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  • Your Long Weekend Free Porn Playlist: August 29th, 2014


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    1. Natalia Starr showers and gets fucked POV-style

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  • Jennifer Best Interview!


    Jennifer Best!

    Do you know how Jennifer Best got her surname “Best”? Me neither! 

    But from speaking to her I’m convinced that Jennifer Best is called “Best” because she’s simply the best. 

    There are lots of blonde MILFs in the world (or so I’m told) but Jennifer Best has a sweetness and raw sexual energy that just emanates from her. Take the time to read this interview because if you don’t already know that Jennifer Best is the best, then you’re missing out.

    Chico: One of my dreams is to make a sexy stereotype for every state. What would say New Mexicans do best in bed?

    Jennifer: New Mexicans are super caliente; they know how to “unwrap a tamale”.

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