• New Tinder-Style App Is Guaranteed to Get You Laid (For A Price)

    Are you guys already on Tinder?

    If you said yes, then you already know that 99% of the time Tinder is an abyss of disappointment.

    Tinder was supposed to make casual sex easy by matching you with hot, local singles for no strings attached fun, but everyone’s so damn self-conscious about being on Tinder that you never get to hook up with the hot, local singles you’re matched with. Which is fine if you’re only using Tinder to reassure yourself that someone within 100 miles of your current location would fuck you, but for those of us actually trying to have casual sex, it’s time to try a new app.

    Thank God there is now an alternative to Tinder called Peppr. I guarantee that this app will get you laid because instead of matching you with hot, local singles, Peppr matches you with hot, local escorts.

    Some of you might subscribe to the George Costanza sex and parking analogy that states, “Why should I pay for it when, if I apply myself, I could get it for free?” So why should you pay for sex?

    No one says you should. But if you’ve got certain tastes, like kinks, pubic hair preferences, skin color preferences, you’re better off paying for it than not since Peppr allows you to set refining filters that will help you find exactly what you’re looking for.

    Using the app is free if you’re a sex worker, but the app collects $7 to $14 for booking fees from clients, which is shared with the sex workers.

    From what I can tell, Peppr is only available in Germany at the moment since prostitution has been legal there since 2002.

    So far, the Peppr app’s founder Pia Poppenreiter has said that she’s received positive feedback from the sex workers using the app since it’s safer than the streets (though all anonymous hook ups have their risks but we don’t need to think about that now).

    peppr 650x0 New Tinder Style App Is Guaranteed to Get You Laid (For A Price)

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  • Closing The Orgasm Gap: How To Make Women Cum During Casual Sex

    Now that women are having more casual sex, sex-scholars have discovered what they believe to be an “orgasm gap”.

    The orgasm gap theory basically states that women will enjoy about one orgasm for every three orgasms a man enjoys. According to a study by the Kinsey Institute, women are twice as likely to orgasm when they have sex with a sexual partner they’ve been in a long term relationship as opposed to a one night stand or casual sex. Meanwhile, men are twice as likely to orgasm during casual sex or a one night stand.

    So while we’re all having a lot of fun fucking whoever we want with no emotional connection or relationship to spoil the sex, the truth is that women are getting the short end of the dick stick. That ain’t right!

    But don’t worry ladies, you’re in luck. Social psychologist and sex educator Dr. Justin Lehmiller of The Psychology of Human Sexuality fame collect 13,484 responses from college-aged women in an online survey to determine what makes women orgasm when they’re having casual sex. And lucky for us, Dr. Lehmiller compiled all his findings in this handy infographic.

    Pay close attention if you want to help close the orgasm gap, or at the very least help the woman you’re having casual sex orgasm for once:  Continue Reading

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  • Casual Sex Isn’t Good For Orgasms

    2335582 incredible fuck pussy photo with a hot lesbian brunette Casual Sex Isnt Good For Orgasms

    You know what this face means. (Orgasm)

    Casual sex can be a lot of fun. You just stick it in, squirm around for a while, then you cum, and you say, “Hey! That was pretty cool that we just had sex and we’re not even interested in each other. Let me know if you would like to have sex again sometime tomorrow. I’m going to go now.” And then you leave with absolutely no repercussions.

    It’s way better than sex with my miserable wife. Whenever I’m about to leave after sex, she always says, “Where are you going?”

    Thank goodness for cigarettes, otherwise I wouldn’t have an excuse to leave the house after having sex with my terrible wife.

    Even though casual sex is more convenient than regular sex, a new study has found the one major flaw with keeping sex casual: WOMEN AREN’T HAVING ORGASMS. Women are more likely to have orgasms when they’re in a serious relationship over  casual sex. Continue Reading

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  • How To Hook-Up At A Wedding

    2013032513642143971406033154 How To Hook Up At A Wedding

    Unless you’re getting married to Candice Swanepoel, pay attention

    At a wedding, there’s always a sex-guarantee…for the bride and the groom…

    But did you know that 63% of wedding guests have had a hook-up at a wedding? There is no social event that is more conducive to sex or hooking than weddings. Not even an aphrodisiac party can get you action like a wedding can. Love is in the air, everyone is dressed to the nines and by the end of the night (or during the ceremony) people just want to have as much fun as possible.

    What could be more fun than hooking-up at a wedding? NOTHING.

    With wedding season in full-swing, I would be doing you all a disservice if I didn’t help you get into that 63% of people who have had hooking-up at a wedding. So let’s see how you’re going to hook-up at a wedding this summer.   Continue Reading

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  • How to have sex at South by Southwest

    2012.LL .Austin1 How to have sex at South by Southwest


    Austin, Texas is one of Sex.com’s favorite cities because South by Southwest just keeps getting better and better.

    This year’s SXSW is going to be the best one yet, not only because the Arbutus Records show case is going to be very good but BangWithFriends (the people behind the Facebook Friend sex app) has introduced a new app specifically for hooking up at SXSW. It’s called Bang With SXSW and it’s going to make this year’s festival even more of a crazy, drunken sex romp.

    Continue Reading

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  • Sex with Facebook friends is easy!

    facebook sex3 Sex with Facebook friends is easy!

    Facebook has always been about sex

    What’s the point of keeping in touch with friends, classmates, and coworkers on Facebook? It’s simple. Being someone’s Facebook friend is an easy way to organize hookups.

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