• Kendra Sunderland Debuts Stripper Moves on Instagram

    It’s been a minute since we checked in on “library girl” Kendra Sunderland, so how she doing?

    If her Instagram is any indication, things are still coming up Kendra. Just look what she posted earlier today.  Continue Reading

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  • The 50 Hottest Pornstars on Instagram According to Playboy

    Good job, Playboy.

    Compiling a list of the 50 Hottest Pornstars on Instagram is by no means an original idea for an article. Hell, I’ve had a Post-It stuck on my monitor that reads, “List hottest pornstars on Instagram” for months. I can only imagine what the building’s janitorial staff must think. And though listing the 50 Hottest Pornstars on Instagram is not an original idea, there’s no denying that it’s content that raises eyebrows and gets views. Why else do you think I haven’t removed that dang Post-It?

    Despite the fact that the 50 Hottest Pornstars on Intagram is a surefire hit in the X-rated blog game, it’s a lot of freaking work. Why else do you think I haven’t removed that dang Post-It?

    So while I have the utmost respect for the Playboy employee that took the time to compile their Top 50, I have no choice but to piggyback on their list while running my usual snarky commentary.

    Here now is Playboy’s 50 Hottest Pornstars on Instagram with brief reviews of each pornstar’s Instagram account.

    Continue Reading

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  • Emily Ratajkowski’s Sheer Bodysuit Deemed Too Hot For Instagram

    Honestly, I’m really losing sight of why I have Instagram the more they delete the sexy pics of famous/semi-famous/somewhat well-known babes.

    The latest victim of Instagram’s anti-titty rampage is none other than beautiful, busty model/actress Emily RatajkowskiContinue Reading

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  • Mia Khalifa Got Some Thirsty, Cringeworthy DMs From Drake

    Mia Khalifa, the Lebanese via Florida pornstar who was recently crowned the most popular pornstar in the world*, revealed last night in an interview with a Miami sports radio told a story about “someone” (99% sure it’s Drake) who has been sliding into her DMs on Instagram with some thirsty, cringeworthy messages.  Continue Reading

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  • Hot Or Not: Strong Vaginas

    Kim Anami is travelling around the world lifting things with her vagina. And no, she’s not lifting spirits by letting men to explore her vagina. She’s physically lifting objects with her vagina.

    Anami, an intimacy coach who teaches, among other things, “vaginal kung fu,” is a believer in the power every woman holds between her legs, and has set out to prove it. She has travelled around the world, tagging Instagram photos with #thingsiliftwithmyvagina, demonstrating her unique abilities and seriously impressive vaginal muscles.

    But this isn’t just showboating. As Anami explains on her site, if you can’t shoot ping pong balls out of your vagina, you’re sexually disconnected and missing out on some of the wonders of your body.

    Though there’s no question that having a strong pelvic floor leads to better sex and orgasms, my question to you is: Is a strong/muscular vagina sexy?  Continue Reading

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  • Lady Gaga’s Ass Looks Fab When She’s Doing Yoga

    We find girls doing yoga irresistibly sexy.

    Case in point, these Instagrams you’re about to see of Lady Gaga doing yoga.

    Of all the sexy pop stars that have come and gone in the last 15 years, Lady Gaga is probably the one I’m least attracted to. Love her music, but not DTF. At least, I wasn’t until I saw her ass mid-yoga pose.  Continue Reading

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  • Tara Reid’s Nude Instagram Reminds Us Tara Reid Is Still Alive

    Remember D-list actress Tara Reid? Well, guess what! She ain’t on the D-List no more! She’s on her back to the top…of the C-list thanks to a nude Instagram pic she shared five days ago!

    Surprised? I sure am! I thought Tara Reid was dead! Continue Reading

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  • Pornstar Power Rankings: October 2014’s Top Pornstars

    Welcome to the Blog’s first-ever PORNSTAR POWER RANKINGS!

    There are hundreds and hundreds of pornstars working hard to make hot new porn videos for you to fap to, thereby making the world a better place. But because there are so many girls putting out so much good stuff, it’s easy to miss or lose track of what some girls have been up to.

    That’s why every month, we’ll be publishing the PORNSTAR POWER RANKINGS. It’s the best way we could think of to recap and rank the previous month’s top pornstars. And we take everything into consideration for the rankings including: new porn videos, sharing sexy personal pics on social media, making news, etc.

    So let’s see who the top pornstars were in October 2014.

    NOTE: Whether you love the rankings or hate them to death, please feel free to speak to us about it on Twitter @sexdotcomContinue Reading

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  • Nina Agdal Makes A Half-Court Shot, We Think…We Were Too Busy Admiring Nina Agdal’s Ass

    It’s been a minute since we checked in with Danish supermodel and woman we’d trample over our own mother to get next to, Nina Agdal.

    Last time we checked in with Nina Agdal, it was because we could see her boobs. We decided to end our regular coverage of Nina Agdal after seeing her boobs, since we were sure nothing could ever top that.

    And while nothing will ever top seeing Nina Agdal’s boobs, she did display some sick basketball skills on Instagram. Since the NBA season starts this coming Tuesday, the least we can do for Adam Silver’s association is share the video of Nina Agdal playing hoops to get you excited for basketball.  Continue Reading

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  • Sexy Selfies Make You Appear Less Competent and Attractive

    Bad news for all of the hot babes in the world who attempt to straddle the precarious line between online Instagram sexpot and fancy professional businessperson, according to a study published by a journal called ‘Psychology of Popular Media Culture.”

    Washington Post did a great job of summarizing the article, so you don’t have to spend your time like, actually learning about anything and can just skim the surface, picking and choosing the information you want to absorb.  That’s what I do all of the time and seems to work for me since I’m a genius or something.

    But here’s the gist; 50 women were provided with a Facebook profile picture of a girl doing a sexy selfie pose, and 50 people were provided a Facebook profile picture with the same girl in a more professional, classy pose.  The classy picture ranked higher across the board in terms of attractiveness (both physical and social) as well as presumed competency.

    There are about a million different problems with this study.  Continue Reading

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  • Kelly Brook Pushes the Boundaries of Instagram’s Nudity Policy

    Yesterday, my esteemed colleague Gil Powers published a list of the nine things that should be banned from Instagram, believing that since people (specifically women) aren’t allowed to share their nipples on Instagram, these nine other erotically charged things should also be banned in the name of consistency.

    Now, I understand that Gil was just using “irony” to point out the “hypocrisy” of Instagram’s no nipple policy (after he carefully explained what both those words meant), but does anyone really want to live in a world where cleavage and asses in yoga pants aren’t readily available on your smartphone?

    Though truthfully, you wouldn’t be at a total loss for hot cleavage pics and asses in yoga pants on your smartphone if Instagram went totally psycho and banned all the good stuff because’s mobile site could fill your need for erotic photos on your phone.

    In spite of all the recent cracking down Instagram has been doing, Kelly Brook took to Instagram and shared a totally nude picture of herself. The only thing that’s keeping this thing on Instagram is the way her hair perfectly falls over the nipple.

    So what say you now Gil? Do you still advocate the banning of sexually charged photos? Because if I were you I’d start eating my “irony” right about now.

    I want to give this Kelly Brook Instagram an award of some kind.

    Best boobs?

    Most nude?

    Hottest bod?

    Best O-face?

    It could be celebrated in so many ways that I don’t even know where to begin.

    Instead, I’ll just let you guys decide.

    Think of an award name and nominate Kelly Brook’s Instagram for your award and I’ll use it in the upcoming BABES ON INSTAGRAM post that will highlight all of Kelly Brook’s hottest Instagram pictures.

    Extra points go to the people that take the time to explain why they like Kelly Brook.

    Because who knows? Maybe she’ll see what you wrote and the award you gave her and maybe she’ll want to track you down and fuck you til your pelvis breaks?

    To help inspire you, here are some of the hottest Kelly Brook pictures pinned to Thanks! Or shall I say…Sex.cummers? Ew gross. On to the sexy Kelly Brook pictures.

    Source: via bourne1966 on

    Source: via BestHotGirlsPics on

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    Source: via 28point5cm on

    Source: Uploaded by user via lance626 on

    Source: Uploaded by user via splitpin on

    Source: t-e-e-n– via TeenOrgasm on

    I don’t know about you but all these Kelly Brook pictures have got my juices flowing. Creative juices that is (among many other types of juices).

    Now write a comment to impress Kelly Brook with your creativity!

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  • If Nipples are Banned from Instagram, These 9 Things Should Also Be Banned

    Instagram has a no-nipple policy which has gotten a lot of attention in the past weeks, and has proven to be quite the contentious subject du jour, drawing influential involvement and opposition from celebrities such as Scout Willis, Grace Coddington and Rihanna.

    Here at we believe that nipples, bodies and sex are evil and they should be completely banned from social media. In an effort to curb all of the perverts that want to promote sexuality, we have put together a list of additional elements that should be banned from social media. In doing so, Instagram and Facebook can be certain that nobody will every look at sexually explicit photographs on the internet ever again, unless they visit

    1. Jen Selter

    Here is a woman who got famous, and I mean gracing-the-pages-of-mainstream-fashion-magazines famous, by showing off her toned physique in a series of scandalous Instagram photos. But because she doesn’t show her nipples, but rather her abs, butt, cleavage I guess its OK. We should probably ban her from Instagram, just so people don’t get too aroused.


    2. Cleavage

    Showing every other part of the breast except the nipple is totally fine, because as long as you don’t see the actual nipple, its totally not sexually suggestive and all of the kids and repressed adults who look at pictures of cleavage don’t know what a boob looks like, right? Ban all pictures of cleavage, for the kids.


    3. Miley Cyrus

    Miley Cyrus poses naked in almost every second picture that appears of her on the Internetz. She promotes sexuality, her concerts are sexually explicit, she’s not ashamed of her body and flaunts it, but if she shows her nipples, well then she’s banned from Instagram. Makes sense! Ban her.

    Miley Cyrus

    4. Lips

    Lips have been used to kiss before, and lips are involved in a variety of different sex acts and promote sex before marriage and being a slut, or something. Ban all pictures of lips because lips are the devil.


    5. Adult performers

    Hey, these people acted in porn films before! You better ban them from social media because if someone sees a picture of a pornstar hanging out beside a pool with her friends, everyone who sees that picture will immediately go to a website like and become a porn-watching pervert for the rest of their lives. Ban all pornstars from Instagram.

    Screen Shot 2014-06-06 at 1.18.23 PM

    6. People enjoying bananas

    The eating of bananas is too suggestive for social media because when I see someone eating a banana it reminds me that I’m over-weight and should eat more fruits and vegetables. But to be real, a banana looks like a penis, so when someone eats it they are promoting illicit sexual acts. #banbananapics


    7. Girl-on-Girl Action

    You know what’s really offensive? Lesbians. You know what’s even more offensive? Celebrities pretending that they’re lesbians. One pair of boobs in a picture is offensive enough, and now you want to include two pairs of boobs? Ban all girl-on-girl action, because it makes me feel funny inside.


    8. Justin Bieber

    This one should be pretty self-explanatory. Justin Bieber is a huge moron. Fuck that guy. And his perpetual nipple-flashing. Ban him.

    Justin's Chest

    9. #aftersex

    If you include the word sex in a hashtag it means that you are promoting sex on the Internet and promoting sex on the internet is evil. This one is especially bad because it promotes inclusion and participation amongst people on social media. First someone sees #aftersex on their Instagram feed, and next thing you know they’re putting the word “nipple” into a Google Image search. Ban this shit before the epidemic spreads.


    Yes, that’s right, all of the above items promote sexuality, smut, pornography, etc. There’s no room for that kind of garbage on our social media networks, which are so wholesome and positive! Let’s promote body and sex shaming on social media.

    Luckily, if you want to see sexy pictures covering all of the above (with the exception of Bieber…though there’s probably some Bieber erotica actually ☹ ) you can just visit and stop wasting your time on Instagram and Facebook!

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    The other day, I received a lengthy email from a concerned Blog reader, which I can surmise in a single question:


    As you can imagine, the thought that everyone’s favourite sexy nerd and owner of some of the most spectacular breasts the internet has ever seen retiring from porn caused an absolute panic.

    What would we do without April O’Neil? Probably find a way to carry on. Try to fill that April O’Neil sized hole in our hearts with new sexy nerds entering the adult industry, but it wouldn’t be the same.

    Thankfully, I’m happy to report that no panic is necessary. April O’Neil has yet to retire from porn and I know this because four months ago she released the following PSA on her Instagram heyitsaprilagain.

    See! April O’Neil is not retired from porn! She’s just busy attending cosplay conventions and Phoenix Suns games to be shooting porn every day of the week. And good for her! She should enjoy some quality time to herself. She’s earned it.

    And since she has us all eating out of the palm of her hand, so it’s not like she needs to be in every porn movie. What other busty pornstar would understand the Dalek love poem you wrote for her? No one, that’s who! And that’s why April O’Neil isn’t going anywhere. Because she’s a real nerd. Not just a nerd, but the hottest nerd. Therefore she is Queen of the Nerds and has the freedom to do as much or as little porn as she wants and her popularity will not falter. Way to go April!

    Anyways, while combing through her Instagram for clues as to whether or not she’d retired from porn, it became abundantly clear that April O’Neil’s Instagram is singlehandedly one of the best things on the internet. And this is the entire purpose of this post…EVERYONE NEEDS TO FOLLOW APRIL O’NEIL ON INSTAGRAM. Because while she might not have a new gallery or scene every week, at least you’ll get your fix of April O’Neil through some sexy selfies she’s posting herself.  Continue Reading

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  • Sexy GIF of the Week: Rihanna Twerking In See-Through Dress

    Much has been made about the see-through dress Rihanna wore to that show where she got some kind of gala where she was given an award for her sense of style.

    The Independent wrote upon seeing Rihanna’s see-through diamond dress:

    Rihanna, so fond of risqué dress, is using her body to cling on to her career – as are her management. She has a fine voice, but that’s not what’s being used to sell her. She is a beautiful girl who looks great naked so she’s being marketed like a soft porn star instead of a musical artist.

    Honestly, is that really a problem? Popular music has always put looks over musical talent. Why else would we accept a whole genre full of singers that don’t even write their own songs and have an army of producers to clean up every imperfection in the performance?

    Why The Independent felt the need to attack Rihanna for wearing a see-through dress is totally bizarre. Stranger is the fact that she wore the see-through dress to accept an award for her boundary-pushing fashion. When you accept an award for boundary-pushing fashion, you can’t just show up in a boring ass ball gown. You have to wear something crazy like a dress made out of crystals that’s totally see-through!

    Oh my, it just occurred to me that some of you might not have seen the dress yet. Lucky for you, users were all over it:

    Source: via fucker08 on

    Source: Uploaded by user via doggystyle1976 on

    Source: via TRANFAN on

    Source: via TRANFAN on

    Source: via Q RE on

    Source: via Hot babes to dream on on

    Source: via TRANFAN on

    Aside from that weird gypsy headband, pretty awesome dress, right?

    Well you ain’t see nothing until you’ve seen Rihanna twerk in that see-through dress!

    First, watch the Instagram video of Rihanna twerking in the see-through dress:

    Yeah girl!

    I don’t know about you but I could watch Rihanna twerk in that see-through dress for hours on end. Thankfully, we can because someone turned it into a GIF! And we have no choice to declare this GIF of Rihanna twerking SEXY GIF OF THE WEEK!

    Source: via youngchop on

    Way to go RiRi.

    May all your clothes be see-through from here on out.

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  • Man Willing to Die for the Right to Post Naked Selfies

    There’s a lot of things that are worth putting your life on the line for. If you believe in something, or believe that you’re making a difference, then power to you. This seems like a huge waste of time though. I mean, risking yourself for the right to post naked selfies on the internet? Whatever.

    You might at first think that this dude is clearly just a classic millennial using viral marketing pranks to try and land himself a cushy law job so he can stop being such a cool dude and start the ultimate gay power couple in New York or something. And you’d likely be correct. But this is still some funny shit, and it touches on something a little deeper.

    There is an underlying message here that is actually quite valuable and that I agree with; we should be afforded a certain amount of e-privacy. It sucks that people get fired or not-hired all of the time for posting racy pictures or comments on social media. And to be fair, this guy Brian Zulberti isn’t JUST talking about the posting of naked selfies, but rather about net privacy in general:

    “Recently, he went to New Jersey to talk about the case of Sam Falcetano, a Department of Public Works employee fired for writing homophobic posts on Facebook. Zulberti, who says he is “about as gay as the day is long,” said in a blog post that he may wish horrible things upon the man, but still doesn’t believe he should have been fired.”

    So yeah, this is actually an important issue being tackled, all wrapped up in something that has been sensationalized by the media into sounding really stupid. Chances are, like I said, that the guy’s simply trying to land himself a job, but he has some interesting points.

    Do you think that our social media presences should be taken into account by potential employers?  Should naked selfies stop you from landing your dream job?

    Also, here’s a bunch of pictures of people who are definitely not getting jobs anywhere because they’ve taken selfies of themselves doing sexy stuff.

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  • Russian Instagram Models Trick Horny Dudes and Teenagers

    I don’t know how old the general reading population of this blog is. However, I am just old enough that I remember the days of dial-up internet. More specifically, trying to look at porn on a dial-up connection was a total nightmare. The agonizing process of slowly, slowly waiting for one single picture to load is the stuff that nightmares are made of. And that was just pictures! Forget about videos that shit took like 3 months to download.

    Now, luckily, if I want to look at pictures and even videos of sexy babes I can just go to and look at an endless feed of porn.

    But there’s a new generation of people facing problems with slow-loading babe pictures, and those are the people that are on crappy phone networks. Your big clunky home computers can handle everything fine, but your little futuristic pocket computers are struggling. Blame all of the shitty service providers for these obstructions. If I want to look at hot babes while I’m on the toilet I should be able to, seamlessly!

    Well a Russian phone network provider recently played up on this extremely modern nuisance:

    “BBDO Moscow and Russian telecom MTS collaborated to baffle the crap out of followers of popular Instagram bloggers Victoria Bonya, Alena Vodonaeva and Anna Sedokova. In one of the troll-iest social media plays ever, these attractive Insta-celebrities posted photos captioned with the following hashtags: #sexy #oiled #myself #six #hot #naked #pumpedup #guys #red #latex #ass #withanimals #cat #bear #horse #experimenting #crazy #positions #wow #amazing #ohmygod.”

    Pardon the out-dated language from the quote above. What the hell is an Instagram Blogger? Is that the same thing as an interweb site?

    Here’s the funny thing though – there was no actual pictures. The Russian Instagram models simply uploaded actual pictures of a ‘photo loading’ screen with those hashtags, to fool thousands of weird Instagram lurkers around the world.

    Unfortunately, this was all just a viral marketing campaign to force people into spending way more money than they should have to to get a reliable phone connection. It’s still pretty funny though.

    But we’re not those big phone company big wigs. I won’t try and deprive you of pictures of sexy Russian babes. Do you think I’m some kind of monster? So, check out all of these hot pictures, and if they don’t load properly then you ACTUALLY are having network problems and its not my fault.

    Source: via BestHotGirlsPics on

    Source: via BestHotGirlsPics on

    Source: via sk1 on

    Source: Uploaded by user via Chenotno on

    Source: via babemagnet on

    Also as a bonus here are a few actual pictures of Anna Sedokova, one of the Russian Instagram models in question:

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  • Join Scout Willis’s Fight to Put Nipples on Instagram

    NEW YORKERS! Don’t be surprised if you see Scout Willis walking around your great with her tits out. Instead, you should take your top off and join her fight against Instagram’s ludicrous “no nipple policy”. Let’s review what happened.

    It started over a week ago, when Scout posted a photo to Instagram on May 20th, of a sweater featuring to sexy ladies topless. Of course, it was deleted off Instagram, so she turned to Twitter to share her sweater: 

    Then she asked this very important question:

    And Instagram, being the monolithic, nudity-hating monster that it is promptly deleted Scout Willis’s account. Because if there’s anything Instagram hates more than full-frontal nudity (nipples in particular), it’s people asking questions about their ultimate authority. Check out Scout Willis’s reaction to her Instagram account getting deleted:

    Which raises an excellent point…HOW DARE INSTAGRAM DELETE RIHANNA’S INSTAGRAM ACCOUNT? Badgalriri was by far the best thing about Instagram, and she shares a pic of her nipples and they take her Instagram away from us? How else are we supposed to know what tropical beach Rihanna may or may not be twerking on? Or what clubs she might be grinding up on fools at? It’s just not fair. Sure, it’s been reinstated, but it will never be the same.

    Scout would rejoin Instagram on the 26th, posting only artistic nudes to see how long it would take to have her banned. Instagram banned Scout Willis’s new, artistic nudes-only Instagram account in less than 24 hours.

    Now, Scout Willis is busy pointing out the hypocrisy of Instagram’s anti-nipple policy, namely that women can legally walk around topless in the streets of New York City (thereby solidifying itself as the world’s greatest city) but they can’t share their topless pictures on Instagram.

    Ultimately, it’s not just an Instagram problem, but Western culture’s deep-rooted discomfort with nudity, sexuality and the human body. Lina Esco, director of the Free The Niple documentary, pointed out in a piece for The Huffington Post, ““Did you know an American [minor] sees over 200,000 acts of violence and 16,000 murders on TV before they turn 18 and not one nipple? Yet the FCC fines CBS $550,000 for Janet Jackson’s infamous Super Bowl wardrobe malfunction; which was covered by a metal ‘nipple shield’ if one looks at the footage.”

    Maybe it’s just me, but for me, violence is worse than nipples. Nipples are dope. They keep us alive when we’re first born, and then you reach adulthood they’re fun to play with, suck on, tweak, pinch, whatever! Violence is straight lame. So why is it ok to show violence over nudity? Simply, it shouldn’t be. Rather than teach the future generation that violence is normal, acceptable even, is just not right. Why not let them know that they have no reason to be ashamed of their bodies? 

    All this to say, if you’re sick of how violence is perpetuated and nudity is frowned upon, join Scout Willis in walking around topless (if it’s legal in your city/country) and posting nudes on Instagram.


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  • Babes On Instagram: Jaclyn Swedberg

    Hello and welcome back to another edition of BABES ON INSTAGRAM, the only weekly blog feature on the internet that finds the hottest babes on Instagram and tells you to follow them so you’re not missing out on the best SFW (safe-for-work) sexy pictures in your personal Instagram feed. And it’s this rigorous screening process of the sexiest Instagram accounts is precisely why the Blog is superior to all other sites on the internet.

    If you’re new to BABES ON INSTAGRAM, then I’ll just tell you that you should be following the incredibly sexy babes Ellis Cooper, Alyssa Arce and Lauren Hanley because their Instagrams are red hot. Click their names if you want to see their sexiest pictures on Instagram. But for those of you who are committed to the BABES ON INSTAGRAM feature, then I’ll just go ahead and tell you that you need to start following JACLYN SWEDBERG. (Instagram: pmoy2012).

    Some of you may remember Jaclyn Swedberg as April 2011’s Playmate of the Month and 2012’s Playmate of the Year (which is what her Instagram name is).

    The 23 year-old beauty is by definition perfect, measuring a supple 34D-25-35, and she credits her success with her natural good looks. She said, “Being naturally pretty helped me. There is a stigma on perfection in this industry that isn’t really true. Instead of trying to look like something I’m not, I just focus on who I already am.”

    Aspiring models, you should know that if you try Jaclyn Swedberg’s approach to modelling, it may not yield the same results because Jaclyn Swedberg is blessed with a natural beauty that’s very rare. Which is why you need to follow her on Instagram, because seeing Jaclyn Swedberg regularly will fill your brain with happy feelings (and also possibly horny thoughts).  Continue Reading

    May 20, 2014 • Pictures & Vids, Porn • Views: 15487

  • Babes On Instagram: Ellis Cooper

    Hello and welcome back to another edition of BABES ON INSTAGRAM, the only weekly blog feature on the internet that tells you what babes you should be following on Instagram in order to look at their sexy SFW selfies wherever you go.

    Now that you’re following super babes ALYSSA ARCE and LAUREN HANLEY, it’s that you start following another babe that’s consistently heating up Instagram: ELLIS COOPER.

    Who is Ellis Cooper? She’s just a gorgeous glamor model from England that gets paid to pose in lingerie and in the nude, but she’s kind of enough to share lots of hot, SFW pics on her Instagram account to make our lives better.

    She has cool tits…er…I mean tats. As in short for tattoos. But that’s not to suggest that her tits aren’t also cool. They’re spectacular actually.

    One thing that I especially like about Ellis Cooper is that she understands the power of her sex appeal and uses it. This is what she said in an interview with when asked what was the best thing about being a woman:
    “Having the power. Women can control anyone and everyone with a pair of boobs and a good bum, men can’t control anyone with their penis. It’s a fact that a girl no matter what she looks like could have a man in her bed at the drop of a hat, just because she has a vagina. Men on the other hand they have a work so hard. I’m not saying I exploit this super power, quite the opposite in fact but knowing is enough.”

    Well said, Miss Cooper. God knows that you have complete control over me.

    Point is, your life can only stand to get better by having more Ellis Cooper to look at, so that’s why you need to follow her sexy Instagram EllisCooperOfficialContinue Reading

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  • Babes On Instagram: Alyssa Arce

    Hello and welcome back to another edition of BABES ON INSTAGRAM, the only weekly blog feature on the internet that tells you what babes you should be following on Instagram in order to look at their sexy SFW selfies wherever you go.

    Last week, we all followed the busty and beautiful Lauren Hanley and today we have another hot, busty model that’s been consistently heating up on Instagram. This week’s BABE ON INSTAGRAM to follow is none other than my favorite nude model in the business today, MISS ALYSSA ARCE. (IG: miss_alyssaarce)

    If you aren’t already a loyal Alyssa Arce fan, then pay attention! You’re about to get a crash course on your new favorite nude model.  Continue Reading

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