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  • Jenna J. Ross & Sabrina Banks’ Threesome is a Home Run

    Baseball is the go-to thing to think about when you’re trying to last longer in bed simply because baseball is so fucking boring that not even being 5 inches (give or take) deep in a tight pussy can make it seem exciting.

    However, that’s all about to change once you see Jenna J. Ross and Sabrina Banks strip out of their baseball uniforms, share a dildo and then double-team a big cock in this new threesome video Passion-HDContinue Reading

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  • Pornstar Spotlight: Jenna J. Ross

    Welcome back to another edition of Pornstar Spotlight!

    Pornstar Spotlight is a daily feature here on the Blog where we tell you everything you need to know about one pornstar, including their top 5 hottest porn videos.

    Today, the Blog’s Pornstar Spotlight shines on a pornstar so cute that she could singlehandedly destroy the orthodontist industry: JENNA J. ROSSContinue Reading

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  • 17 Porn Videos That Prove Yoga Porn Is The Best

    The other day, one of my girlfriends asked me if I wanted to come to her yoga class.

    “It’s good for your body and your mind,” she said.

    I had to decline. Not just because I’m not interested in bettering my body and mind but because I’ve watched too much yoga porn in my life.

    Going to a yoga class where sexy ladies are bending in all kinds of ways in those fucking pants when I have so much yoga porn stored in my brain would just make me want to masturbate right then and there. And then I’d go to jail. Not cool.

    Though you won’t find “Yoga Porn” among your main porn categories like anal, lesbian, BDSM or interracial, I’d like to prove to you that yoga porn is the best porn.
    So without further ado, watch these 17 yoga porn videos and fall in love with this special sub-genre of fit, flexible babes getting fucked. Continue Reading

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  • 16 Weird Gifts Pornstars Want From Their Fans

    If there’s one thing that all pornstars have in common, it’s that they won’t turn down a chance to be spoiled by their fans. And that’s not even limited to pornstars. I would be willing to guess that 99% of humans will accept gifts at random. It would be rude not to accept!

    But the problem is, a lot of porn fans are total creeps (myself included). So rather than receive a picture of themselves covered in a fan’s cum as a gift, most pornstars make Amazon wish lists. With an Amazon wish list, when adoring fans want to shower their favorite stars with gifts, the stars in question get something they actually want.

    Sometimes I get to perusing the Amazon wish lists of my favorite pornstars, just to see what they want. Most of the time I’m like, “Cool.” But sometimes, the items on the list can’t help but raise my eyebrows.

    Here now are 16 weird gifts pornstars want from their fans.  Continue Reading

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  • Review: Get Sexxx Tonight, Kayden Kross’s New Adult Talk Show

    Yesterday, to my surprise (and delight), I stumbled upon a new adult talk show called Get Sexxx Tonight hosted by the lovely and talented Kayden Kross. The first episode of Get Sexxx Tonight premiered on Vimeo On Demand on October 28th and they’ve released three additional episodes since.

    For the uninitiated, Get Sexxx Tonight a new adults only comedy series, hosted by Kayden Kross that reveals the worlds of sex, sexuality, gender differences, and the latest findings from the scientific study of sex. The show boasts that it’s The Daily Show meets Tosh.0 meets Masters of Sex.

    To my even bigger surprise, no one had taken the time to review Kayden Kross’ new venture. So I sat down and watched all four episodes of Get Sexxx Tonight thus far to give it the critical attention it deserves. Keep reading to find out why Get Sexxx Tonight is definitely worth $2.00 and 15 to 20 minutes of your time.  Continue Reading

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  • Jenna J. Ross Rewards Good Samaritan By Squirting All Over His Big Cock

    Do you subscribe to the expression, “No good deed goes unpunished?”

    I’ve always thought that people who truly believe that doing good deeds will ultimately come back and bite them in the ass are just jerks.

    There can be negative consequences to all actions, not good deeds. And if the fear of something negative happening to you or others from a good thing you’ve done deters you from doing good deeds, then why do anything at all? Why keep breathing, drinking, eating or sleeping?

    Personally, I like to believe in Karma. Good intentions and good deeds contribute to good karma and future happiness. Good things happen to good people with good intentions.

    Of course, it’s easy to lose sight of the good given the current state of the world. So where do we turn to remind ourselves that doing good things can lead to good things? Strangely enough, we can turn to pornstar Jenna J. Ross and Digital PlaygroundContinue Reading

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  • Your Weekend Free Porn Playlist: September 12th, 2014

    Finally! The weekend! It’s been five, excruciatingly long days since the last time we had a weekend and I couldn’t be more excited.

    Why am I so excited? What’s so special about the weekend? Because weekend means another WEEKEND FREE PORN PLAYLIST!

    You better believe I’m doing flips like Kelsi Monroe in the GIF that leads this edition of Your Weekend Free Porn Playlist.

    Speaking of Kelsi Monroe, she just happens to be featured in one of the 7 hottest free porn videos from the past week (one of the 7 hottest free porn videos that make up Your Weekend Free Porn Playlist). So what are we waiting for? It’s time to watch the 7 hottest free porn videos from the past week so that we can enjoy quality fapping all weekend long.

    1. Chase Ryder and Jenna J. Ross have a sexy slumber party

    Continue Reading

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  • Your Long Weekend Free Porn Playlist: August 29th, 2014


    But not just any old free porn! It’s time for the carefully curated Weekend Free Porn Playlist! Every Friday, we post the 7 hottest free porn videos on from the past week and give them the attention they deserve. Plus, you get to enjoy the best free porn all weekend long.

    But this is no ordinary weekend. This is the Labor Day long weekend! In celebration of the long weekend, instead of the sharing the 7 hottest free porn videos with you from the past week, we’re doubling your dosage of free porn!

    Can you think of a better way to spend the long weekend than watching the 14 best free porn videos from the past week (besides watching Brianna Brooks’ final porn scene)?

    And since no one will be shooting porn until further notice, might as well get caught up on all the free porn you can.

    14 free porn videos is a lot of free porn videos, so let’s do it to it:

    1. Natalia Starr showers and gets fucked POV-style

    Continue Reading

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  • Obsessed With Jenna J. Ross

    Guys, Jenna J. Ross is awesome. If you’re not already familiar with her work, let this post be a gateway to your new obsession with Jenna J. Ross.

    25 year-old petite beauty Jenna J. Ross comes from Boston, MA, and though she’s only 5 feet 2 inches, 110 lbs, and measures 32C-35-34, she always appears to be quite the handful.

    Xbiz had a feature on Jenna J. Ross today, which taught me things about Jenna J. Ross that made her EVEN HOTTER than before. Which is wild because she was already insanely hot. Check out some Jenna’s best quotes from her Xbiz feature.  Continue Reading

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  • You Know Who Else Hates Belle Knox? Other Pornstars.


    Belle Knox

    Belle Knox, the Duke University porn star that suddenly became the face of the adult industry, may have offended more than just the sexophobic, stuck-up nerds at Duke and all over America. She has also managed to piss off the industry she represents as new allegations show that she’s not the enthusiastic porn star she claims to be.  Continue Reading

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  • So Long Thongs Top 10


    You’ll be missed old friend…

    In a recent interview with, Victorian clothes enthusiast Sarah A. Chrisman said that pantalettes are going to make a comeback and thongs are on their way out.

    From the Salon interview:

    Do you wear pantalettes now?

    Absolutely. Many gynaecologists now recommend that women don’t wear modern synthetic fabric panties because they keep so much moisture in that area. Pantalettes allow for more air flow. I just find them a lot more comfortable.

    Aside from corsets, what are your three favorite items of Victorian clothing?

    Pantalettes are number one. They are very comfortable and very practical.

    If gynaecologists recommend that women don’t wear modern synthetic fabric panties, it’s only a matter of time before all women are wearing pantalettes or no panties at all. While the no-panty movement will be huge for upskirts and sex in public, I’m really going to miss thongs.

    So to give thongs the proper send off they deserve, here now is the So Long Thongs Top 10 with the 10 best thong pictures pinned to!  Continue Reading

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