• 20 Questions with Abella Danger

    Big booty beauty Abella Danger has the porn industry wrapped around her little finger right now. Not only is Abella Danger naturally striking, she’s got an insane work ethic which shows in the the sheer volume of porn videos she’s been able to put out in a relatively short time all while never phoning in a performance.

    Abella is also real down to Earth even though she’s got hoards of men and women lusting after her supple butt. Furthermore, she’s singlehandedly confirmed the old stereotype that Jewish girls give the best head. Just watch any Abella Danger video where she sucks a dick and you’ll see what we mean.

    Our friends at Fleshbot were lucky enough to sit down with Abella Danger and ask her twenty questions. Find out who Abella Danger’s favorite pornstars are, what her favorite sex positions are, which celebrities she dreams of fucking and so much more in Fleshbot’s 20 Questions with Abella Danger.

    20 Questions with Abella Danger

    If that interview has put you in the mood to see Abella Danger’s tight ass get fucked (and we really have no idea how anyone could make it through the entire interview without popping a huge boner for Abella), then check out her free porn videos on

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  • Getting to Know Petite Pornstar Sara Luvv

    When petite pornstar Sara Luvv first came on the scene in 2012, she knocked our socks off with her exotic good looks and small frame perfectly built to enjoy hours of hard fucking. And even though we’ve been Sara Luvv fans for three years strong, we really don’t know much about her.

    Which is why we’re so thankful for RatedXLife‘s latest pornstar interview. They sat down with the adorable Sara Luvv and the staff of this free porn blog finally got confirmation that Sara Luvv is the cute, crushable pornstar we always knew she was. Get to know Sara Luvv a little bit better with their exclusive interview below.  Continue Reading

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  • Angela White Discusses Her Porn Identity

    Angela White has an abundance of physical beauty (just look at her massive 32G tits), but her sex appeal doesn’t stop there. She’s got brains to match.

    Though this free porn blog tends to only talk about erotic body parts like boobs, ass and… we always love smart girls no matter their breast or ass size. What can we say? We love substance. And Angela White sure reveals that she’s got a lot more to offer than her incredible body. Watch Angela White’s interview with PLGRM below. Continue Reading

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  • Pornstars Celebrate Their Moms For Mother’s Day

    The old pornstar stereotype states that anyone who has consented to having sex on camera for a living must come from a broken home or was disowned long, long ago.

    Of course, that stereotype couldn’t be further from the truth today.

    Pornstars can be well-adjusted people like you and me. They can have relationships with their families. Heck, some families are even super supportive of their careers.

    If you don’t believe us, take a look at the video below from RatedXLife featuring pornstars celebrating their moms for Mother’s Day. It’s all the proof you need to see that a good mom still loves you even after the whole world has seen you with cum all over your face.  Continue Reading

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  • Anikka Albrite Interviewed by Rated X Life

    There’s a long list of pornstars we’d love to interview and at the top is Anikka Albrite’s name. And while we’d love to interview Anikka Albrite someday, we know deep down that it would be a massive train wreck because we know we are unable to articulate full sentences when addressing a big booty blonde as hot as Anikka Albrite.

    Lucky for us, Rated X Life was able to sit down with the reigning Performer of the Year and not only form full sentences but talk to her about her high sex drive, what it’s like to be married to another adult entertainment superstar and more.

    So if you’re ready to have your crush on Anikka Albrite grow exponentially, then watch the interview below.  Continue Reading

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  • 20 Questions with Stormy Daniels

    Stormy Daniels! The Wicked Pictures contract performer/director/AVN Hall of Famer is simply amazing.

    Aside from having the most bodacious body ever caught on video, she also writes, directs and performs in some of the best porn movies being released today.

    Her most recent action-adventure-comedy porn movie is titled Pretty Dangerous. Stormy Daniels stars as the head of a crime syndicate that’s nothing but hot girls causing trouble and getting laid.  Continue Reading

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  • Does Marijuana Make Sex Better?

    Despite its ubiquity, marijuana is a substance shrouded in myth.

    It’s a gateway drug they say. It doesn’t give you a hangover they say. It leads to crime and delinquency they say.

    And while I can personally attest that all these so-called marijuana myths are in fact 100% true, there’s really only one question that needs to be asked of marijuana: DOES MARIJUANA MAKE SEX BETTER?  Continue Reading

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  • Our Exclusive Interview with Jade Nile

    Anyone who checks this free porn blog regularly knows that there’s no one we like more than Jade Nile. She’s got the best boobs in the world, a contagious smile and still manages to pull off being a “dirty girl” despite being the cutest creature on God’s green Earth. Since this blog is only a couple of posts away from becoming a Jade Nile fan blog, it was only right that we sit down with her for an interview. So we did.

    We got to interview Jade Nile (!!!) and I’m happy to report that she’s even sweeter in real life than she seems on-camera. Without naming any names, I will say that interviewing pornstars can sometimes be a chore. But this interview with Jade Nile was an absolute delight. Somehow, I left an even bigger fan of hers.

    So please enjoy our exclusive Jade Nile interview and get to know the your favorite pornstar a little bit better.  Continue Reading

  • Get Hyped. Karlee Grey & Keisha Grey Are Cumming Together for Team Skeet

    It’s happening! Our favorite busty babe Karlee Grey got fucked by our other favorite busty babe Keisha Grey for Team Skeet! Though their scene together won’t be out until Friday March 27th, 2015, Team Skeet was kind enough to give us a behind-the-scenes look at these two curvy cuties to hold us over until next week.

    Watch Karlee Grey and Keisha Grey talk about their friendship, porn stardom, boobs and their upcoming lesbian sex scene.  Continue Reading

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  • Watch RatedXLife’s Interview with Jodi Taylor!

    Jodi Taylor’s been doing porn for nearly three years now, which means you’ve had ample time to develop a massive crush on her.

    If you don’t already have a crush on her…what the heck are you waiting for? Get on it!

    Though I would argue that most pornstars crushes develop from watching them be good at sex in sex videos, Jodi Taylor is one of those rare porn chicks whose crush-able beyond that base-level of: “OMG I want her pussy 24/7!”  Continue Reading

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  • The TRENCHCOATx Interview. Stoya and Kayden Kross Talk About Their New Porn Site.

    Stoya and Kayden Kross! I interviewed them both. I’m still kind of in awe that this came to fruition. It was honestly one of the greatest pleasures of my life to interview these two women whom I admire very much. I could gush about it forever, but I won’t.

    They’ve just launched a cool, new porn site called TRENCHCOATx so we sat down to talk about it.

    The following sentence is a dream come true for me to write:

    Enjoy my interview with Stoya and Kayden Kross!

    Continue Reading

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  • Pornstars Describe Their Weirdest Videos

    How many times have you been browsing for porn only to find a video that makes you scratch your head rather than manipulate your genitals?

    Unless this is your first foray into the world of pornography, I’m willing to bet you’ve sat through at least a handful of weird porn videos if only in an attempt to understand what the appeal of squashing hamburgers with high-heels while getting fucked is.

    While most of the time we tend to try and rationalize what the viewer is getting out of a weird porn video, we rarely take the time to find out what the stars think of them. has corrected that oversight by sitting down with a bunch of pornstars to ask them about the weirdest porn video they’ve ever shot.  Continue Reading

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  • Pornstar Molly Jane Talks About Her Kinks

    Since December we’ve been totally obsessed with Molly Jane, the fresh-faced pornstar from Florida.

    It’s not hard to become obsessed with Molly Jane. After all, she’s freaking cute with gorgeous big tits and a tongue stud that gives her already amazing blowjob skills an extra tickle on the tip. But what really makes Molly Jane worthy of your obsession is her attitude. You can just tell from watching her porn videos that this chick loves sex. She’s an honest-to-God nympho that does not quit. It’s amazing. Totally bonkers.

    Team Skeet recently sat down with Molly Jane to find out what makes this big titted beauty tick. Turns out, she’s a total freak.

    Check out Molly Jane talking about her kinks below and prepare to be obsessed with her.  Continue Reading

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  • Riley Reid Answers All Your Questions!

    Is there anyone cuter than Riley Reid on this slowly declining blue and green spacial jewel that we call Earth?

    To be honest, there probably is. No disrespect to Riley Reid but…there are like 7 billion people on Earth. What are the chances that the cutest human just happens to be top pornstar Riley Reid? I’m no math-a-magician but I think the chances are 1 in 7 billion.

    That said, if you were to do a cute survey of the Earth’s population, there’s no doubt in my mind that Riley Reid would crack the top 10 cutest humans.

    After all, how many adult starlets can make you cum with just their smiles? Riley Reid is the only one that comes to mind (but if you know of more, please tell us about them in the comments).

    If you think I’m hyperbolizing, I urge you to watch Nubiles’ new Ask Me Anything with Riley Reid. Somehow, watching Riley talk about her hobbies, career, interests and more is just as good as watching her fuck.

    Sounds crazy, I know. But just watch Riley Reid answer all your questions below and get ready to jump on the “Riley Reid is one of the cutest human beings on Earth”-bandwagon.  Continue Reading

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  • Whitney Westgate Loves MILFs and Balls

    Have you been acquainted with Whitney Westgate yet?

    Of course you have! A girl as pretty as Whitney Westgate doesn’t do porn for approximately three years without turning heads.

    But how much do you know about Whitney Westgate besides that she’s a gorgeous gal with succulent, natural tits who can take a big dick with the best of them?

    For Whitney Westgate’s upcoming Team Skeet debut, they sat her down for a little behind the scenes interview to find out what makes with this incredible babe tick. So sit back, watch and get to know Whitney Westgate a little bit better.  Continue Reading

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  • Team Skeet Goes Behind The Scenes with Ava Taylor

    When Ava Taylor first appeared on Team Skeet, my eyes literally popped out of my head and I started howling like a wolf.

    Yes, Ava Taylor is so sexy that she reduces me to a horny cartoon character every time I see her. It’s humiliating but damn it that’s the reception a girl as sexy as Ava deserves.

    Sadly, just when Ava Taylor was blowing up, she dipped. Gone. Was the object of our latest obsession really retiring so soon after such a strong start?

    Though she had amassed a solid body of work (i.e. super hot porn videos for us to fap to) in a quick six months doing porn, it was still super depressing to know that we wouldn’t be seeing anymore of the adorable Ava Taylor. It was Megan Salinas all over again.

    BUT! Turns out that Ava’s retirement was really just a hiatus.

    Our friends over at Team Skeet caught up with Ava Taylor in a behind the scenes interview to find out what prompted her to take a little break and what the future for this gorgeous teen pornstar. Watch their interview below. Continue Reading

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  • Gabrielle Union Talks Masturbation on Conan

    If you’re not sexually attracted to Gabrielle Union, GTFO.

    She’s easily one of the sexiest human beings on planet Earth and continues to provide evidence of her infinite sex appeal every time she drops by the Conan show.

    Last week, Gabrielle Union went on Conan to promote the new season of her show Being Mary Jane but ended up promoting female masturbation too.

    Watch Gabrielle Union talk about “beating off” (her words, not mine) below.  Continue Reading

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  • What Would Your Favorite Pornstars Do If They Weren’t Doing Porn?

    Do you ever reminisce about the past and wonder what life would had been like if you didn’t fail math in high school, which subsequently led you to dropping out and getting a career in the porn industry?  Continue Reading

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  • Lisa Ann Talks Candidly About Fucking Athletes

    Last week, the NBA All-Star game descended on New York City. And while you were seducing your sweetheart for Valentine’s Day or watching Russell Westbrook dunk so hard he hit his head on the backboard, GQ caught up with former-pornstar Lisa Ann to find out how some of your favorite players might be spending their free time. (HINT: they’re ploughing some strange pussy!)

    For your reading pleasure, here’s an annotated version of Lisa Ann’s interview with GQ:

    Continue Reading

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  • Ex-OSU Student Hopes Library Masturbation Video Will Launch Her Modelling Career

    In her first interview since being slapped with a $6,250 citation for filming herself masturbate in the Oregon State University library with the New York Daily News, 19 year-old Kendra Sunderland revealed that she hopes the viral-nature of her story will help launch her modelling career.  Continue Reading

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