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  • The Jennifer Lawrence Love Doll Has Arrived

    Rule 34 states: If something exists, there’s also a porn version it…

    You’ve seen her sex-up the silver screen and you’ve seen her private nude pictures all over the internet, but now you can take Jennifer Lawrence home with you!

    Well…not really. She’s a movie star. She ain’t gonna go home with you!

    But you can now buy yourself a love doll modeled after Jennifer Lawrence!  Continue Reading

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  • Jennifer Lawrence Breaks Her Silence On The Fappening

    Jennifer Lawrence is on the cover of next month’s Vanity Fair to promote her new movie The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 1 (seriously? Part 1? Why must every franchise be milked to the last drop? Oh right…money.) But Vanity Fair’s Sam Kashner took the opportunity to ask Jennifer Lawrence about the infamous incident where so many of her nude photos were leaked (colloquially known as The Fappening).

    Up until this brand new Jennifer Lawrence Vanity Fair profile, JLaw has kept silent on the whole incident, only releasing statements through her representation. Here now are Jennifer Lawrence’s thoughts on The Fappening:  Continue Reading

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  • Cara Delevingne, Anna Kendrick, more Jennifer Lawrence and Other Celebrity Nude Pictures Leak As The Fappening Continues

    Exactly one day after FBI director James Comey criticized Apple and Google for marketing new smartphones with more complex encryptions that “…allow people to place themselves beyond the law,” another batch of celebrity nude pictures emerged online, reminding us why these encrypted phones are more of a necessity than a luxury.

    On Friday afternoon, links surfaced on Reddit and 4chan that led to hacked pictures of supermodel Cara Delevingne, actress Anna Kendrick, Olympic gold medalist Misty May-Treanor, soap opera star Alexandra Chando, actress Kelli Garner and others.  Continue Reading

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  • PSA: Don’t Upload The Leaked Celebrity Pictures To Our Site

    Now that the dust is settling on the leaked celebrity pictures scandal, we have something to request of our users: STOP UPLOADING THE LEAKED CELEBRITY PICTURES.

    Initially, we were swept up in the excitement, like all of you. Can you blame us? We’re all voyeurs at heart. And did you ever really think that you’d see the personal nude pictures of Jennifer Lawrence, Kate Upton, Kirsten Dunst and more? We certainly didn’t. As time passes and the leaked celebrity pictures keep popping up on our site, we need to ask you to stop uploading the leaked celebrity pictures to

    Why should you stop uploading the leaked celebrity pictures to Isn’t the place where all the best site on the internet to see nude pictures? Well it is. But there’s so much porn on the internet that you could just as easily look at some other nude pictures that aren’t leaked celebrity pictures.

    Continue Reading

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  • Jennifer Lawrence, Kirsten Dunst, Kate Upton and more nudes leaked on Reddit


    Why am I so happy to be working on a Sunday night of a long weekend? It’s because we are currently experiencing the biggest celebrity leaked nudes bonanza of all time!

    Move over Weekend Free Porn Playlist! We’ve got something else to fap to now!

    A 4chan user claims to have released nude photos of several female celebrities in what seems like the biggest heist of celebrity nude pictures of all time. The hacker has leaked photos of Jennifer Lawrence, Kate Upton, Kirsten Dunst, Victoria Justice, McKayla Maroney and more.

    Jennifer Lawrence’s representation has confirmed that the leaked nude images of JLaw, that were once safely stored on her iCloud account, are in fact the real deal.

    “This is a flagrant violation of privacy,” the spokesperson told HuffPost Entertainment. “The authorities have been contacted and will prosecute anyone who posts the stolen photos of Jennifer Lawrence.”


    Oh shit…


    Ok. Well, I can only imagine how good Jennifer Lawrence’s lawyers are. She’s the most bankable female star in Hollywood right now. Her lawyers must be rabid dogs when it comes to litigation.

    Normally I’d do everything in my power to share these leaked nudes of Jennifer Lawrence, Kirsten Dunst, Kate Upton, Victoria Justice and McKayla Maroney with you, but this time I’m going to save my own ass.

    Lame, I know. But what’s more important than you having something to masturbate to? Me staying out of jail. I feel like my knowledge of how to give great blowjobs would really work against me if I were to go to jail. Just a funny feeling I have…

    But you never know. Maybe someone’s already pinned Jennifer Lawrence’s leaked nudes as well as Kirsten Dunst’s leaked nudes and Kate Upton’s leaked nudes and Victoria Justice’s leaked nudes and McKayla Maroney’s leaked nudes and a bunch of other hot celebrity leaked nudes?

    Why not check the main site to find out?

    – Jennifer Lawrence nude pictures on

    – Kirsten Dunst nude pictures on

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    – McKayla Maroney’s nude pictures on

    – All celebrity nude pictures on

    You might also have some luck on Reddit. Click here to get your magic pin buttons ready.

    Look, I’m sorry I had to chicken out about sharing all these leaked nudes but I really do not want to go to jail. Some brave soul certainly has the balls (or the lack of foresight) to share all the leaked nudes! Just keep scrolling!

    The hacker claims to have plenty more celebrity nude pictures and videos. He’s just waiting for someone to pony up with some cash rather than release them for free and go to jail for it.

    Here’s the list of celebrities we can maybe expect to see nude in the near future:


    via the Daily Dot

    “This might be the best but also the saddest day in /b/’s history,” commented one random 4chan user in one of the threads. “We’ve been teased with all of these glorious pics. BUT there’s lot’s of videos out there, and I have a feeling that we will never get our hands on them because the dude is a hero but simultaneously a greedy hero. Think about it.. There’s 60~ [Lawrence] vids out there that you might or might not see. It’s going to haunt you forever.”

    Good thing tomorrow’s a holiday because no one would get any work done tomorrow anyway. Everyone would just be scrambling for a chance to see Jennifer Lawrence nude, Kate Upton nude, Kirsten Dunst nude, Olivia Munn nude, Selena Gomez nude and the list just keeps going on and on and on.


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  • Jennifer Lawrence named Sexiest Woman in the World

    Jennifer Lawrence was named FHM Magazine’s Sexiest Woman in the World this week , taking the title from the ever so fine Ms. Mila Kunis.

    According to the mag, J-Law jumped from her #20 spot on last year’s round up due to “her fearless choice to chop off her hair and the fact that she admitted that actor Jack Nicholson sent her champagne and flowers after interrupting one of her interviews at the 2013 Oscars. Not only is she the most in-demand actress on the planet, but men the world over have fallen in love with her kooky charm.”

    Really? That’s why Jennifer Lawrence was named FHM’s Sexiest Woman in the World? Because she got a haircut and she’s box-office gold?

    That’s so lame. Mind you, Jennifer Lawrence is sexy but not for the reasons FHM listed.

    I don’t know. I honestly don’t have much to say about this. It’s incredibly boring fake news about a fake award to a sexy lady who I’m willing to guess is kind of fake. But at least it’s an excuse to post semi-nude pictures of Jennifer Lawrence. That’s all you’re here for anyway. I could literally say anything about you wouldn’t notice a damn thing because you’re too busy salivating at the thought that this blog post contains a never-before-seen photo of Jennifer Lawrence topless. Well, it doesn’t. But you’ll still like these pictures.

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    Jennifer Lawrence, sexiest woman in the world?

    Sure. Whatever.

    It really doesn’t matter. They’ll give the title to the flavor of the month next year. Everyone’s going to forget about this award in two days time anyways.

    [h/t: NY Daily News]

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  • Top 10 Sexiest Best Actress Oscar Winners of All Time


    Damn girl, you bad.

    The 86th Academy Awards are this Sunday! Are you excited?

    I am.

    There’s nothing I like more than tuning in to watch all of Hollywood come together in a glamorous evening to jerk each other off for what feels like an eternity only to cum all over us regular folk.

    The Oscars actually suck. They totally brainwash people. I’ve honestly heard people say, “I didn’t like that movie, but it won an Oscar so it must be good.” What? No. If you didn’t like it, that’s fine. You’re allowed to dislike movies that won Oscars. Unless you can put it on your resume, winning an Oscar don’t mean a damn thing.

    But I will admit that some very sexy women have won the Oscar for Best Actress. So in the spirit of the Oscars, let’s check out the Top 10 Sexiest Best Actress Winners of All TimeContinue Reading

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  • Jennifer Lawrence & Her Butt Plugs


    J-Law loves butt plugs

    Last night on Conan, Jennifer Lawrence revealed that if she wasn’t an Academy Award winning actress she’d probably be a hotel maid because she loves snoop through people’s stuff.

    This revelation then led her to talk about the time a hotel maid discovered her massive collection of butt plugs.

    Let’s watch Jennifer Lawrence talk about her butt plugs:


    I wonder what the joke was…

    I’d like to believe that Jennifer Lawrence was complaining to some friends about how difficult it is to find a man that would have anal sex with her since winning an Oscar so they decided to get her butt plugs so that she can pleasure herself anally without depending on men.

    Ultimately, the thing with joke gifts is that unless they are promptly thrown away, they end up getting used in secret. I know this because the bottle of Jizz Lube I gave to a friend as a joke seems to get emptier and emptier every time I see it…even though he claims that it’s “just a joke”. So Jennifer Lawrence might have received a bunch of butt plugs as a joke but I’m willing to bet an Academy Award that she’s used them.

    Now would you please excuse me? I need to become a maid at a fancy hotel for celebrities so I can get the dirt on what sex toys they travel with.

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  • What’s Your Celebrity Lesbian Fantasy?

    The lesbian kiss of my dreams

    The lesbian kiss of my dreams

    Are you guys psyched for American Hustle?

    There are only 11 more days until it’s released (December 20th, 2013) and I haven’t been this excited for a non-porn movie‘s release since The Hunger Games: Catching Fire. If Bradley Cooper and Christian Bale’s wig selection isn’t enough to get you excited about American Hustle then maybe you should know that sexy actresses Jennifer Lawrence and Amy Adams share a passionate kiss at one point in the movie.  Continue Reading

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  • Rate Jennifer Lawrence’s butt!

    "90-year-old butt"

    “90-year-old butt”

    Hollywood darling Jennifer Lawrence has been trying to convince the public that the Hawaiian paparazzi pics that have recently surfaced have been unjustly Photoshopped to make it look “90-years-old”.  Continue Reading

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