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  • First Aid Videos With Babes In Lingerie Get Spanish Police In Trouble


    Finally! A reason to learn First Aid.

    Police in Spain have been forced to apologize for using a highly erotic video demonstrating First Aid techniques during a public training course.

    Haha. Only in Spain am I right?

    Though police say that the attendees of the course were warned that they were going to see some women in their underwear, they probably should have said something about the suggestive lesbian CPR or the simulated interracial sex Heimlich maneuver.

    “We apologize for showing these videos, which were inappropriate,” a source told local newspaper Heraldo de Aragón. “The videos won’t be used again.”

    Well that’s a damn shame because I’ve seen the videos and I feel like the only way to properly learn First Aid is by watching a demonstration with sexy women in lingerie.

    Watch the videos below and let me know if these sexy women in lingerie have taught you a thing or two about First Aid.

    Heimlich Maneuver with interracial sex

    CPR with lesbian sex

    Ok. I’m going to go pass out somewhere and hope that I wake up with a hot babe in lingerie straddling me and banging on my chest.

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  • The Outrageousness Of Interracial Threesomes

    Peter Debruge, Variety‘s chief international film critic, just reviewed Lars Von Trier’s psycho-sexual melodrama Nymphomaniac. Now any review of a 3-hour sex epic is going to come out a little weird but there’s something that Peter Debruge said in his review that raised my eyebrows.


    He wrote:

    If “Nymphomaniac” feels somewhat tame by comparison, that is surely a reflection of the compromised edit, considering the controversial elements Jo experiments with in the second half: sadomasochism, pedophilia, homosexuality and, most outrageously, a mixed-race three-way. (Any who doubt whether von Trier wants audiences to laugh at the absurdity of it all need only consider the sight of Jo, looking bewildered in a cheap hotel, framed by two visibly excited black suitors.) And yet, the director still intends to scandalize, serving up such images as labia that “open” to reveal an eye and a metal rod inserted into a woman’s genitals.

    So what raised my eyebrows was Debruge saying, “…and, most outrageously, a mixed-race three-way.

    Now this could be Pete Debruge referencing the outrageousness of the interracial threesome within the context of the film. I don’t know, I haven’t seen Nymphomaniac. Charlotte Gainsbourg in an interracial threesome sure sounds outrageous but the way he phrased sure sounds like he’s passing a judgement on interracial threesomes.

    Personally, I couldn’t care less about a person’s race. If they’re hot, they’re hot. And every race has their fair share of hotties. If they happen to be of a different race and they want to bring a friend into the mix, well that’s even better. What’s so outrageous about interracial threesomes?

    But then again, I work for I might be totally desensitized to the outrageousness of interracial threesomes because I see at five or six every single day. Given my desensitized view on sex, I’m curious to know what you guys think the most outrageous sex act is.

    Tell me what you think here:

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    In Mr. Debruge’s defense, sex in general is pretty outrageous. I know I’m always like, “You want me to put my penis where? Yo, that is crazy!

    But in all seriousness, facials are pretty outrageous. Even if you have perfect cumshot etiquette, it’s super weird once you’re done.

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  • Interracial sex scenes still taboo

    Earlier this week, former porn star Aurora Snow wrote a piece for The Daily Beast examining one of porn’s final taboos for performers: interracial sex scenes.

    The piece was written in reaction to TMZ’s revelation that Alexis Texas had never done an interracial sex scene, even though she is one of the biggest stars in the adult industry and has appeared in over 100 films.

    Based on the 10,000 porn star study, we know that only 53% of all performers appear in interracial sex scenes. Why are interracial sex scenes still considered to be taboo in this day and age of porn?

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