• Good Touch: Erogenous Zone Behind the Knees

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    I know it’s hard not to stare at that ass but try to focus on the back of the knees

    Because we started to run out of sex positions for you to try in our recurring sex tip,Try This Sex Position, we’re starting another sex tip series on the Blog called Good Touch: Your Guide to Erogenous Zones. (We are open to changing the name. Maybe to Know Your Zone? Please suggest something in the comments)

    A lot of men think that the best way to turn a woman on is to jump straight to the clitoris and start playing with it. Playing with the clitoris is something you eventually want to do but it’s so sensitive that playing with it right away could be more uncomfortable than arousing. So if the clitoris is off limits, what the heck are you supposed to do to put a lady in the mood?

    Oprah says that good foreplay starts in the morning. Make her breakfast, tell her she looks nice, etc. But that’s all well and good for Oprah, but what are we supposed to do when the foreplay escalates to touching and we can’t flick the clit like we’re used to.

    Luckily, the human body is covered in secret erogenous zones that when properly stimulated can arouse women with orgasmic results. Last time you learned that a woman’s back was one of her secret erogenous zones. Today, we’ll be looking one of the weirdest erogenous zones known to man: the back of the knee.  Continue Reading

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