• MILF of the Day – Puma Swede, Your Hot Teacher

    Everyone loves Milfs.  Everyone also knows that some of the hottest and dirtiest Milf stars come right out of here, the good Old US of A.

    On the other hand, did you realize that some of the hottest women in the world, including MILFs aren’t actually from America? Crazy but true!

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  • Hot New Comer Alert: Your Sister’s Hot Friend Kendall

    Earlier this year, we spotted a hot new comer by the name of Alison Faye only to have her fall off the map.

    We’re bummed whenever a sexy new girl doesn’t put out more than a handful of scenes, especially babes that are blessed with an adorable ass and beautiful, perky tits like Alison Faye.

    But don’t worry! You can stop mourning the loss of sexy babe Alison Faye because she’s back, but this time under the name Kendall. Continue Reading

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  • Aidra Fox Answers Questions From Fans!

    2014 has been a very good year for porn. A big part of why it’s been such a good year is because we’ve been able to watch the rise of Aidra Fox.

    Though she technically made her debut sometime in 2013, Aidra Fox should be on every porn fan’s shortlist for Best Newcomer of 2014 because as far as I know, she’s the only girl to have been named a Twisty’s Treat of the Month and a Penthouse Pet of the Month. Usually it takes years for girls to lock down those kinds of honors, but Aidra Fox did it in no time. Why? Because she’s one of the best new girls in the business.

    But I could blab about the greatness of Aidra Fox forever. I have a better idea. Why don’t you get to know the lovely and sexy Aidra Fox a little bit better by watching her answer questions for fans! In it, Aidra Fox reveals her favorite sex position, her favorite girl to shoot porn with, what her favorite videogames are, how regular men can fuck hot pornstars, her secret fetishes and plenty of other tidbits of information that will quickly make her your favorite girl in the game.  Continue Reading

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  • Jennifer Lopez, Iggy Azalea Team Up For BOOTY

    Jennifer Lopez has teamed up with Iggy Azalea and Hype Williams (whom you all know as the director of Belly starring DMX and Nas) for what might be the sexiest music video of 2014, BOOTY.

    What makes Jennifer Lopez’s BOOTY featuring Iggy Azalea the year’s sexiest music video?  Continue Reading

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  • Review: Digital Sin’s Tabu Tales: A Mother Daughter Thing

    We all have fantasies.  Some of our fantasies are more of the mundane variety, like, ‘Hey, I wish instead of going to work today I could sit at home and play video games for 8 hours.”

    Those are the fantasies that are relatively achievable.  Other fantasies, well, maybe they’re a little more offbeat, a little more unrealistic and unachievable, maybe a bit taboo.  That doesn’t mean that there’s anything wrong with them!

    Here’s my take on things: if you can find a non-destructive way to satisfy your taboo fantasies, go for it!  Luckily, the fine folks over at Digital Sin specialize in this type of thing.

    Bam, right on my desk – Digital Sin’s “Tabu Tales: A Mother Daughter Thing“, starring some of the hottest most notorious Milfs pretending to be some of the hottest young pornstars’ step-moms and then banging them.  But with any type of fantasy-enactment type stuff, there’s a really important question: how realistic is it?  Am I sufficiently convinced enough that these people are step-related, that they’re doing something much dirtier and more provocative than having regular lesbian sex?

    Well let’s find out!  Continue Reading

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  • Stevie Shae Talks Sex, Snakes and the Apocalypse

    QUESTION: Is there a more exciting pornstar in the adult industry right now than Stevie Shae?


    Though she’s been in the business for a minute, Stevie Shae’s star rose this summer after starring in Digital Playground’s Girls of Summer. Now with the release of Digital Playground‘s latest blockbuster porn movie, Apocalypse X, Stevie Shae is set to reach new heights of greatness. That shouldn’t come as a surprise because Stevie Shae is talented, sexy and cool to the core.

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  • Teanna Trump Interview!

    Blessed with killer curves and sexy caramel skin, it’s no wonder that 19 year-old newcomer Teanna Trump is already making a name for herself in the porn industry. We were fortunate enough to get a hold of Teanna Trump despite her busy schedule to get to know her a little better, while restraining ourselves from putting our favorite NBA players, NFL players and rappers on blast.

    Big shout to for making this happen.

    Here it is! The Teanna Trump interview!

    5250170 teanna trump Teanna Trump Interview!

    Source: via Alanek2000 on Okay Teanna, let’s start off with some easy ones for the people who aren’t familiar with you yet. Where are you from?

    Teanna Trump: I am from Columbus, Indiana. I’ve basically lived here my whole life. What’s your nationality by the way? You’re very exotic looking.

    Teanna Trump: I am half Black and half German. How does a girl from Columbus, Indiana become a pornstar?

    Teanna Trump: It’s so boring out here. There was never anything to do but I always had sex and it was for free. I love having sex so I figured if I could get paid for it; it would be that much better. Everybody in my town knew I loved having sex and I always got called names because of it so I thought I might be more comfortable in the adult industry.

    5595618 teanna trump Teanna Trump Interview!

    Source: via Asuraoflove on Was there even a good selection of guys in Columbus, Indiana?

    Teanna Trump: No not really but I’ve had sex with so many people. I’ve been to every state. I have guys in every state. So you would travel to another state just to have sex with a guy?

    Teanna Trump: Yeah, definitely. How did you meet these guys?

    Teanna Trump: I met most of them through friends. Here’s the deal, athletes are very sexy and they talk a lot. They pretty much rate you to their friends and stuff. Wait did you say athletes?

    Teanna Trump: Yeah. (Laughs) Like professional athletes?

    Teanna Trump: Yeah, I mean I don’t really care what they do, I just love their bodies, and they’re so sexy. How did you actually get into the business though?

    Teanna Trump: That’s a crazy story. I basically contacted an agency and they flew me out there. My mom and dad found out what was going on and they flew out there looking for me. There was a lot of drama on that trip. I lied to my mom. I told her I was just going to visit friends but she found my paperwork and she saw that it was porn so she flipped out. I posted a picture on Facebook so they knew exactly where I was so my mom, dad, and aunt all flew out there. When I got back home my mom flipped out and kicked me out of the house.

    7918589 teanna trump riding hard Teanna Trump Interview!

    Source: via bubblegumtaint on I can’t say I blame them. Okay, so you went out to L.A. two months after you turned 18. That’s a lot to take in for somebody so young. Were you overwhelmed?

    Teanna Trump: No, not at all. The only time I was nervous was for my very first scene. It was a solo but it wasn’t even in L.A. It was in Arizona and I was alone and I didn’t know anybody. After that, it just kicked in and it was easy. So would you say you’re enjoying it so far?

    Teanna Trump: Hell yeah, it’s so much fun. I just wish I could shoot more often. I wish I could shoot every day. You would like it too. I would like what?

    Teanna Trump: Being a male talent. (Laughs)

    7233213 teen teanna trump shows off her impressive ass as she fucks Teanna Trump Interview!

    Source: via EbonyPorn on I highly doubt it. What does it feel like now that you have fans?

    Teanna Trump: It’s pretty strange because people just come up to me in the most weird, random places. And when you’re a pornstar and somebody comes up to you it’s like they just want you to be freaky. I don’t know, I think there’s a time and a place for it. They always come to me with a huge grin asking me if I’m Teanna Trump and I usually deny it. It’s always young guys; I’ve never had an old person approach me. So when you said you’ve been with athletes, did you mean famous and well known athletes?

    Teanna Trump: Yeah I’ve been with guys from the NFL and the NBA. I haven’t been with any baseball players yet but that’s just because I’m not really into baseball. If I was I could definitely get one. How famous was the basketball player that you were with?

    Teanna Trump: Which one? (Laughs) There’s more than one?

    Teanna Trump: I’ve been with a bunch of them. More or less than 10?

    Teanna Trump: More, definitely. You’ve been with more than 10 NBA players?

    Teanna Trump: Yeah, and more than 10 NFL players. (Laughs) You can go on my Instagram; I have a bunch of pictures with jerseys and stuff. How famous is the most famous one on a scale of 1 to 10?

    Teanna Trump: Oh, a 10 definitely, everybody knows who he is.

    6080164 teanna trump o club sandy Teanna Trump Interview!

    Source: via 171gifer on How did you meet these guys? You’re from Indiana.

    Teanna Trump: The first one I met was around my town. He would always bring his friends around and you meet them like that. Do you keep in contact with these guys?

    Teanna Trump: Hell yeah, I have some of them texting me all the time and I just don’t even want to text them back. I have every one of them wrapped around my finger. They fly me wherever I want. They give me money to do whatever I want. What about celebrities that aren’t athletes?

    Teanna Trump: Yeah, I have. I’ve been with a few famous rappers. You would know who they all are if I told you their names. Oh boy, I don’t even want to know, don’t tell me.

    Teanna Trump: They’re definitely household names. Do you get with women a lot as well?

    Teanna Trump: Rarely, but If I do they have to be bad. They have to be even cuter than me.

    4954482 teanna trump and mr pete in rise and shine Teanna Trump Interview!

    Source: via Isabella Yui on Is there a difference between your personal sex life and your work sex life?

    Teanna Trump: I would definitely say my personal sex life because when you’re working you don’t necessarily get to pick who you’re with so there might not be that natural attraction. When it’s somebody in my personal life it’s way crazier. I have a video of me with an athlete and it’s crazier than any porn I’ve ever done. I think you told me way too much stuff already.

    Teanna Trump: No you don’t, you don’t even know the half of it. Every day is a new story. If I told you everything then you would really be surprised. Trust me. Okay Teanna, with all that said, tell us what you have coming up and where your fans can reach you.

    Teanna Trump: I have a very hot video coming out with Evil Angel but I don’t want to say who it’s with yet. I have a ton of videos coming out and I can’t wait. I always post when I have new stuff coming out on my social media so everybody should follow me on Twitter at


    For more interviews with sexy ladies, visit

    Now see Teanna Trump in action!

    Source: Uploaded by user via desomore on

    Good God Teanna Trump is amazing! Don’t you wish you were an NBA/NFL/Rap star right about now?

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  • Interview: Phil Varone Talks Fucking and Filming Groupies

    Recently, I wrote a review of Vivid Entertainment’s Phil Varone Groupies: Music from Behind the Scenes.  Ultimately, I praised the movie for its sense of humour, light-heartedness and extremely sexy amateur vibe.  If you haven’t checked out my review, you totally should, and then you should sign up for Vivid Entertainment and watch the entire film as well as the other great celebrity sex tapes that they offer!

    Here’s a trailer for Phil Varone’s latest movie if you haven’t checked it out:

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  • Is Kelly Divine’s Ass Real?

    Earlier today, I got an email from an avid porn fan with an interesting question.

    Anonymous porn fan writes:

    “Chico. Is Kelly Divine’s ass real? I read somewhere that Kelly Divine got ass implants and I was hoping you could confirm it for me since you know a lot about the porn industry.”

    Now that is an interesting question.

    I’m not one to air-out someone’s dirty laundry just because I was asked a question, but this is the sort of investigative porn journalism I was born to do.

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  • Two New Jenna Haze Fleshlights Now Available For 25% Off & Free Shipping!

    Jenna Haze hasn’t shot a porn scene since 2011, yet three years later she’s still one of the most popular pornstars on the internet.

    Given that the world of internet porn has such a short attention span, always craving new girls, how has this girl managed to stay on top? Not only stay on stop but have a fan base that’s been growing consistently? Well, I have one theory…


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