• New Keisha Grey Video Proves She’s On a Whole ‘Nother Level

    I’ve been trying to write this post for almost a week now, but I can’t seem to properly articulate how I feel about this new Keisha Grey video. But nothing I can think of truly does it justice.

    So I will just say this: Keisha Grey is on a whole ‘nother level lately.

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  • Another Look At 4K Porn

    About 6 months ago, a new porn company called Huccio was launched and it was the first porn company to ever shoot porn in 4K.

    When their debut was announced, I was kind of critical of Huccio and 4K porn because though it’s possible for studios to now shoot in 4K, from what I understand the average person isn’t equipped to view 4K video in its true form. What we see, unless you have a computer screen or TV with high enough resolution, isn’t actual 4K but just a glorified HD.

    Since Huccio’s launch, 4K porn is becoming more common. Personally, I see this as a testament to the gullibility of consumers. All you have to do nowadays is slap two initials on your product whether it be 4K, HD, 3D, VR, or whatever and all of a sudden you have people lined up around the block ready to empty their wallets. (Well, not exactly because this is still the porn industry, where consumers refuse to pay for anything.)

    I think The Simpsons demonstrated how easily manipulated consumers are in the “Lisa vs. Malibu Stacy” episode. Just when Lisa’s “Lisa Lionheart” dolls hit the stores, a crate of “new” Malibu Stacy dolls arrives to block the crowd from buying her doll. “They changed Malibu Stacy!” one person exclaims. “She is better than ever!” says another. Lisa is quick to point out that Malibu Stacy still embodies all the awful stereotypes she did before, the only thing they’ve changed is her hat. And then Smithers says, “But she’s got a new hat!” And then the crowd goes wild for the new Malibu Stacy’s with new hat.

    That’s kind of how I feel about the 4K porn craze. No one can really tell the difference between 4K and HD, because they’re not equipped to be able to see a difference. But still, a new hat is a new hat. And if there are porn videos with new initials next to it, you got to have it.

    Anyways, the whole point of this post is that I got an email from someone at Huccio with a link to their latest 4K porn trailer and this message, “The highest quality glam porn in 4k. Tell me it doesn’t look good.”

    Well, I watched the trailer (and you will too in a second) and I have to admit that while I can’t see any difference between HD and this supposed 4K porn. That’s because there is no difference. In the video’s description they say, “The streaming above is 1080p, to get 4k – Click “DOWNLOAD” for the original 4K file.” So I downloaded the video and I still couldn’t tell the difference.

    So 4K porn might just be a “new hat” but it’s not all bad. Huccio’s cinematography has a look and feel that’s light-years ahead of other porn studios. So while the video quality discrepancy may be negligible, it’s worth noting that Huccio’s overall visual-style and vibe makes it a site worth supporting.

    OK. That’s enough of me flapping my yap, let’s watch Huccio’s Volume 1 Trailer:

    HUCCIO VOLUME 001 TRAILER – 4K ULTRA HD EROTICA from huccio on Vimeo.

    If you have any additional thoughts on the future of 4K porn, Huccio, “new hats”, or whatever, please feel free to share them in the comments.

    And check out Huccio.com.

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  • Is 4K the Future of Porn


    4K Porn

    Back in October 2013, a company named Huccio announced that they would be providing the world with the first ever 4K PornContinue Reading

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