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  • Dani Daniels Gets Glammed Out


    Dani Daniels

    I think I’ve been watching too much of Dani Daniel’s Vine porn. Not that there’s anything with Dani Daniels’s Vine porn. I just forgot that on top of being a goofy and sexy babe she’s also a seriously sexy babe. Check out these new pictures from of Dani Daniels via Holly Randall:  Continue Reading

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  • Holly Randall’s Gaydar Is Broken

    Before Holly Randall was the world’s best erotic photographer, she wrote a column for Sex.com. Because Holly Randall isn’t just a beautiful woman and talented photographer, she’s also a great writer!

    Holly’s been kind enough to dig up some of her old pieces and let us re-share them with the internet.

    Today, Holly Randall has taken some time off from shooting the best erotic photos for Playboy, Twisty’s, and HollyRandall.com to talk about the difficulties of dating with a broken gaydar.

    He was my type: tall, skinny, intellectual, and a bit shy. He was also slightly punky, a testament to my high school years when I used to wear a lot of black and listen to Screeching Weasel and Minor Threat, and decided that dyeing my hair blue was a really good idea.

    He was the teacher’s assistant in my Greek Mythology class at UCLA, and unlike the professor who tended to spit into his audience as he released his incredibly fiery diatribes, my crush remained quiet next to the projector screen. He was either reading his notes or pretending to be mildly amused by the professor’s enthusiasm on the subject of sympathetic magic and the importance of Lamellae plates in magic rituals. And I imagine he also noticed that the excitement produced an abundance of salvia (which has no choice but to be expelled somehow) in our learned professor’s mouth.

    In group sessions, which were held once a week, I was his favorite. I must admit, I’m a bit of a teacher’s pet– I always sit in the front of the class, answer and ask questions, and arrive early. By the second week my professors always knew my name. This gorgeous TA always praised my essays, my literary interpretations, and my participation in discussions. I was sure he was hitting on me. I knew my professor did.  Continue Reading

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  • Porn’s Next Top Model – Holly Randall Archives

    Before Holly Randall was the world’s best erotic photographer, she wrote a column for Sex.com. Because Holly Randall isn’t just a beautiful woman and talented photographer, she’s also a great writer!

    Holly’s been kind enough to dig up some of her old pieces and let us re-share them with the internet.

    In this latest piece from the Holly Randall archives, “Porn’s Next Top Model”, talks about the difficulties of casting new porn models. 

    It’s important to note that Holly no longer works for her mother Suze Randall. Holly has her own website, which you should check out as soon as possible: HollyRandall.com.

    I can only imagine how nerve wracking it must be — testing for us as a potential model for adult scenes. Hopefuls park in an alley in front of a fairly indistinct red brick building, with the only sign that it’s a studio is exactly that — a sign that reads: “Parking for Randall. All others will be towed at owner’s expense.” All the other buildings in the alley are body shops and storage buildings — and then, plopped right in the middle, is the place where “the magic happens.”

    As much as I try not to make the experience like a cattle call, often I’m so busy shuffling parked cars, Xeroxing models’ IDs and trying to calm my mother down that I don’t have time to be personable and work on making the model feel comfortable.

    In fact, I can recall one incident where I truly did feel like I was directing a factory line of models — an agent brought in 10 girls at once on an extremely busy day. Suze was already shooting on set, so I had to herd the girls in, one by one, to the makeup room and stuff them in the corner. Most of the girls — in fact, nine of them — weren’t even remotely close to what we were looking for, so I simply shot two Polaroid pictures of each out of politeness. I can’t imagine how much film I’ve wasted because I couldn’t bring myself to tell the girls they didn’t have a chance in hell of getting booked by us.  Continue Reading

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  • Holly Randall’s Rape Fantasy

    If you like sexy pictures, then you’re a Holly Randall fan. It’s a known fact that Holly Randall is not just an erotic photographer, she takes better erotic photos than anyone else in the whole wide world.

    It’s also a known fact that Holly Randall used to write for Sex.com, before it became the site that it is today.

    While Holly Randall is beautiful and talented, she’s also cool as hell. How cool? She’s letting us rerelease some of her old articles for the old Sex.com. 

    Continue Reading

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  • “No I Won’t Be Your Fluffer” by Holly Randall

    Before Holly Randall was the best erotic photographer in the world, she wrote a column for the old Sex.com. I asked Holly if I could rerelease some of her old columns (which thankfully she still had) and she was on board.

    Please enjoy this very special blog post written by the one and only Holly Randall.

    Make sure to visit http://www.hollyrandall.com to see why she’s the best erotic photographer in the world.

    It may sound funny to suggest that a pornographer has moral boundaries, but I do have certain lines that I won’t cross. But the day came when I’d reached one of those lines — one I really didn’t want to cross. At this moment, it appeared that either I was going to have to compromise my integrity, or I was going to lose money on a failed photo shoot. What’s disturbing is that I was almost prepared to do the former.

    I was shooting a centerfold for Playgirl magazine, and what I’d always dreaded, but what I’d always suspected, had happened. The model, expecting some kind of female fluffer on set, discovered that I was to be the only girl present that day. Yes, I was the photographer, but why couldn’t I perform double-duty?

    “You know Holly, you’re going to have to fluff me today,” Continue Reading

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  • Elle Alexandra for Playboy Plus

    Elle Alexandra

    Elle Alexandra

    The Sex.com Blog is governed by few rules. Even then, I’m not inclined to respect or acknowledge any of these rules.

    One rule that I do respect is post as much Elle Alexandra as you can.


    Because Elle Alexandra is a total babe and I would be doing a disservice to you, the loyal pawns of the Sex.com Blog, if I didn’t share sexy new Elle Alexandra pictures.

    What would be the point of hoarding these pics anyways?

    Sex.com is all about sharing the best sexy stuff on the internet. Sexy pictures, sexy videos, whatever. If it’s sexy, then it’s our duty to make it easy and accessible to everyone over 18.

    Anyways, Elle Alexandra’s new photos come from Playboy Plus, and they were shot by the amazing Holly Randall. Maybe it’s just me, but for me Holly Randall is the best erotic photographer working right now.

    If you don’t agree that Holly Randall is the best or you’re not familiar with her work, just look at these sexy new pictures she took of Elle Alexandra. If these pictures were any hotter, it would be like opening the arc of the covenant (lots of face-melting).


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