• Yet Another HIV Scare Halted Porn Production Over The Weekend

    On Friday, the Free Speech Coalition, the non-profit trade association of the pornography and adult entertainment industry in the United States, called for a precautionary production hold after a possible positive test for HIV by an adult performer.  Continue Reading

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  • Porn Production Halts After Possible HIV Exposure

    The Free Speech Coalition, the adult industry’s trade association, has called for a three-day halt on all porn production following the report of a possible HIV exposure on a film set.  Continue Reading

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  • Porn Production Halts After Positive HIV Test

    Well this fucking sucks. All porn production in California, Miami and Las Vegas was stopped yesterday when the Free Speech Coalition revealed that a pornstar has tested positive for HIV. Though it’s still not 100% confirmed that a currently unknown pornstar has contracted HIV, everyone is taking the necessary precautions to avoid an HIV outbreak in the porn industry.

    “There was a positive test at one of our testing center. Confirmatory tests are not yet back but we are taking every precaution to protect performers and to determine if there’s been any threat to the performer,” said FSC CEO Diane Duke.

    “We take the health of our performers very seriously and felt that it was better to err on the side of caution while we determine whether anyone else may have been exposed.”

    While porn production is stopped, the FSC will be performing additional tests to confirm that the performer is indeed HIV positive, determine a timeline and identify any first generation partners that may have been exposed.

    “We want to make sure all performers are protected. The performers’ health and safety is the most important thing,” Duke added.

    Until the positive test result is confirmed, a timeline established and those affected alerted, there should not be any porn shot.

    Porn moratoriums are hard on the industry. Pornstars are not only worried about their health but their financial security as they can’t work until everything is sorted out. The first reaction is obviously to point the finger and make the carrier a pariah. However the Adult Performer Advocacy Committee is pleading that the members of the adult entertainment community stand together:

    “The Adult Performer Advocacy Committee’s mission is to support the safety, happiness, and well-being of individual performers, and our community. Therefore we stand against blaming specific performers for contracting HIV, and we encourage them to take steps to ensure HIV-negative scene partners are not exposed. We also firmly stand against any homophobia (ie blaming “crossover” performers or gay studios) in a time of industry moratorium.

    APAC is asking all performers to refrain from exchanging body fluids during this moratorium. This includes girl-girl only performers, trans performers, “gay” performers, queer performers, and “straight” performers, and includes performers based out of Los Angeles, San Francisco, Las Vegas, Miami, New York, and anywhere else adult productions are shot in the United States or with performers who have recently been here. This also includes trade shoots and recreational activities.

    The blending of gay and straight performers; transgender and cisgender performers; queer, homo- and heterosexual sexualities; is an increasing reality in our industry. There is no “gay” or “straight” industry, even if there are straight and gay audiences. 

    HIV is not transmitted by gay people to straight people, it is transmitted from a positive partner to a negative partner by very specific sexual acts that are not specific to sexual orientation.”

    Personally, we don’t need to wonder who tested positive for HIV but why these moratoriums are happening so frequently. Between 1998 and 2004, there were no HIV scares in the porn industry. Since 2009, there has been a porn moratorium every year.

    It was this time last year, a moratorium on shooting porn was put in place when it was revealed a pornstar had tested positive for HIV (later we discovered that it was Cameron Bay). Before that in 2012, Mr. Marcus caused a syphilis outbreak.

    So why does this keep happening? Is it that male pornstars keep crossing over to gay porn to make ends meat? Is it because female pornstars have to resort to escorting to supplement their shrinking income thanks to piracy? Is it because proper sex education is lacking throughout the United States?

    Maybe it’s a combination of all three. Maybe it’s something else. But whatever it is, something needs to be done.

    While we wait for confirmation of the positive HIV test results, our thoughts are with the performer that tested positive and everyone affected by the moratorium.

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  • HIV Positive Test Shuts Porn Industry Down For a Fourth Time

    Get Tested!

    Get Tested!

    The porn industry has shut down for the fourth time this year in light of another pornstar testing positive for HIV.

    The HIV positive performer in question is allegedly male pornstar TJ Cummings. Apparently, TJ was being tested regularly up until October 25th. He did not get another test until December where he tested positive for HIV on December 3rd.

    What’s frightening about TJ’s test results is that he was unaccounted for an entire month and it’s still unclear whether or not he’s spread the HIV within the industry. One thing that’s deeply concerning are the text messages that TJ Cummings sent to Pressley Carter on December 5th, which Mike South posted on his blog.

    Take a look:



    Here we have TJ Cummings aware of his HIV-positive status and still trying to book work that would likely cause the infection to spread within the industry. Now, based on these screenshots, it’s very easy to blame TJ Cummings. However, his side of the story makes things a little bit more complicated…

    TJ Cummings spoke to Mike South about his HIV-positive status and said that, “that TTS called him on Wednesday December the 4th and notified him that there was a problem with his test. They sent him the results of everything BUT his HIV test. He said they told him that ‘this was not unusual and that he had nothing to worry about” and that they had gotten no results from his first test”.

    According to TJ, he’s never escorted in his life and he hasn’t done a webcam show in 6 months. All of his sexual partners since October 1st, both on and off camera, have been notified.

    What I don’t understand is why Talent Testing Services (or TTS) handled the HIV-positive test so nonchalantly? Especially since there was another HIV scare in the porn industry as early as August.

    Some people will be quick to use TJ’s HIV as yet another reason why the porn industry needs mandatory condoms, however I’m still not convinced because there’s no evidence that he contracted HIV while shooting. More testing isn’t the answer either because pornstars have to pay for their own tests and testing every three days or something just isn’t cost effective for them.

    But then again, I don’t have any ideas on how to solve the problem. How can we protect our beloved pornstars from contracting HIV and other diseases?

    Please feel free to leave your thoughts on how we can protect our pornstars in the comments.

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  • Cameron Bay’s HIV+ Status Confirmed

    Cameron Bay HIV positive pornstar

    Cameron Bay

    Yesterday, we wrote about Cameron Bay and her HIV positive test results. At that time, the HIV positive test results were still unconfirmed.

    Sadly, Cameron Bay’s HIV positive status has been confirmed.

    The following statement was issued by the trade association for the adult industry, the Free Speech Coalition:

    “In cooperation with ATMLA, LATATA, FSC and APHSS, we are saddened to report that the tests involving performer Cameron Bay have been confirmed as positive for HIV. Both Cutting Edge Testing (CET) and Talent Testing Services (TTS) have run separate tests and have confirmed this information.  Continue Reading

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  • HIV Positive Pornstar “Unconfirmed”


    Cameron Bay, a female adult performer, may have tested positive for HIV. Continue Reading

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  • Adult Perfomer Tests Positive for HIV

    Sometimes even condoms can't save you...

    Sometimes even condoms can’t save you…

    The following statement was issued by the Adult Production Health & Safety Services on June 14th, 2013:

    “An adult performer has tested positive for HIV. This performer worked exclusively on condom-only sets. As a precautionary measure, APHSS is providing retests for the small number of performers with which the infected individual had performed. All retests have come back negative and there is no indication that any transmission — including that of the positive performer — happened on set.”


    Terrible news.

    The worst part of this story? The performer that contracted HIV is said to have only worked on condom-only porn movies.  Continue Reading

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