lindsay Lohan’s debts for a sex scene

    There are two rules to live by, guys:

    1) Wear a condom

    A lot of people will tell you not wear a condom but these people are trying to kill you, so don’t listen to them. Another large group of people will tell you to only wear a condom while having sex but that can only save you for so long.

    What you should be doing is wearing a condom at all hours of the day. This will protect you from nasty little diseases should your tip touch the edge of a rest-stop bathroom and will keep the shaft of your penis zit free because if you’re anything like me, your tiny hands are always covered in grease. Penis-zits or “Dick-zits” aren’t very much fun. Especially when your wife decides to pop one in your sleep.

    2) Pay your taxes

    Sure, paying your taxes is a real pain in the butt but not paying your taxes is an even bigger pain in the butt! Just take a look at Lindsay Lohan. She had not paid her taxes in God knows how long and now she’s paying the price. Rumor is she owes roughly $300k to the IRS and they’ve seized her bank accounts until she pays off the debt.

    But don’t worry Lindsay Lohan fans,Sex.com is here to help.

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  • Sex.com offers $1,000,000 for Kanye’s sex-tape

    Cool guy Kanye West

    Yeezy’s obsession with Kim Kardashian before they started dating has been well-documented. He apparently could not get off unless he was watching Kim’s famous sex-tape, no matter how many hot girls he was with at the time.

    Even after they got together, he’s been boasting about her sex-tape. In his new song “Clique”, Kanye raps, “Eat breakfast at Gucci. My girl a superstar all from a home movie.”

    But today we found out just how obsessed with Kim he is/was. Radar Online has obtained a twenty-minute long sex-tape featuring Kanye West and an 18 year-old girl who apparently looks exactly like Kim Kardashian.

    Here’s what we know about the tape: they never kiss, they don’t interact any further than simply doing the deed, in various positions throughout, Kanye wears a condom, and the 18 year-old doppelganger says at one point, “My husband and I don’t have sex anymore… that’s why I’m here!”

    Kanye is apparently freaking out about this video getting. And though we loved College Dropout, Sex.com couldn’t help but making an offer on the footage. A cool million, no questions asked is our offer.

    Check out the press release:

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  • Rob Gronkowski poses with Bibi Jones again

    The original twitter picture of Bibi and Gronk

    The summer of Gronk continues even though the NFL season is under way.

    Ron Gronkowski set the NFL record for tight ends last season with 18 total touchdowns (17 receiving, one rushing) and yards (1,327) but has also been working on setting a record for off-the-field antics. The Patriots brass reprimanded him earlier this year for partying too hard.

    Last year during his bye week, Gronk posed with porn star Bibi Jones (as you can see just to the right) for a picture posted on her Twitter. When this picture surfaced, the tight end (Ron Gronkowski not Bibi Jones) was forced to make a public apology. It may seem short-sighted to pose shirtless with a porn star wearing your jersey but Bibi revealed that Gronk brings his jersey on trips for times like these.

    Since then Bibi Jones has retired from the industry, going by her legal name Britney Maclin. As Britney, she is still actively tweets explicit pictures on herself on her twitter (@Britney_Maclin) most recently a new picture of her with Gronk.

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  • Kim Kardashian’s Porn Star Threesome

    Did Kim Kardashian have a threesome with two porn stars at swinger’s party in 2001?

    Kim Kardashian

    As one would expect, Kim’s representation deny that it happened. Of course with all the rumors about her sex life, her staff probably has a standard statement that they use whenever one pops up.

    Porn actor Julian St Jox (as well as another anonymous source, according to Radar) assures us that she did. He and porn star Emily Ann saw a 20 year old Kim Kardashian enter the party with a black male (presumably Damon Thomas, her first husband).

    Jox recalls, “As soon as Kim walked in, everyone was looking. She wasn?t known at the time at all, not like today, but for everyone who frequented these parties, she was interesting because she was a new face.”

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