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  • International Day of Happiness Top 10!


    Don’t worry. Be happy.

    Is it just me or is there some made up holiday for every single day of the year? For example, I bet you didn’t know that today (March 20th) is International Day of Happiness.

    What is International Day of Happiness?

    It’s the lovechild of the United Nations and Action For Happiness to promote real happiness and not consumer happiness. They believe that real happiness doesn’t come from buying and consuming commercial goods. Which is a nice idea but it’s awfully presumptuous. Who are they to say that the happiness I feel when buying a new, fly pair of shoes is any less real than the happiness I feel when a fly lady puts her titties in my face? It’s all happiness.

    Regardless of how stupid it is to argue what is real happiness and fake happiness, I’m feeling festive (especially after how much of a downer the last post was). So in celebration of International Happiness Day, here are 10 things that make you happyContinue Reading

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  • Ashley Sky’s Banned Buffalo Commercial


    Ashley Sky

    Brazilian (by way of Central Florida) model Ashley Sky is the new face of Buffalo Jeans.

    While that does sound like excellent news because it surely means more Ashley Sky in our lives, there is just one slight problem.

    As you know, Ashley Sky is extremely sexy. She’s so sexy that her commercial for Buffalo Jeans that features her prancing around the beach and getting her white tank top all wet to the point where she has to take it off and pose for the camera with just a hand-bra because you can see her tits clear as day through that wet tank top…wait what was I talking about?

    Oh yeah. Ashley Sky’s Buffalo Jeans commercial has been banned from Youtube because it is far too sexy. The Youtube-ban isn’t surprising because Ashley Sky’s see through tank top and hand-bra isn’t something that the world should see. I mean if everyone were to see Ashley Sky’s tits through that tank top, it would surely make all other tits seem totally irrelevant.

    Thankfully, since the commercial is only banned from Youtube, we can still watch it on Vimeo. But be warned, her boobs may ruin all other boobs for you.

    I can’t help but think that the Youtube-ban is also a good idea because when you see Ashley Sky topless on a tropical beach, it really makes you reevaluate all the decisions you’ve made in your life up to this point in an attempt to figure out why you’re not on that beach with her.



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  • Rebecca Romijn’s New Hand Bra

    Rebecca Romijn hand bra

    Rebecca Romijn

    Your favorite actress / supermodel Rebecca Romijn has an amazing new bra that you’re all going to want to try!

    It’s Rebecca Romijn’s Hand Bra!

    I wish I hadn’t lost all that weight and lost my man-boobs. I’d make sure to be in the Los Angeles area all the time if it meant Rebecca Romijn could support my soft, hairy chest.

    Better start eating!

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