• British People Hate Government Porn Censorship

    Recently I wrote an article about porn censorship being introduced into British public wi-fi access points, in an effort to prevent kids from watching the porn that they can literally watch anywhere in the world at anytime using their smartphones.

    Porn filters have been implemented in home internet packages in Britain since 2013, all part of Prime Minister David Cameron’s attempts to ‘protect children’ or something like that.  When Cameron implemented the porn censorship reform, he was met with a whole pile of criticisms and protests – people were concerned that this was another step towards the full censorship and government takeover of the internet.

    Though most internet subscriptions seem to come with these filters built-in, you do have the ability to opt out of any censorship measures, and the Brits seem to be opting out – in droves!

    1927761 masturbating while on the computer British People Hate Government Porn Censorship

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    The numbers back up the claim that people don’t want to filter their own internet connection:

    “Of the top companies running the scheme, TalkTalk has the most users making most of [the porn filter] at 36 percent. However, a paltry four percent of Virgin Media customers are switching off the porn, followed by five percent of BT customers and eight percent of Sky customers.”

    Is this shocking?  Is this surprising?  Almost everyone who can readily access the internet uses it to watch porn at one point or another.  Even if you only watch the stuff once in a blue moon, do you really want to disable your ability to check it out entirely?  I totally understand not wanting to expose kids to pornography, but here’s the simple, honest truth.  No matter how difficult you make it for kids to do something, if they want to, they’ll find a way.

    6978605 babe get off the computer and come back to bed British People Hate Government Porn Censorship

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    Haven’t you ever heard of reverse psychology, you dumbos?  If you tell them they absolutely CANNOT look at porn, what’s the first thing they’re going to try and do when they have a chance?  How about getting over yourselves instead and spending some time talking to your kids about the pros and cons of pornography, how it relates to actual human sexuality, and how to safely browse the internet?

    Porn censorship ain’t the answer, you old geezers.

    Just a thought.

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  • Can Bitcoin Save The Porn Industry?

    bitcoin and porn Can Bitcoin Save The Porn Industry?

    Finally. A reason to buy bitcoin.

    As I’ve mentioned before, the porn industry is getting killed by piracy.

    Producing any kind of movie is expensive, including adult movies. Obviously some amateur porn videos are produced for approximately $0, but feature-length porn movies can cost upwards of $100,000.

    So while we’re enjoying all this free porn, the reality of free porn is that porn studios are spending lots of money to produce the videos we watch for free and hardly any money comes back to them.

    The big question within the adult industry since the beginning of the porn tube-site era has been, “How do we get people to pay for porn again?”. Could the answer be Bitcoin?   Continue Reading

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  • Sex Less Popular Than Wi-Fi, Cell Phones, and TV

    Phone Sex Sex Less Popular Than Wi Fi, Cell Phones, and TV

    Phone sex!

    Sometimes I worry about the state of the world and how humanity will be able to carry on with our priorities all messed up.

    Sadly, my fears were confirmed today with this news from Harris Interactive that sex is less popular than Wi-Fi, cell phones, and TV.

    Just look at this infographic via Mashable to see what most Americans can’t live without:

    2014 02 05 Mobile Phone 01 Sex Less Popular Than Wi Fi, Cell Phones, and TV

    So American adults could survive without sex as long as they had…

    • Food (obviously)
    • Cars (hope that changes because we gonna run out of gas soon)
    • Internet access (you need to access somehow)
    • Mobile phone (‘s mobile site is extremely dope)
    • Computer/laptop (‘s regular site is also extremely dope)
    • Television (those shows ain’t no good)


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    Jenna Jameson + 4Chan is a powerful duo

    As a sex blogger, I have to visit some scary websites so you don’t have to. One of the sites I’m most afraid of is 4Chan because of their power to destroy people.

    But if you’re a down-on-your-luck pornstar like Jenna Jameson, 4Chan could be the best place to turn when in need. Late on Friday night, this message appeared on 4Chan’s /b/ imageboard:  Continue Reading

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  • People Will Switch to Bing for Porn

    I’ll be the first to admit it, I love Google.

    How on earth are you supposed to look something up without Google?

    I always remember Hank Scorpio asking Homer Simpson if he knew who invented the hammock. And of course he didn’t know who invented the hammock. So Hank Scopio says to Homer, “There’s something for you to do: find that out.”

    Find out who invented the hammock without Google? That’s a huge task. Without Google I would have had to walk to the library and open a book instead of immediately finding out that hammocks were invited by Native Americans in the West Indies and brought back to Europe by Spanish colonists (also maybe hammocks were invented by the Ancient Greeks, no one knows for sure. Hammocks been around a long time).

    Google has made all of our lives easier and therefore better by providing us with the fastest way to find things on the internet.

    So Eden sank to grief, so dawn goes down to day. Nothing gold can stay.

    What this Robert Frost quote means is that even in all its glory, Google may not last forever simply because nothing gold can stay.

    More and more Google seems to be removing internet porn from itself. They’ve made it harder to find porn on Google Images, they banned porn from Google Glass (even though the only purpose anyone can think of for Google Glass is POV porn) and they’ve banned the monetization of porn on Blogger. Though they aren’t officially going porn-free, it sure looks like Google is moving in that direction.

    Because I’m such a big fan of Google (did you guys see The Internship?), I decided to run a poll to see how you guys would react to a porn-free Google.  Continue Reading

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  • Fundawear: The Future of Foreplay?

    117 Fundawear: The Future of Foreplay?

    App Controlled Underwear for arousal? Sure, why not?

    Would you wear underwear made by a condom company? The answer is obviously no because you should not be wearing underwear in the first place. Always go commando.

    However, Durex has developed a new kind of underwear called Fundawear (get it? “Fun-underwear” or “Fun-to-wear”) and they believe it will be the future of foreplay.

    But what’s so fun about Durex’s Fundawear?

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  • 15 Years of FreeOnes Infographic

    freeones2 15 Years of FreeOnes Infographic

    Taylor Stevens representing Freeones

    It’s not easy for me to endorse any porn site other than because those other porn sites don’t pay me any money. So why would I ever endorse them?

    However, everyone I’ve ever dealt with from other porn sites is extremely nice and cool. Specifically, the people over at Freeones are extremely nice and cool.

    Why is that?

    Well, lots of reasons. But the one that comes to mind is that they sent me an infographic of all this data Freeones has been collecting throughout their 15 year run. 15 years! That’s fucking amazing.

    Surely, in 15 years worth of internet browsing you’ve come across Freeones. Let’s help them celebrate their 15 year anniversary by giving you an annotated version of their infographic

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  • is changing the dating game

    FRE0011204043101 2 230x300 is changing the dating game


    Dating isn’t easy. Especially for music lovers.

    There are few things worse as a music lover than going out with someone you like, having a great, getting an invite back to their place, and then… hen you get to their place…you see not only the entire Nickelback discography but Nickelback posters everywhere.

    What the heck are you supposed to do once you’re hit with this revelation? Even though the date itself was good, you can’t possibly ever see them again because of their musical taste (which, if I’m being nice about it, is questionable at best).

    Are music lovers doomed to make concessions to all their potential mates with terrible musical taste? Or perhaps die alone in a pile of records?


    Now that exists, music lovers don’t have to compromise their favorite artists for physical and emotional human love.

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    Football has ended.

    Part 1 and Part 2 of’s Valentine’s Day Gift Guide have been online for almost a week.

    You have no more excuses. You have all the tools to make Valentine’s Day great.

    I’m sure a lot of you are single and couldn’t care less about celebrating Valentine’s Day or shopping for Valentine’s Day because the holiday is a reminder that you will be alone forever.

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