• Lisa Ann Talks Candidly About Fucking Athletes

    Last week, the NBA All-Star game descended on New York City. And while you were seducing your sweetheart for Valentine’s Day or watching Russell Westbrook dunk so hard he hit his head on the backboard, GQ caught up with former-pornstar Lisa Ann to find out how some of your favorite players might be spending their free time. (HINT: they’re ploughing some strange pussy!)

    For your reading pleasure, here’s an annotated version of Lisa Ann’s interview with GQ:

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  • How To Date Alexandra Daddario

    Moments after we declared Alexandra Daddario’s nude scene in True Detective to be the best nude scene of 2014, GQ magazine did us all a huge favor by finding out how one would date Alexandra Daddario.

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  • Emily Ratajkowski Is Back & Basically Nude

    If you’ve been to your local newsstand lately (lol. jk. print media is dead), you may have noticed that the busty and bodacious “Blurred Lines” babe Emily Ratajkowski has graced the cover of this month’s GQ wearing hardly anything at all.

    GQ has just declared Emily Ratajkowski to be the “Girl of the Summer” 2014. Doesn’t that sound terribly anachronistic? I mean…the “Blurred Lines” music video came out in March 2013 and that secured Emily Ratajkowski as “Girl of the Summer” 2013…didn’t it?

    All last summer, I couldn’t go on the internet without seeing new pictures of the hot, new busty brunette with a name whose pronunciation was open to so many different interpretations.

    The reason GQ has given Emily Ratajkowski “Girl of the Summer” for a second year in a row is because they’re starting to hype up Emily’s fancy new acting career. You see, Emily Ratajkowski has a role in the new David Fincher movie Gone Girl that’s set to come out in October. By driving it into our heads that Emily Ratajkowski is more than a hot babe who shows her big tits to the internet in tasteful ways, there won’t be such a backlash when we see her feature film debut. And if we accept her as an actress, then she’ll just be an actress.

    The real question is: can Emily Ratajkowski act?

    Probably. I seem to remember getting an A in my high school drama class for not even showing up, so it’s my understanding that acting is extremely easy.

    But luckily, if Emily Ratajkowski foray into acting doesn’t work out, at least she has something to fall back on…posing basically nude:

    Source: via youngchop on

    Source: via youngchop on

    Source: via youngchop on

    Source: via youngchop on

    And also this behind the scenes video is pretty dope:

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  • Miranda Kerr Topless in GQ UK


    Miranda Kerr

    Miranda Kerr is totally winning her divorce with Orlando Bloom.

    While Orlando Bloom toils in Peter Jackson’s Tolkien-themed, New Zealand dungeon, Miranda Kerr is out on the town, posing topless, and considering having lesbian sex.  Continue Reading

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  • Katy Perry’s Boobiful GQ Pictures


    Katy Perry

    I’ll admit it, I’m a huge Katy Perry fan.

    It’s not just that she takes clichés and turns them into song lyrics. It’s not just that she’s  spreading a message of female empowerment.

    No, what makes me a Katy Perry fan is her big, beautiful breasts that she’s so happy to display for all her fans to enjoy.

    I had lost faith in Katy when she started dating Russell Brand and then I totally wrote her off when she started dating John Mayer. However, Katy’s redeemed herself by exposing some serious cleavage on the February 2014 issue of GQ.

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  • How To Date Emily Ratajkowski


    Emily Ratajkowski

    When I first heard “Blurred Lines” by Robin Thicke, I was totally indifferent to it. It’s a catchy song, but it’s also not my kind of music.

    Now, I’ve come to realize that “Blurred Lines” is probably the best thing to happen in 2013 because it’s made Emily Ratajkowski a huge star.

    Emily Ratajkowski is featured topless and posing all kinds of sexy in the new issue of GQ. Let’s get a sneak peek of Emily in GQ:


    Emily Ratajkowski, boobs, pizza, rocket-ships, burgers, and ice cream?

    It’s like the photographer (Terry Richardson) was like, “What are six things that Chico Dusty loves?” They totally nailed it. Emily looks better than ever!

    But those photos aren’t even the best part.

    GQ has posted a short behind the scenes video where Emily Ratajkowski gives you all the tips you need to date her.

    Watch it now!

    Great! Now I know how to date Emily Ratajkowski. Too bad so does everyone else…


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  • “GQ’s 100 Sexiest Women” reviewed

    Two weeks ago, Beyonce’s GQ cover leaked onto the internet. After seeing the cover, we had no choice but to declare Beyonce Knowles as the world’s hottest MILF. But that was just the cover! We knew when we say the caption, “The 100 Sexiest Women of the 21st Century starting with Beyonce” we had to buy this issue of GQ and review their choices for the 100 Sexiest Women of the 21st Century…

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  • Leaked photo of world’s hottest MILF

    Jennifer Coolidge, #2 MILF of all-time

    Do you ever find yourself wondering why MILFs are so great?

    Unfortunately, your love of other mothers most likely harkens back to Oedipal urges buried deep within your subconscious…but we don’t need to talk about that!

    Let’s put Freud aside and just agree that we’re not being Oedipal and that some moms are just hot ladies who also happen to be mothers.

    MILF is a term that gets tossed around a bit too liberally these days. Most of the time it’s just used to describe an older looking woman, completely disregarding the “M” in the acronym. To be a MILF, you have to be a mother. Those are just the rules, so please try to abide by them.

    Now that I have sufficiently bored you with the semantics of MILF-dom, allow me to present a leaked photo of the world’s hottest MILF.

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