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  • The Top 5 Asia Carrera Videos of the All Time

    Yesterday, news broke that retired pornstar Jessica Steinhauser, who was formerly known as Asia Carrera, was busted driving her daughter to school drunk.

    According to reports, she blew a .254. The legal limit is .08. Yeah that’s pretty drunk to be driving your daughter to school.

    So while this story of negligent parenting is terrifying, it has put us in the mood to commemorate Asia Carrera’s incredible career as the original Asian sex Goddess pornstar/Mensa member (it’s true! Look it up).

    After all, what better way to numb ourselves from the brutal reality of Asia Carrera driving her daughter to school at a Courtney Love-level of drunkenness than by revisiting her porn movies from the 1990’s that miraculously still hold up today?

    So let’s do it to it. The Top 5 Asia Carrera Videos of All TimeContinue Reading

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  • Jenna Jameson Has a Fleshlight


    Jenna Jameson

    Would you like to have sex with the biggest pornstar in history?

    Well now you sort of can with Jenna Jameson‘s signature FleshlightContinue Reading

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  • Jenna Jameson Enlists 4Chan’s Help with her Tits


    Jenna Jameson + 4Chan is a powerful duo

    As a sex blogger, I have to visit some scary websites so you don’t have to. One of the sites I’m most afraid of is 4Chan because of their power to destroy people.

    But if you’re a down-on-your-luck pornstar like Jenna Jameson, 4Chan could be the best place to turn when in need. Late on Friday night, this message appeared on 4Chan’s /b/ imageboard:  Continue Reading

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  • 16 Facts About Porn



    You know how you can tell everyone secretly loves porn? Because infographics about porn are so quick to be shared around the internet so everyone can learn more about beloved pornography (no matter how secret that love is).

    Today, I have just the infographic for you. It’s a little infographic to promote the DVD and Blu-ray release of Lovelace, the Linda Lovelace bio-pic starring Amanda Seyfried.

    But we don’t care about that movie. We care about these 16 facts you may or may not know about porn.

    Take a look:



    I will say that the Top 5 richest pornstars they have listed is totally out of date because as we all know, Jenna Jameson is back in porn because she’s broke.

    And if you’re looking at the average annual earnings of a pornstar and thinking, “DAMN! I know how I’m going to get rich in 2014.” just think about this…The average NBA annual salary is roughly 6 million dollars but only the Lebron’s, the Kobe’s, and the Amar’e Stoudimre’s (lol @ the Knicks) make the big money therefore inflating the average annual salary.


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  • You Didn’t Really Believe That BS About Jenna Jameson Being a “Savvy Businesswoman,” Did You?

    Calico Rudasil is a feature columnist for, the web’s original erotic site for women by women. With over 16 years’ experience of writing about and for the adult entertainment industry under her belt, Calico qualifies as something of a Web Porn Dinosaur; similar to a tyrannosaurus, only with far more attractive arms and a less pronounced overbite.

    Did you know the word “gullible” isn’t in the dictionary?

    If you stopped reading for a second to find out for yourself whether the line above is true, then you just might be one of those people who actually believed the line about former mega-pornstar Jenna Jameson being a brilliant businesswoman.

    In case you’re not familiar with that faker-than-female-orgasms-in-porn claim, here’s how Defy magazine put it, just a few years back:  Continue Reading

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  • Jenna Jameson A Slurred Mess On TV


    Jenna Jameson on Good Day New York

    Retired adult superstar Jenna Jameson stopped by Good Day New York to promote her new erotic novel, Sugar.

    Basically, it was a total train-wreck.

    Jenna Jameson just kind of slurred her way through the interview until it was cut short. According to TMZ, the segment was cut short because of her erratic behavior.

    But don’t just take TMZ’s word for it. Watch Jenna Jameson “promote” her new book, Sugar.

    If Sugar is half as entertaining as this interview…it will be…a somewhat good book?

    I don’t know.

    Jenna Jameson, what’s gotten into you? Get it together, girl.

    By the way, should I review Sugar? If you want me to read Jenna Jameson’s erotic novel so you don’t have to, just leave a comment in support of the idea.

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  • Jenna Jameson Is Back! (On Web-Cam)

    jenna jameson

    Jenna Jameson

    Remember when Jenna Jameson triumphantly declared at the AVN Awards:

    “I will never spread my legs for this industry again.”

    Well a couple of DUI’s later, Jenna Jameson has spread her legs for this industry again (on webcam).  Continue Reading

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  • Jenna Jameson, Queen of Porn

    Jenna Jameson

    Jenna Jameson

    There’s no question that Jenna Jameson has been going through a bit of a rough patch lately.

    Regardless of her various legal troubles and the fact that she’s been retired for six years, Jenna Jameson is still the Queen of Porn (sort of, I guess…by default). And today she’s turning the ripe young age of 39 so we have no choice but to name Jenna Jameson the Babe of the Day. Continue Reading

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  • Jenna Jameson Arrested (again)


    Jenna Jameson

    Jenna Jameson was arrested Saturday night for battery right before her birthday party at Heat Ultra Lounge in Anaheim could start.

    Here’s what we know: Continue Reading

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  • What can we learn from 10,000 porn stars?

    John Millward took six months to analyze 10,000 porn star profiles on Internet Adult Film Database to determine who the average porn star was.

    Sounds interesting, right? If only there was a blog that could provide a synopsis of this study with NSFW visual aids. Good news, there is a blog that can provide a synopsis. It’s this blog. The Blog.

    Ok, Mr. Millward, what do you have for us?

    Continue Reading

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  • Jenna Jameson Pleads Guilty to DUI

    Jenna Jameson

    On May 25th, former adult superstar Jenna Jameson was arrested after police found her car crashed into a pole.

    Police determined that Jameson was driving under the influence when she blew a .13 (the legal limit being .008) in the breathalyzer and tested positive for Ambien and Suboxone.

    Yesterday she plead guilty to the DUI charge. She was also charged for driving with a suspended license but that was dropped as apart of her plea bargain. The former Queen of Porn received a sentence of three years informal probation.

    On top of the probation, Jenna Jameson will have to pay $340 in fines, attend a 3-month alcohol education program, and a MADD (Mother’s Against Drunk Driving in case you didn’t know) program.

    Let Jenna Jameson’s misfortune be a reminder to never drink and drive. And though she did get away with California’s minimum sentence for first time DUI, she’s a celebrity. Celebrities don’t go to jail. So if you plan on drinking and driving, make sure you’re a rich and famous celebrity. Otherwise you could get in a lot of trouble.

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  • Pornstars On Election 2012

    Jenna Jameson, Republican.

    Jenna Jameson was the Queen of Pornography through the 90s and early 2000s, as I’m sure all of you know.

    Nowadays, she’s a bit of a loose canon. First there was the DUI she plead not guilty to. Now she’s publicly endorsing Republican Presidential Candidate Mitt Romney.

    Yesterday, Jenna Jameson told CBS while sipping champagne in a VIP room at Gold Club in San Francisco, “When you?re rich, you want a Republican in office.” This reasoning is somewhat irresponsible because what if Jenna is not rich in two years.

    The Daily Beast spoke with eight current porn stars to see if Jenna’s position reflected the rest of the porn community. Here’s a quick summary of their thoughts:

    Continue Reading

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  • PETA.XXX unleashed

    Sasha Grey for PETA

    Activist group PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, for those of you who don’t know) has flirted with the “sex sells” concept many times in the past. I personally will never forget seeing Pamela Anderson pose in a lettuce bikini in support of vegetarianism. And then there’s the less fond memory of seeing Steve-o of Jackass and Wildboyz bare his ass against fur.

    PETA continues this tradition of using sex to generate awareness for their cause today by launching PETA.XXX. Continue Reading

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