• You Need More Tori Black In Your Life

    Now, I’m not a doctor and I hate to make sweeping generalizations about all my beloved readers but I have to now because it will help you down the line.

    It doesn’t matter if things or going great or things are terrible in your life, there’s one thing that we all need and that is more Tori Black in our lives.

    After watching the trailer for Tori Black’s upcoming show, THE SEX FACTOR, I found myself thinking about an inexplicable void that’s existed in my life as of late and I believe it to be the lack of new Tori Black pictures and videos.

    Though Tori is still listed as an active porn star, a quick scroll through her IAFD page revealed that Tori’s only credits from 2014 have been for compilation videos. Meaning that though Tori Black has been appearing in new releases, it’s really just old footage that’s being recycled. Hey, who can blame them? It’s hard out there.

    At first I was discouraged. Even though Tori was listed as an active performer, I took the fact that she hadn’t been shooting anything new as a bad omen of impending retirement. Heck, she’s got a new gig as a judge on a cool, new porn reality show. And as far as anyone is concerned, she’s already conquered the porn industry…so why continue to do it? It’s not unlike when Michael Jordan retired the first time to play baseball. He was the undisputed best and had to do something because being the best killed his motivation.

    Yes, Tori Black is the Michael Jordan of porn. You can fucking quote me on that.

    Point is, Tori Black retiring from porn would be devastating to anyone who watches porn regularly because she’s the fucking best.

    And just when I was resigned to thinking that she was on her way out, our friends from come out with brand new Tori Black photos!

    So let us all bask in the glory of these new Tori Black pictures courtesy of

    tori black

    tori black

    tori black

    tori black

    tori black

    tori black

    tori black

    tori black

    tori black

    tori black

    tori black

    tori black

    tori black


    This is exactly what we need, more Tori Black in our lives.

    For more Tori and other stunning babes in your life, please check


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  • Sexy GIF of the Week: Rihanna Twerking In See-Through Dress

    Much has been made about the see-through dress Rihanna wore to that show where she got some kind of gala where she was given an award for her sense of style.

    The Independent wrote upon seeing Rihanna’s see-through diamond dress:

    Rihanna, so fond of risqué dress, is using her body to cling on to her career – as are her management. She has a fine voice, but that’s not what’s being used to sell her. She is a beautiful girl who looks great naked so she’s being marketed like a soft porn star instead of a musical artist.

    Honestly, is that really a problem? Popular music has always put looks over musical talent. Why else would we accept a whole genre full of singers that don’t even write their own songs and have an army of producers to clean up every imperfection in the performance?

    Why The Independent felt the need to attack Rihanna for wearing a see-through dress is totally bizarre. Stranger is the fact that she wore the see-through dress to accept an award for her boundary-pushing fashion. When you accept an award for boundary-pushing fashion, you can’t just show up in a boring ass ball gown. You have to wear something crazy like a dress made out of crystals that’s totally see-through!

    Oh my, it just occurred to me that some of you might not have seen the dress yet. Lucky for you, users were all over it:

    Source: via fucker08 on

    Source: Uploaded by user via doggystyle1976 on

    Source: via TRANFAN on

    Source: via TRANFAN on

    Source: via Q RE on

    Source: via Hot babes to dream on on

    Source: via TRANFAN on

    Aside from that weird gypsy headband, pretty awesome dress, right?

    Well you ain’t see nothing until you’ve seen Rihanna twerk in that see-through dress!

    First, watch the Instagram video of Rihanna twerking in the see-through dress:

    Yeah girl!

    I don’t know about you but I could watch Rihanna twerk in that see-through dress for hours on end. Thankfully, we can because someone turned it into a GIF! And we have no choice to declare this GIF of Rihanna twerking SEXY GIF OF THE WEEK!

    Source: via youngchop on

    Way to go RiRi.

    May all your clothes be see-through from here on out.

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  • Russian Instagram Models Trick Horny Dudes and Teenagers

    I don’t know how old the general reading population of this blog is. However, I am just old enough that I remember the days of dial-up internet. More specifically, trying to look at porn on a dial-up connection was a total nightmare. The agonizing process of slowly, slowly waiting for one single picture to load is the stuff that nightmares are made of. And that was just pictures! Forget about videos that shit took like 3 months to download.

    Now, luckily, if I want to look at pictures and even videos of sexy babes I can just go to and look at an endless feed of porn.

    But there’s a new generation of people facing problems with slow-loading babe pictures, and those are the people that are on crappy phone networks. Your big clunky home computers can handle everything fine, but your little futuristic pocket computers are struggling. Blame all of the shitty service providers for these obstructions. If I want to look at hot babes while I’m on the toilet I should be able to, seamlessly!

    Well a Russian phone network provider recently played up on this extremely modern nuisance:

    “BBDO Moscow and Russian telecom MTS collaborated to baffle the crap out of followers of popular Instagram bloggers Victoria Bonya, Alena Vodonaeva and Anna Sedokova. In one of the troll-iest social media plays ever, these attractive Insta-celebrities posted photos captioned with the following hashtags: #sexy #oiled #myself #six #hot #naked #pumpedup #guys #red #latex #ass #withanimals #cat #bear #horse #experimenting #crazy #positions #wow #amazing #ohmygod.”

    Pardon the out-dated language from the quote above. What the hell is an Instagram Blogger? Is that the same thing as an interweb site?

    Here’s the funny thing though – there was no actual pictures. The Russian Instagram models simply uploaded actual pictures of a ‘photo loading’ screen with those hashtags, to fool thousands of weird Instagram lurkers around the world.

    Unfortunately, this was all just a viral marketing campaign to force people into spending way more money than they should have to to get a reliable phone connection. It’s still pretty funny though.

    But we’re not those big phone company big wigs. I won’t try and deprive you of pictures of sexy Russian babes. Do you think I’m some kind of monster? So, check out all of these hot pictures, and if they don’t load properly then you ACTUALLY are having network problems and its not my fault.

    Source: via BestHotGirlsPics on

    Source: via BestHotGirlsPics on

    Source: via sk1 on

    Source: Uploaded by user via Chenotno on

    Source: via babemagnet on

    Also as a bonus here are a few actual pictures of Anna Sedokova, one of the Russian Instagram models in question:

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  • New Leanna Decker Pictures!

    Hey guys! Very important news. There are some new Leanna Decker pictures and I’m happy to report that everyone’s favorite busty redhead is looking as fine as ever.

    Although, there’s just one funny thing that I noticed about Leanna Decker’s latest photo set…she’s wearing clothes the time.

    Weird right? I mean, not to suggest that Leanna Decker is some crazy nudist that can’t exist with clothes on, but I’m just surprised to see a Playboy Cybergirl get a modelling gig that didn’t involve taking off her clothes.

    That said, she might as well be nude because the clothes she’s wearing in the photos are hardly even clothes.

    But it has me wondering…is Leanna Decker not long for the nude modelling? Of course, our hope is that she continues for a few more years because there’s no such thing as too much nude Leanna Decker. And naturally busty redheads (natural redheads, btw) are so rare in the industry and life in general that she fills a much needed hole of naturally busty, natural redheads that take their clothes off and let people take pictures of their beautiful bodies. As Leanna Decker said herself, “Redheads are like unicorns.”

    So what I’m wondering, after seeing this new, non-nude Leanna Decker photo shoot is…Could Leanna Decker possibly be headed for a mainstream modelling career? She’s got killer curves and tits almost as big as her fan-base.

    It doesn’t seem totally out of the question to me.

    How about you look at these new Leanna Decker photos and theorize about where Leanna Decker’s career is headed?

    Source: via youngchop on

    Source: via youngchop on

    Source: via youngchop on

    Source: via youngchop on

    Source: via youngchop on

    Source: via youngchop on

    Source: via youngchop on

    Source: Uploaded by user via youngchop on

    I can’t tell if it’s the heat, the humidity or these new Leanna Decker pictures but I am straight up melting right now.

    Now I don’t know what to expect from the future, all I know is that Leanna Decker is far too hot not to be photographed. Clothed or nude, doesn’t matter. This girl needs to keep putting out these photos!

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  • The Royal Tenendongs (The Royal Tenenbaums Porn Parody)

    If there’s one modern auteur filmmaker that deserves to get the porn parody treatment, it’s Wes Anderson.

    The symmetry in all of his shot compositions and the bursts of color that he’s made into his signature at this point always makes for a visually pleasing watch, even though Wes Anderson films tend to lack a substance in the plot.

    Wait a second…visually stimulating films that are lacking in plot and justifiable character development? Maybe it’s just me, but for me, that sounds like my ideal porn movie.

    Thankfully, the good people over at have decided to finally give Wes Anderson the porn parody treatment with THE ROYAL TENENDONGS.

    Well, not exactly. Usually when we say “porn parody”, we mean big budget porn movies that recreate the source film shot for shot and insert as many plausible sex scenes as possible. However, for THE ROYAL TENENDONGS, rather than follow the lives of three gifted  siblings who experience great success in youth, and even greater disappointment and failure after their eccentric father leaves them in their adolescent years only to reconcile with him after he fakes a bout of stomach cancer and turn that into a porn parody, decided their Royal Tenenbaums porn parody would work just as well as a special photo set featuring each character in various states of undress.

    Now, I know what you’re thinking…”Wes Anderson-inspired porn pictures? NOT INTERESTED.” Well, before you start criticizing, maybe you should know that The Royal Tenendongs isn’t just your average porn parody gallery. It features two of the world’s best pornstars James Deen and Stoya as every character. So really, it’s just a giant gallery of James Deen and Stoya taking off their cool costumes. Cool right?

    Let’s take a look at some of my favorite pics from the gallery:

    IMG_8315 K3IMG_8335 C7IMG_8129 FIMG_8331 H9IMG_8002 H7IMG_7973 K2IMG_8340

    Strange. All my favorite photos from The Royal Tenendongs gallery appear to be only pictures of Stoya. Very strange indeed. I wonder why James Deen didn’t make the cut?


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  • Watch a Preview of Madison Ivy’s First Anal Scene!

    Madison Ivy, the petite and incredibly busty German-American pornstar, signed an exclusive Brazzers contract 11 months ago and it seems like it’s just been nothing but perks since then.

    Not only was Madison Ivy made the Twisty’s Treat of the Year runner-up instead of Vanessa Veracruz thanks to her Brazzers contract, but she also has the pleasure of starring in big budget Digital Playground porn movies. However, in exchange for the job security and having the biggest porn conglomerate in the world having her back, Madison Ivy had to give up one thing: her virgin ass.

    Yes, it’s hard to believe that a pornstar as popular as Madison Ivy has steadily gained notoriety and momentum in the adult industry over the course of the last 6 years has yet to do anal since nowadays it seems like new girls do anal right away. I mean, it’s 2014, I think we can all agree that anal sex is on the table.

    For Madison Ivy’s anal sex debut, Brazzers went all out. We find Madison Ivy losing touch with reality and existing primarily in her sexual fantasies. Her dreams have become more real than reality itself and thankfully for us, Madison Ivy only has super hot sex dreams.

    Her latest dream transports her to an ancient world where she’s been given as a gift to powerful man-stud Mick Blue. And what does Mick Blue want to do with his new sex toy named Madison Ivy? Explore her ass, of course.

    With incredible set design, costumes, live snakes and Madison Ivy doing anal for the first time ever, this is quite simply the porn event of the summer. Forget X-Men and Godzilla, Madison Ivy’s first anal scene is the only must-see blockbuster this summer.

    Click the image below these words to watch a three minute preview:

    madison ivy first anal trailer


    To see Madison Ivy’s first anal scene in it’s entirety, you have to have a Brazzers membership. Luckily, you can get one here: JOIN BRAZZERS.

    And for all you skeptics that still aren’t convinced that Madison Ivy’s first anal scene isn’t the most important thing to happen in porn this year, enjoy these pictures courtesy of BRAZZERS.

    They’ll get you hyped to see Madison Ivy’s first anal scene in full!

    Source: via youngchop on

    Source: via youngchop on

    Source: via youngchop on

    Source: via youngchop on

    Source: via youngchop on

    Source: via youngchop on

    Source: via youngchop on

    Source: via youngchop on

    Source: via youngchop on

    Source: via youngchop on

    Source: via youngchop on

    Do you see why you need to watch Madison Ivy’s first anal scene now?

    Get your Brazzers membership here: JOIN BRAZZERS.

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  • Eva Green’s Boobs Cameo On Sin City 2 Poster

    Nearly ten years after the release of the wildly popular graphic novel movie Sin City, its sequel Sin City: A Dame To Kill For is almost finished.

    Except there’s just one problem…

    The MPAA (the Motion Picture Association of America) hates the poster. They’ve gone ahead and banned the stunning and sultry Eva Green’s poster for the movie, which she stars in, for nudity. Specifically, “nudity — curve of under breast and dark nipple/areola circle visible through sheer gown.”  

    Oh my, this we got to see! Luckily, it’s just below these words.

    Source: via youngchop on

    Hm…She has been especially bad. I like it!

    Well, I see the sheer gown, as well as the curve of the under breast, all of which is fantastic because Eva Green is absolutely gorgeous…but where’s the dark nipple/areola that was advertised? Given Eva Green’s track record, when I hear that Eva Green’s boobs are making an appearance, I expect Eva Green’s boobs to be hanging out, enjoying the fresh air like they always do.

    So maybe the banned Sin City 2 poster doesn’t have enough of Eva Green’s boobs, but something to keep in mind is that if Eva Green’s boobs were featured this prominently on the poster, imagine how many appearances Eva Green’s boobs will have in the movie itself!

    My main complaint with movies nowadays is Eva Green’s boobs aren’t in them enough. Thankfully, I think this new Sin City movie is going to correct that.

    Now, let’s enjoy previous appearances Eva Green’s boobs have made throughout the years.

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  • Charlize Theron’s Terry Richardson Pics

    So Charlize Theron has a new movie coming out called A Million Ways To Die In The West, and I must say that it looks godawful.

    It’s too bad because I like Sarah Silverman and I especially like Charlize Theron (both of who star in A Million Ways To Die In The West), but after seeing the trailer and Seth MacFarlane’s stupid face, I know that this movie is a disaster that’s about to be unleashed on the world. I mean, why does Seth MacFarlane think he’s an actor now?

    Granted, he’s made a decent career as a voice actor, but voice acting is different than acting. The only thing I can remember Seth MacFarlane doing in the flesh is hosting the Oscars, and if memory serves, that didn’t go so well.

    Sorry, he’s not just acting in A Million Ways To Die In The West, he’s the leading man. Yes, Seth MacFarlane is inexplicably the leading man in a comedy he wrote and directed. Oh wait, I just figured it out. Seth MacFarlane is not a leading man nor is he an actor, he’s just full of himself. Got it.

    So anyways, A Million Ways To Die In The West looks painfully unfunny, Seth MacFarlane is a jackass. Where’s the upside to all of this?

    The upside is that in starring in A Million Ways To Die In The West, Charlize Theron has to promote the dang movie, which in turn means that we get to see more of the world’s sexiest woman. Fantastic.

    First stop on the Charlize Theron sex appeal tour (I refuse to recognize the fact that she’s actually on a publicity tour for that movie that shall not be named): the cover of Esquire UK.

    Yes, it’s true. My all-time #1 celebrity crush Charlize Theron is in the issue of Esquire UK with photos shot by well-known pervert Terry Richardson. And in typical Terry Richardson fashion, he made sure to sex up Charlize Theron as much as possible. Though it should be noted that sexing up Charlize Theron is not necessary because she’s always sexy. Doesn’t matter if Charlize is playing Aileen Wuornos or a MRF, she always looking good. Just like in these new pics shot by Terry Richardson!

    Source: via youngchop on

    Source: via youngchop on

    Source: via youngchop on

    Source: via youngchop on

    Damn Charlize! You looking fine as ever.

    I’ll forgive you for starring in A Million Ways To Die In The West. It’s probably going to make a lot of money, which means you gonna get paid. Can’t help but respect that.


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  • Stop What You’re Doing and Look At These New Alyssa Arce Pictures!

    Readers of the Blog and I don’t always agree on things, but I’m thankful that they would keep coming back to criticize my opinions, tastes, as well as factual information I’ve provided them but they would rather not believe.

    It’s this constant conflict between author and reader that makes the Blog definitely a website, because that’s what all websites are, aren’t they?

    Though we have our differences, I think one thing that we can all agree on is that we love Alyssa Arce.

    If you read the Blog every day, then you already know that Alyssa Arce is quite simply the sexiest lady who gets nude for a living. Part-Latina, big natural tits, beautiful face and an Instagram account that never ceases to disappoint.

    When I first saw Alyssa Arce pose for Playmate of the Month, I immediately started hoping that she wasn’t just a flash in the pan. For whatever reason, most Playmates these days pose nude once and then they fall off the face of the earth. And after seeing Alyssa Arce, I started wishing once a day that she’d be around for a while, making a decent career out of posing nude (not that she would need my good vibes, because everyone who sees Alyssa Arce immediately falls under spell of 100% pure sex appeal). And it looks like she’s pulling it off!

    Take these new Alyssa Arce pictures that were pinned to Now, I don’t know if they’re for a fashion shoot or if they’re high art, but I don’t care. All I need to know is that Alyssa Arce is nude in them, so therefore I fully support whoever made them and whatever they’re for. S0 please, enjoy these new pictures of Alyssa Arce, even though it’s a total mystery as to where they’re from and what exactly they’re for.

    Source: via youngchop on

    Source: via youngchop on

    Source: via youngchop on

    Source: via youngchop on

    Source: via youngchop on

    Source: via youngchop on

    Source: via youngchop on

    Source: via youngchop on


    All I want is to have a nude Alyssa Arce laying across my lap. Make it happen, internet!

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  • Could Nikki Benz Really Be The Mayor Of Toronto?

    Three weeks ago, Nikki Benz announced that she would be running for mayor in Toronto’s upcoming municipal election. For those of you who might have missed this news, you can see the original story here: Nikki Benz is Running Against Rob Ford to Become Toronto’s Mayor.

    Well, at 12 o’clock Eastern standard time, Nikki Benz registered to run in the election.

    That’s dope. She’s doing it! She’s really doing it!

    Unfortunately, there may be some complications…

    There may or may not have been some complications with Nikki Benz’s registration. I’ve been trying to find some more information on whether or not she was successful, but there is a chance that Nikki Benz may not actually be running for mayor of Toronto.

    What kind of “paperwork issues” could keep Nikki Benz from registering to run? Perhaps it’s because she splits her time between LA and TDOT, which therefore makes her status as a resident of Toronto somewhat questionable. It’s more likely that election services are taking matters into their own hands to keep sex workers out of office.

    And if that’s the case, then I won’t stand for this kind of sex worker discrimination. So what if her tits are almost as big as Rob Ford’s? She has every right to run for mayor as any other yahoo.

    If I may, I’m going to give you 9 reasons why Nikki Benz might be a good choice for Mayor.

    1. Public transit is a big issue in Toronto, and if elected, Nikki Benz plans to fast-track a relief line Downtown. Not a bad idea.

    2. She’s also suggested equipping the transit system with vibrating seats and sex toys. Though that might make taking Toronto public transit extremely dangerous, at least it’ll be good for tourism. Who wouldn’t travel to Toronto to see their sex toy themed trains?

    3. She supports gay rights and wants Toronot to be “an open-minded city promoting equality year-round.” Can’t hate on that. Anyone who doesn’t support year-round equality is definitely fucked in the head.

    4. She wants to bring the adult industry to Toronto, which is undeniably good for the city’s economy. Though most citizens probably don’t want to hear it, the adult industry is a huge industry that can create jobs and generate tax revenue.

    5. If elected, Nikki Benz promises to make National Masturbation Day a civic holiday, which is great because masturbation makes people healthy and happy. It also might Torontonians chill the fuck out, because based on the Torontonians I’ve met, they’re all super uptight.

    6. Emphasizes transparent and honest government. When said by a politician, it’s hard not to roll your eyes at that. But as a pornstar, surely those aren’t empty words.

    7. Nikki Benz, if elected, would donate half of her annual salary to a charity chosen by the citizens of Toronto. Now that’s a promise I’d like to see the other candidates match.

    8. Nikki Benz does not smoke crack cocaine. She doesn’t even smoke cigarettes. Normally, that should go without saying for a mayoral candidate, but that’s Toronto for you.

    9. Nikki Benz is fine as hell:

    Source: via selfshothotgirls on

    Source: via mrlopez on

    Source: via sexyboyposter on

    Source: via BoobLove on

    Source: via lonewolf1996 on

    Source: via pornstarblogs on

    Source: via pornstarblogs on

    Source: via babemagnet on

    Source: via crz on

    Source: via Sexy Images on

    Source: via pornstarblogs on

    Source: via kashaza on

    Source: via rockcumminxxx on

    Maybe it’s just me, but for me, the idea of bestowing political power onto this busty blonde pornstar just makes her even hotter.

    I suppose a 10th reason to vote for Nikki Benz is the hope that one day (preferably during her term as mayor of Toronto), she’ll star in a series of porn movies wherein she plays the mayor of the third largest city in North America and uses her sexual powers to bring prosperity to the city.

    Seriously, is there anything hotter than a woman with political power? I don’t think so. That’s the main reason I hope Nikki Benz wins this election, or can even run in it. That said, her policies thus far aren’t bad either.

    So what do you think?

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  • Brains and Beauty: The Top 10 Smartest Pornstars

    You know all of those beautiful and handsome porn stars that you spend all day fawning over/jerking off to/wishing you could marry? They aren’t just objects for you to sexualize, you know, they’re actual real breathing people!

    Porn stars all have one thing in common – they’re really good at having sex on camera. There are many porn stars with other interesting talents and attributes, however. Today, we’re going to take a look at the smartest pornstars in the business.

    Intelligence is something that’s pretty impossible to accurately measure. However, we can assume that with their fancy college educations, successful entrepreneurial skills and other talents, these performers got a pretty sex brain to go along with their sexy bodies. So here we are, the top 10 smartest pornstars:

    Continue Reading

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  • Babes On Instagram: Jaclyn Swedberg

    Hello and welcome back to another edition of BABES ON INSTAGRAM, the only weekly blog feature on the internet that finds the hottest babes on Instagram and tells you to follow them so you’re not missing out on the best SFW (safe-for-work) sexy pictures in your personal Instagram feed. And it’s this rigorous screening process of the sexiest Instagram accounts is precisely why the Blog is superior to all other sites on the internet.

    If you’re new to BABES ON INSTAGRAM, then I’ll just tell you that you should be following the incredibly sexy babes Ellis Cooper, Alyssa Arce and Lauren Hanley because their Instagrams are red hot. Click their names if you want to see their sexiest pictures on Instagram. But for those of you who are committed to the BABES ON INSTAGRAM feature, then I’ll just go ahead and tell you that you need to start following JACLYN SWEDBERG. (Instagram: pmoy2012).

    Some of you may remember Jaclyn Swedberg as April 2011’s Playmate of the Month and 2012’s Playmate of the Year (which is what her Instagram name is).

    The 23 year-old beauty is by definition perfect, measuring a supple 34D-25-35, and she credits her success with her natural good looks. She said, “Being naturally pretty helped me. There is a stigma on perfection in this industry that isn’t really true. Instead of trying to look like something I’m not, I just focus on who I already am.”

    Aspiring models, you should know that if you try Jaclyn Swedberg’s approach to modelling, it may not yield the same results because Jaclyn Swedberg is blessed with a natural beauty that’s very rare. Which is why you need to follow her on Instagram, because seeing Jaclyn Swedberg regularly will fill your brain with happy feelings (and also possibly horny thoughts).  Continue Reading

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  • 5 Tips for Giving Oral Sex from a Lesbian

    The following is a featured post from our new weekly columnist.  This is important because, unlike Chico or I (Gil Powers!), she is a woman.  On top of being a woman, she’s also a lesbian.  So if you want some alternative advice to pleasure the woman in your life (beyond Chico’s excellent sex tips columns), this seems like a good place to start!

    – Gil

    Being a woman, being with women, and being friends with women has definitely given me the upper hand when it comes to sex. So here’s a couple tips to help out those of you who want to improve your oral sex game.

    Continue Reading

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  • Kennedy Summers Named Playmate of the Year

    Hugh Hefner announced 2014’s Playmate of the Year last Thursday and it’s none other than beautiful blonde Kennedy Summers!

    Why should you care? Because it’s a huge achievement! She might as well have won the Nobel Prize for nude modelling.

    Kennedy Summers was born in Germany but raised in Virginia. And there’s more to her than just a pretty face and a killer body. She’s bilingual and holds a bachelor’s degree in anthropology and a master’s degree in health administration. Plus, she’s currently working on her M.D., with plans to become a plastic surgeon (which if she can get her M.D., her practice is almost guaranteed to be a success given the industry she’s currently in).

    So what can we expect from Kennedy Summers now that she’s the Playmate of the Year?

    “As 2014’s Playmate of the Year, my mission is to help Playboy thrive, as it always has, to break boundaries and carry us into the future,” Kennedy says. “I couldn’t be more excited!”

    How she plans on breaking boundaries and carrying Playboy into the future remains unclear. However, we know that Kennedy Summers is a very smart lady, so I’m sure she’ll figure something out.

    One thing’s for sure, any boundaries she breaks and carrying into the future she does, it will probably be in the nude.

    Speaking of Kennedy Summers nude, let’s check out some of Kennedy Summers hottest pictures pinned to!

    Source: via jholwer on

    Source: via saab000 on

    Source: via Aleah2014 on

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    Source: via TopBabes on

    Source: via IWantItHard on

    Source: via Porndogg on

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    Source: via ptgangsta123 on

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    Source: via boobiesw on

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    Source: via SexyWomenNow on

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    Source: via FatCOCK on

    So what do you guys think?

    Can this beautiful, busty blonde by the name of Kennedy Summers break new boundaries for Playboy and help them carry on into the future?

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  • Obsessed with Ryan Ryans

    You know when you hear a song that’s so good that all you want to do is listen to it over and over and over again?

    That’s how I feel about babes. Sometimes I come across babes so fine that they’re all I can think about. I can’t get through my daily routine with checking them out. They’re just that fine!

    That’s why every now and then, when a babe fits that criteria, I do one of these “Obsessed with…” posts. Not only is a way of sharing who I think is really hot to all pervy friends, but it’s also a resource for me. I can just check this post once a day to get my fix of a certain babe.

    Anyways, my lastest obsession is with an extremely sexy glamour model who goes by the name of Ryan RyansContinue Reading

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  • Pilot Spoils Sexy Stewardess Hook-Up Fantasy

    If there’s one thing that I absolutely hate, it’s flying.

    Don’t get me wrong, I’m not afraid of flying, it’s just such a nuisance to get all the way out to the airport, spend a couple hours going through security, wait around at the gate for another couple hours, and then get crammed between two obese midwesterners. It’s just so boring, and it’s especially unbearable when the airport doesn’t provide any smoking areas.

    But despite the overall inconvenience that comes with flying, it can all be made up for with a sexy stewardess. No longer are you focused on the sheer awfulness of being trapped in a metal fuselage a million miles in the air, you’re focused on figuring out a way to seduce the sexy stewardess because as we all know, sexy stewardesses are sex crazed maniacs that are hooking up with the pilots as soon as they hit the ground if they fail to meet a prominent sex blogger that they’re serving.

    Well…actually, that’s not entirely true.

    As it turns out, sexy stewardesses aren’t hooking up with pilots, and probably hooking up with even fewer passengers.

    Sad, sad day.

    Flight Club interviewed an everyday, normal pilot and asked him, “Do pilots hook up with flight attendants as often as people think?”

    To which he replied:

    “I can honestly say that if this has happened on any crew I have been a part of, it has been very well disguised. I can’t think of a single time in which I’ve noticed anyone in my crew head back to a hotel room together. There are some couples that are dating and bid to fly together, but I’ve never seen a random hookup.”

    Well that’s just great. The sexy stewardess fantasy has been totally ruined by this anonymous pilot.

    So let’s bid farewell and bon voyage to our sexy stewardess fantasies by checking out the sexiest stewardesses on

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  • Babes On Instagram: Ellis Cooper

    Hello and welcome back to another edition of BABES ON INSTAGRAM, the only weekly blog feature on the internet that tells you what babes you should be following on Instagram in order to look at their sexy SFW selfies wherever you go.

    Now that you’re following super babes ALYSSA ARCE and LAUREN HANLEY, it’s that you start following another babe that’s consistently heating up Instagram: ELLIS COOPER.

    Who is Ellis Cooper? She’s just a gorgeous glamor model from England that gets paid to pose in lingerie and in the nude, but she’s kind of enough to share lots of hot, SFW pics on her Instagram account to make our lives better.

    She has cool tits…er…I mean tats. As in short for tattoos. But that’s not to suggest that her tits aren’t also cool. They’re spectacular actually.

    One thing that I especially like about Ellis Cooper is that she understands the power of her sex appeal and uses it. This is what she said in an interview with when asked what was the best thing about being a woman:
    “Having the power. Women can control anyone and everyone with a pair of boobs and a good bum, men can’t control anyone with their penis. It’s a fact that a girl no matter what she looks like could have a man in her bed at the drop of a hat, just because she has a vagina. Men on the other hand they have a work so hard. I’m not saying I exploit this super power, quite the opposite in fact but knowing is enough.”

    Well said, Miss Cooper. God knows that you have complete control over me.

    Point is, your life can only stand to get better by having more Ellis Cooper to look at, so that’s why you need to follow her sexy Instagram EllisCooperOfficialContinue Reading

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  • Sheri Chiu Poses in an Amazing Erotic Photo Shoot

    It’s not often that I see erotic photography that truly strays into the realm of art. The idea of ‘artistic erotica’ in the fashion world has become so normal that seeing topless women in the pages of your favourite fashion rag is no longer shocking, or even surprising. Maybe the magazines realized that print media is slowly dying, and wanted to try and sell a few extra copies to the teenage male demographic? Probably.

    Sheri Chiu is a major babe, and based on some limited research, it seems like she’s relatively new to the whole erotic modelling game. Welcome the rookie! Let’s hope that she sticks around for a few more shoots, because she’s got ‘it,’ whatever ‘it’ is. Disclaimer: I have no idea what qualifies as ‘it.’

    Sheri Chiu posed in this photo shoot for a photographer named Marc Hervouet, and the photos are for a S Magazine, which has never shied away from giving the people what they truly want. If you like tasteful erotica like this, you should go buy S Magazine, because they always have a pile of awesome nude and semi-nude photos.

    Sheri Chiu is an fashion editor for a magazine called Schön! Magazine, so perhaps she had a hand in the artistic direction of these photos. Everything about them looks totally gorgeous, from the lighting, to the set, to the model herself. The whole thing reminds me of hot summer nights and lying with someone in a sticky hot bed, both of y’all covered in sweat. Man, the summer is dope. Anyways, here are the pics:

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  • AJ Applegate is Elegant Angel’s Girl of the Month

    So it’s May, which means that Elegant Angel has a new Girl of the Month!

    Elegant Angel’s Girl of the Month selections have been impeccable so far. They’ve had Summer Brielle, Dani Daniels, Casey Calvert and other hotties, but this month’s Girl of the Month is special because she really hits close to home.

    By the way, this month’s Girl of the Month is none other than big bootied babe AJ Applegate.

    You need to be a member of to watch AJ Applegate’s new exclusive Girl of the Month scene, but thankfully by reading this blog, you can become a member for just $5!



    This is a special price for readers of the Blog, so take advantage of it while you can!


    For anyone wondering why AJ Applegate being named Elegant Angel’s Girl of the Month hits close to home, I’d love to tell you it’s because AJ’s a former lover of mine, but sadly I have yet to have the pleasure of hitting that fat ass.

    No, the reason AJ Applegate being named Elegant Angel’s Girl of the Month hits close to home is because of Nestle Drumsticks.

    I love food. I eat it almost every day. But there’s no food more delicious than a Nestle Caramel Drumstick. I can’t quite explain my obsession with Nestle Drumsticks. All I know is that there’s nothing that tastes better than vanilla ice cream with a caramel centre, dipped in chocolate and peanuts, served in a waffle cone. And ever since they increased the chocolate nugget at the bottom of the waffle cone by 30%, I have absolutely no self-control. I have to eat at least one Nestle Drumstick every three days.

    That said, given my fixation on Drumsticks and the fact that I write for a porn site, there’s a running joke in my group of friends that I have a bizarre Nestle Drumstick-fetish. That the Nestle Drumstick isn’t just a delicious snack that I buy as a present to myself on an almost daily basis, but a cheap edible sex toy and the only thing that could ever get me off. Which isn’t that far off from the truth.

    You can only imagine my surprise when watching the trailer for AJ Applegate’s exclusive Girl of the Month scene (watch the full thing on to see AJ using a Nestle Drumstick as a sex toy, smearing herself with delicious chocolate, vanilla ice cream, caramel centre, and waffle cone from tit to clit.

    I couldn’t believe it. A joke that’s been going strong for nearly two years now realized in an actual porn scene. How did they know?

    Whoever had the idea of AJ Applegate starting her scene with a Nestle Drumstick tease has won the undying respect of this blog.

    While watching AJ Applegate smear Drumstick all over herself, I was extremely aroused because now that I’ve seen a Drumstick used in the a sexual context, I’ve realized that I truly do have a Nestle Drumstick fetish. However, I was also frustrated to watch someone wantonly waste a Nestle Drumstick.

    Anyways, you should watch the trailer below because I’d really like to make sure that I’m not the only person in the world with a Nestle Drumstick fetish.


    Aj Applegate banner

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  • Dutch Girl Group ADAM Tries to Sing While Orgasming

    The Dutch.

    I don’t have much experience with the Dutch, but they seem like nice, weed-smoking, red light district having people.  Sex and sexual expression doesn’t seem like a big deal for most Dutch people.   Take, for example, Goldmember, from the vastly inferior third film in the Austin Powers series:

    Goldmember: Dr. Evil, can I paint his yoo-hoo gold? It’s kind of my thing, you know.

    Dr. Evil: [comes over to Goldmember] How ’bout no, you crazy Dutch bastard?

    I could go on and on for hours about Austin Powers theory, and how Goldmember is clearly the worst in the series, but I won’t bother.  It may seem obvious that Goldmember is the worst, but I once had a 2 hour argument with someone who claimed it was the best one in the series because it distilled all of the best jokes in the series into one movie.  That guy was a moron, and totally incorrect.

    Well, those crazy Dutch bastards are at it again.

    ADAM is a Dutch girl group that sings catchy electronic pop.  To promote their new song, they decided to make waves by uploading a decidedly NSFW music video.  In the video, they sing their new song while being stimulated off-camera by vibrators.  Of course, since we can’t actually see the vibrator, there’s always a possibility that this is a fake/staged publicity stunt.  Watching the video leads me to believe that that isn’t the case, however: these orgasms look pretty real to me.

    However, since I am so horrible at sex that I have never given a woman an orgasm before or even come close, maybe I’m not the authority on the subject.*

    You be the judge.  Here’s the video:

    The song itself kinda breaks down after a little while, since the women are overtaken with orgasm feelings and are pretty much unable to focus on the task at hand.  So ultimately, great video, but not a great representation of the song itself.  I’m not complaining though, because the girls in ADAM all seem like huge babes, and who doesn’t love seeing pseudo-celebrity euro pop stars orgasming on camera?

    I know this much, the group ADAM is now on my radar.  I’m looking forward to seeing what kind of sexy video ADAM puts out next.

    *Disclaimer:  I am actually the greatest sex genius in the world and have given millions and millions of women orgasms, I only said that I couldn’t for the sake of making a joke.  So fuck y’all haters.

    Also, here’s some more pictures of potentially Dutch girls.  I say potentially because I’m not a racist and have no idea how to distinguish Dutch girls from any other women:

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