• See The Interracial Porn Pics That Nearly Cost Larry Flynt His Life

    Hustler Magazine’s Anniversary 2015 issue, on quality newsstands now, celebrates four decades of sex and free speech with a number of special presentations. The collector’s editing showcases 41 historic years of pushing boundaries by offering a glimpse behind the scenes by a former top editor, a look at Hustler’s impact on social issues and the interracial layout that spurred the assassination attempt Hustler owner Larry Flynt.  Continue Reading

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  • Venus In Furs: A Little History In Two Parts

    Dan Singer is a dungeon master, film director and BDSM educational author at Wasteland and has been actively involved in the BDSM scene since 1975.  You can see more of his writings and films at Wasteland.com

    Part I

    Most people have a vague idea that sado-masochism (or as it is sometimes written, sadomasochism or sado/masochism) is named for two people; one of them into inflicting pain (sadism) and one of them into having pain inflicted (masochism). These two men are The Marquis de Sade, born in 1740 and author of many erotic writings including, most famously, Justine, about a man who enjoys inflicting pain upon his mistress. Leopold von Sacher-Masoch, born in 1880, also wrote erotic stories, the most famous of which was called Venus in Furs in which he describes being whipped by a woman while grovelling at her feet dressed in furs like a dog.

    The pleasure/pain dyad was certainly not unknown before this however; as far back as the Middle Ages, many Christian people flogged themselves as punishment during the plague. These “flagellants” took the Black Death to be a sign from God that the end of the world was near. They would process through the streets of towns, beating themselves with chains, rods and sticks, and scourging their flesh. They thought they could atone for their sins through pain, and be spared death by plague, or at the very least, gain God’s forgiveness before death in this way. Regardless of whether these flagellants felt sexual pleasure in this pain (and no doubt some of them did), they did take pleasure in the way their self-inflicted pain brought them closer to God. Continue Reading

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  • Sex Tips from 1894 Are Really Stupid and Make Sex Sound Lame

    But newsflash, sex ain’t actually lame. Still, if the idea that sex is lame is being continually drilled into your brain by the media, you’d probably start to believe it. Like how I believe that 9/11 was an inside job after watching ‘Spare Change’ on Youtube 800 times consecutively.

    You know how you read sex tips in magazines like Cosmo and the like, and you think to yourself, “None of these sex tips sound even remotely arousing and in fact most of them are completely ridiculous and sound painful/disgusting?” Well, though I admittedly don’t read Cosmo very often, the above question is what’s usually running through my mind when I do.

    It turns out that horrible sex advice pointers have been doled out for over a century, and probably even further back than that. Cosmo, the magazine I was just dissing, recently posted some sex tips from 1894, and they’re actually pretty interesting. It seems like back then, women were trying their goddamn fucking hardest to hoodwink their husbands into never having sex.

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  • Sex.com: A Visual History

    You might have heard that the world wide web turned 25 this week. In celebration of this milestone, I decided to use the Wayback Machine to see how Sex.com, the most expensive domain name of all time, has evolved.  Continue Reading

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  • The first ever computer art a pin-up girl

    Computers and images of sexy babes are a match made in heaven. But would you believe that the first ever piece of computer generated artwork was a sexy pin-up girl?

    Have a look:


    Computer pin-up girl, circa 1956

    This image comes from 1956. This particular computer was the largest ever built. It cost $238 million dollars and it was designed to guard the United States against a Cold War apocalypse. Yet that didn’t stop someone from using it for pornography.

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