• The New ‘Galactic Cap’ Condom is Maybe Not That Awesome

    There’s been a huge amount of publicity and hype surrounding the recently announced saviour of a condom called the ‘Galactic Cap.’  People are always looking for new contraceptives to replaced the tried and true ones that have been around for centuries.  Fact is, many men don’t really like using condoms.  There’s a variety of reasons why, but one of the primary ones is that wearing a condom can severely reduce the sensation in one’s penis and make sex less pleasurable.

    The push to replace condoms has been especially felt from the pornography industry, which is currently in the midst of getting ‘screwed over’ by the California State Assembly who are trying to pass a bill enforcing strict use of condoms on porn sets.

    Enter the Galactic Cap, a new contraceptive that claims to provide the same benefits of condoms, without the unwieldy full-latex sleeve that you gotta wrap around your dick.

    In a feature with LA Weekly, the creator of the Galactic Cap broke down the virtues of his new invention:

    “If you use this you might overcome the problem of using a condom on camera. A lot of people might not like the look of [traditional condoms] going in and out,” he told LA Weekly. “It’s transparent, on the head, so it doesn’t look so gross.”

    The quote above outlines the main problem with this new condom.  Ultimately any improvements that it provides are pretty cosmetic.  Sure, it may look less invasive on camera.  It will also allow for more sensation for the shaft of a man’s penis.  But the main problem?  You’ll be sacrificing safety for pleasure using these things, which sort of defeats the purpose of a contraceptive measure in the first place.

    The danger involved with sex reaches much deeper than what’s contained in a man’s cum.  Sure, the condom will still prevent pregnancies if applies properly, but it does nothing to account for STIs and any other sexually transmitted diseases, which can still be transferred through skin contact, pre-cum and in many other ways.  Simply wrapping up the tip of your penis will not prevent the spread of sexually transmitted diseases, which is obviously an insanely huge flaw in the design of these condoms.

    I have a hard time imagining that the Galactic Cap will get FDA approval with such a huge flaw in its design, but we’ll see.  First thing’s first, Powell, the creator, needs to raise a bunch of money on IndieGoGo.

    Basically, I’ll believe that these things are gonna hit the market when they actually hit the market.  Until then, Galactic Cap condoms are a nice, but inherently flawed invention.  Still, its nice to see that people are researching improvements in our contraceptives, because really, they’ve hardly been improved in the last several hundred years.

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    RealTouch demo

    If Fleshlight is the Coca-Cola of male sex toys, then RealTouch must be some crazy space soda that no one has ever even heard of before.

    The RealTouch is similar to the Fleshlight (the male sex toy can only be so diverse) but it is much more advanced than your average Fleshlight. The RealTouch needs to be plugged into the wall and it has its own special program for your home computer (or whatever computer you’ll be using it on).

    Why? Because the RealTouch works with a video. It is able to change sensation and temperature based on what is happening during the scene. When you watch a sex scene with RealTouch, you are experiencing the pinnacle of simulated sex. Until now…

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